Chapter 946 - Sending in the Troops

Before he’d even finished his sentence, Gu Li noticed a grandiose army walking directly towards them.


They were none other than the Flying Serpent Clan, the ones who’d just betrayed the Beast Region. 


They were led by a middle-aged man with a hooked nose, sunken eyes, and prominent cheekbones. His fearsome, sinister nature was clear, even from far away. 


His clansmen, following behind him, were not to be outdone; they were like poisonous snakes. Anyone could see that this was a dangerous bunch. 


When he saw who’d arrived, Gu Li smiled and greeted them. “Clan Head Teng Yin.”


He nodded, a warm smile still plastered on his face. The middle-aged man nodded coolly back. Then his gaze fell on Black Dragon.


“Brother Gu Li, I never would have guessed you were working with Black Dragon as well. What a coincidence.” 


Teng Yin’s voice was raspy. When he opened his mouth to speak, you could see two sharp fangs. They were small, but you’d be foolish to underestimate them. They contained a poison so fearsome, even Immortal Kings had to avoid it. 


“Clan Head Teng Yin, please don’t take offense. I didn’t mention my other allies earlier since we were pressed for time,” said Gu Li. He smiled apologetically, then arched his brows. “But then, this shouldn’t be a problem. You and Black Dragon have known each other for a long time, haven’t you?” 


Black Dragon chose this moment to approach and greet him. “Brother Teng Yin, long time no see.” 


“It has indeed been a long time,” nodded Teng Yin calmly.


“All those years ago, I visited you personally to try and form an alliance but you rejected my offer. I never would have guessed that now, ten thousand years later, we’d successfully form an alliance.” 


“You can’t blame me for that. You offered me far too much! The entire Beast Region? How could I relax?” replied Teng Yin. “Furthermore, that was our very first meeting. You said you were a demon, but how could I believe you just like that? For all I knew, you were just someone those old geezers sent to test me. You can never be too cautious! My relationship with them has never been good. If I’m not careful, it could lead to real trouble.” 


“So, Brother Teng Yin, you’re saying I was too presumptuous,” laughed Black Dragon.


“Enough, you two. The past is the past, let’s set aside those trifles. Regardless of what happened back then, haven’t we successfully formed an alliance? We’re all working for our collective benefits, so let’s get to the point,” said Gu Li, seizing the perfect moment to change the subject. 


“Clan Head Teng Yin, did you encounter any trouble on your way out?” 


“We didn’t run into any problems. The current Beast Region is busy worrying about how to defeat you. Do they have time to concern themselves with our little clan?” Teng Yin smiled indifferently and snorted. “However, as we left, we broke the formation the four Sacred Ancestors left behind. On our way out, we also took the opportunity to break their various spiritual formations. They ought to have noticed by now. Who knows? They might be overcome with hatred for me as we speak, especially that Lei Hu……” 


When he mentioned Lei Hu, the clan head’s pitch-black pupils suddenly dilated. His eyes brimmed over with cold, sinister light. 


Yes, flying serpents were cold-blooded animals, but the one who’d died was his son, his only blood-relative!


How could he not hate Lei Hu?”


If he had to blame something, he could only blame his Flying Serpent Clan. Their strength was vastly inferior to the White Tiger Clan. Otherwise, how could he have quietly endured the pain of losing his son for ten thousand years?


“So you broke all their spiritual formations! That’s absolutely wonderful!” said Gu Li with a big grin.


“No need to say all that. You’re cooperating with demons! You have the support of such a mighty force, yet still came looking for me? I don’t lack self-awareness; I know that our position as one of the Eight Divine Beast Clans is nothing but an empty title. We can’t even compete with the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. Despite all that, you sought me out. Wasn’t that specifically so that we could brave their formations on your behalf?” Ying Teng snorted.


He’d seen right through Gu Li. Even so, Gu Li’s expression remained unchanged. “As expected, Clan Head Teng Yin. You see things clearly.” 


“If I couldn’t even figure out something like that, how could I even consider getting revenge?” snorted Teng Yin, voice raspy. Then he pointed at his clansmen and said, “we agreed that you’d arrange a suitable place for my clansmen to live. They won’t follow you into battle against the Beast Region and neither will I. My only target is Lei Hu.” 


“That’s only natural. Brother Teng Yin, please act as you see fit. We won’t restrict you in any way.” Gu Li nodded noncommittally. He had indeed sought out Teng Yin purely for the sake of clearing their path into the Beast Region. He didn’t give a hoot about what Teng Yin would do going forward. 


“As for where you’ll settle…..” Gu Li hesitated for a moment, then looked at Black Dragon. “Your Excellency.” 


“There’s a mountain range outside of Pool City. It has an environment rather similar to the Beast Region’s. The side not facing the sun is suitable for the Flying Serpent Clan.” With that, he pointed towards a few of his subordinates. “You, lead our brothers from the Flying Serpent Clan to Pond City’s mountain range.” 


“Yes, sir.” They approached the Flying Serpent clansmen, then led them away.


As he watched them leave, Gu Li spoke up. “Brother Teng Yin, since your people have found a place to settle, can we…..”


“I’m nothing but a humble loner. Why are you asking me? Furthermore, I can’t accompany you down this path. As for what you want to do….. That’s your business, not mine.” 


Teng Yin smiled eerily, then walked off into the distance. As Gu Li watched him fade away, a sharp glint flashed through his eyes. He glanced at Black Dragon and said, “then let’s…..” 


Black Dragon’s response was unambiguous. He raised his greatsword into the air and roared, “soldiers, heed my command! To the Beast Region!” 


The Beast Region’s grand formation was broken. The Flying Serpent Clan had betrayed them and fled their borders. Once the other clans heard this news, they’d surely be on edge.


Some of the clans near the borders of the Beast Region were already discussing how best to flee. Others, meanwhile, were preparing to fight to the bitter end. 


Either way, the people of the Beast Region were taking action. 


The heads of the four Sacred Beast Clans sat within the main hall of the Dragon Clan, discussing their plan to counter the impending demon invasion.

Thud thud thud. 


Ye Zichen walked into the hall. When he first heard the news, he was astonished.


Even so, he not only managed to stay calm, he even analyzed the situation. As for his conclusion? 


It was the same as the Dragon God’s.  




Charging out to meet them head-on was, naturally, one way of handling things. It was just a little overly direct. They were to fight demons and, thanks to Gu Li, blood zombies as well. If they used ordinary attack methods…..


At best, both sides would suffer enormous casualties. 


But if they opened their gates and let them enter…….


When he saw Ye Zichen enter, Tu Biyu stood and greeted him. “Emperor Ye, did you reach them?” 


In response, Ye Zichen simply lifted his phone and smiled. “It’s settled.” 

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