Chapter 942 - Put an End to Them

The Emperor Star. 


The name was recorded in the ancient treatises of the Sacred Beast Clans. As heads of their respective clans, they’d all browsed those very texts. 


It was said the Emperor Star was chosen by the heavens themselves as Lord of All Creation and that he was capable of defying the heavens and changing fate. 


It was just, the last person to illuminate the star lived back when the heavens and earth were first formed. Since then, no one else had ever won its approval. 


the last person to illuminate the emperor Star (was back when the heavens and earth were first formed.) No one had been chosen as emperor star since. 


For the Dragon God to suddenly bring this up and even specifically point out Emperor Ye…..


Sensing the group’s gaze, Ye Zichen nodded. “I am the one who illuminated the Emperor Star.”     


“This…. To think Emperor Ye was heaven's chosen emperor.” 


Lei Hu stared wide-eyed, then rose to his feet. He faced Ye Zichen and bowed deeply. “Earlier, I forgot my manners. Emperor Ye, please forgive me for my transgressions.” 




Ye Zichen was speechless. When he noticed a smile tugging subtly at the corners of Lei Hu’s lips, he understood: this guy was deliberately teasing him. 


Ye Zichen decided to simply go along with the joke. He made a face and snorted, “sit tight and wait for death.” 


“Waaaah, we’ve got a problem! Emperor Ye is going to execute me! Should I run away?” 


In their brief, three-sentence exchange, Lei Hu’s sense of humor both successfully eased the main hall’s overly solemn atmosphere and helped everyone recover from the shock of Ye Zichen’s newly-revealed status. 


Ye Zichen sighed appreciatively, thoroughly impressed by his ability to control the mood. 


The others laughed along with them but when they saw Lei Hu return to his seat, their gazes grew solemn. 


“If Brother Ye is the Emperor Star, we can activate the Four Beasts Formation.” 


“I agree.” Tu Biyu nodded as well. “Tales of the Emperor Star have long since embellished. At this point, they’re more legend than fact. Even so, there is undoubtedly a grain of truth behind the legend. I’m looking forward to Emperor Ye leading us towards a glorious future.” 


“The ancient records indicate that the Emperor Star is accompanied by four main Auxiliary Stars. Perhaps…..” Zhuge Hong said with a frown.


“The Martial Star.”


“The Minister of the Left.” 


Su Liu’er and Yin Shang spoke up simultaneously. 


“The Fated Star,” added Su Yan. 


“Hah, it seems Emperor Ye shares a destiny with the Empress’s clan. Two of the main Auxiliary Stars are both from the Fox Clan, and a Fated Star too. It seems that the Nine-tailed Fox Clan is fated to rise to the top of the Beast Region. You dragons are going to lose your spot!” 


Subconsciously, Lei Hu acted as if it were still that old man, Xia Hua, in the seat of honor. The moment he finished speaking he hurriedly covered his mouth. 


This meeting was hosted by the Dragon God, and here he was, talking nonsense!


“The top-ranked clan in the Beast Region? That’s nothing but an empty title. The foxes are already a peak-level clan. Even if they take first place, it’s nothing worth being surprised about,” said the Dragon God with a laugh.


Reticent as ever, Su Liu’er snorted. “We foxes don’t care about anything like that. All we want is to see the demons exterminated.” 


Her sinister tone set their hearts trembling. They instantly recalled Yuan Hong’s death. It seemed he’d died in the battle just a few days earlier. 


Su Liu’er and Yuan Hong’s relationship had long since become an open secret of the Beast Region. 


Although they'd yet to marry, outsiders already saw them as a couple. 


“Cough. Empress, please don’t vent your fury on my White Tiger clan. I had no idea you’d sent a request for aid until my clansmen returned.” 


“I never got the signal either,” said Zhuge Hong, nodding.


The ancient Dragon God smiled at Ye Zichen as if to say…...


Look! We dragons aren’t the only ones who never got the signal. The other clans didn’t get it either.


Ye Zichen already believed that the Dragons had never gotten the signal and had since they’d discovered a spy lurking in their midst. If he weren’t mistaken, both the missing signals and all the reinforcements who’d gotten lost on their way to the battlefield were the result of Gu Li and the demon’s ploys. 


It seemed they’d hoped to wipe everyone at Maple City out, permanently reducing their side’s power. 


“There’s no need to say such things,” said Su Liu’er expressionlessly. “He’s already dead. You didn’t get the signal? So what? Does telling me now do him any good? History can’t be overwritten. I came here invited purely to learn about your plans. All I want is to see the demons and zombies obliterated!”

“We naturally intend to eliminate the demons and blood zombies,” said the Dragon God with a laugh. “But for now, Empress, I’m afraid we’ll have to disappoint you. I called everyone here purely to discuss the Four Beasts Formation.” 


“Then we’ll be on our way,” said Su Liu’er. She got to her feet without hesitation and started towards the exit. 


Su Yan and Su Zhu were stunned; they hadn’t expected Su Liu’er to have such an intense reaction. They nodded at Ye Zichen then followed her out. 


“Since you’re here to discuss the Four Beasts Formation, there’s no need for me to linger here. I’ll be on my way as well,” said Ye Zichen. He didn’t hesitate either. He paid his respects and went on his way. 


“Yuan Hong’s death dealt the Empress a heavy blow.” 


”After a while, Lei Hu sighed despite himself. “The Great Sage of Mount Huaguo disappeared during the battle. The Six Eared Macaque is currently managing his clan.”


“This is all the demons' fault,” said Tu Biyu, his eyes flashing with sinister light. 


“Everyone, please try to stay on topic,” said the Dragon God, cutting off their discussion. “Our time here is limited. Since you all agree we can use the Four Beasts Formation, please return to your clans and decide who is best suited to activate it. While you’re at it, make sure you don’t forget to teach them the formation. Please understand; we are extremely pressed for time.” 


Hearing this, their expressions froze. 


“We will be able to find people, but Senior Dragon God, your Dragon Clan…..” 


Everyone knew the Dragon clan was small. Their entire population was less than a hundred people. Sacrificing six clansmen would be a devastating loss.


“I’ll take care of that. So long as you can hold up your end, we’ll hold up ours.” 


“In that case, we’ll make our choice and return to the Dragon Clan within six days. Senior Dragon God, farewell for now.” 


“Until next time.” 




Thud. Thud. Thud. 


“Big Sister Liu’er, wait up…….” 


The moment she left the hall, Su Liu’er immediately started preparing to return to her clan. 


Ye Zichen hurried after. After he called out, Su Liu’er and the others stopped. “Why aren’t you in the main hall?” 


“I can’t place a Four Beasts Formation. Why bother staying?” laughed Ye Zichen. “Then, Big Sister Liu’er, are you returning to the fox clan?”


“The Fox Clan can’t be left unprotected,” said Su Liu’er, not wasting a single word. 


After a moment’s hesitation, Ye Zichen smiled and nodded. “Then…. Take care, Big Sister Liu’er.” 


She nodded back at him, then turned to leave. After a few steps, she froze, then turned back to face him. “Thanks for what you did earlier.”


After she left, Ye Zichen stood there for a long while, frozen in shock. He’d known Su Liu’er for so long, yet this was the first time he’d ever heard her thank someone. 


By the time he recovered his senses, Su Liu’er and the others had already vanished from his line of sight. 


A smile tugged at his lips. Earlier, Su Liu’er had been on the verge of collapse. Now it seemed she’d overcome her initial despair. She’d lost Yuan Hong, but she still had her clan and her sisters…….


Ye Zichen looked up to the sky and narrowed his eyes. 


The demons, Gu Li.


It was time to put an end to them. 

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