Chapter 941 - Four Beast Formation

The Nine-tailed Fox Clan. 


Su Liu’er, the clan head, led the group. After a few days of healing, most of her injuries were already on the mend. 


She wore long blue robes. Her expression was deeply lonely. Her eyes lacked even the slightest hint of emotion.


Her arrival immediately attracted Lei Hu and Tu Biyu’s attention. 


Her reputation as the number one beauty of the Beast Region was no mere rumor. As a member of the Fox Clan, Su Liu’er’s innate beauty was undeniable. 


That was true even if she currently seemed cold as ice and utterly unapproachable.


Su Yan and Su Zhu trailed after her. Yin Shang had come along too. 


She nodded gently at the Dragon God, then sat, uninvited, next to Ye Zichen. As she sat down, Ye Zichen glanced at her concernedly, only to find her looking right back at him. Sensing his gaze, she nodded at him. 


“It seems there’s nothing to worry about.”


Ye ZIchen relaxed. It seemed she’d already escaped the dark cloud Yuan Hong’s death had cast over her. 


It was just, as he looked into her eyes, he could see that in order to stop the pain, she’d….. 


She’d sealed off her heart. 


She might very well never let anyone into her heart ever again. Yuan Hong was permanently branded into her heart; she’d never forget him. 


“I came uninvited. Everyone, I hope you won’t take offense,” she said. It clearly wasn’t intentional, but her words carried a terrifying chill. 


“We welcome your visit, Empress.” Lei Hu waved and laughed. To his side, Tu Biyu nodded repeatedly as well.   




Thank you.” Su Liu’er simply nodded calmly in response. 


It was then that the Dragon God laughed, “so, the empress wishes to join us. Well, no harm in that. Since we’ve all assembled, I’d like to tell you the reason I called you here today. 


“When he came looking for us, that brat Yingda told us that you’d found a demon spy in your midst,” said Lei Hu. 


“That’s right.” The Dragon God nodded. “The former elder of our punishment division. We’ve already executed him.”


Everyone present was visibly stunned. Of the four Sacred Beast Clans, the dragons had the smallest population. Yet the demons not only managed to sneak in a spy, they’d even managed to turn an elder of the punishment division? 


This level of ability was truly unbelievable! 


“What did they offer him?” asked Zhuge Hong. 


“What perfect timing; she’s in this very room. They used the Fox Clan Empress as a bargaining chip. The demons offered her to him. Facing such temptation, the elder lost sight of his true nature.” 


The Empress. 


The Sacred Beast Clan heads glanced at Su Liu’er. When they saw her, Lei Hu and Tu Biyu couldn’t help but lick their lips. 


They lead Sacred Beast Clans; their willpower far surpassed ordinary people. Even so, facing the Empress of the Fox Clan, they truly weren’t fully in control of themselves. 


Members of the Fox Clan were naturally alluring. Even without cultivating the art of charm, their natural good looks were already extremely tempting. 


If that former elder died trying to obtain her, he hadn’t died an unjust death. 


“Those demons will really stop at nothing. Using Big Sister Liu’er as an incentive? Doesn’t that just mean they currently have nothing tangible to offer?” snorted Ye Zichen. 


“It’s true, their offer was nothing but a pie in the sky. Even so, someone still fell for it,” said the Dragon God with a calm smile. “For a spy to appear in our midst is our Dragon Clan’s tragedy. Fortunately, the other Sacred Beast clans haven’t been infiltrated by the demons. Everyone, you needn’t worry about that.” 


“Senior Dragon God, how are you so certain? If the demons could infiltrate the Dragons, infiltrating our clans ought to be even easier. With the empress as an incentive, I expect you could find someone incapable of resisting temptation in all three of our clans.” 


u Biyu narrowed his eyes. Nevermind the others, even he….. If the demons offered him Su Liu’er as an incentive, he wasn’t confident that he couldn’t resist falling for their trap. 


The pursuit of extreme beauty was dangerous, yet there would always be people who couldn’t help but strive for it. 


In the seat of honor, the Dragon God smiled. “The traitor told me everything; I trust what he told me. Facing death, he had no reason to lie. He said there were no spies in your clans, so I believe him. It’s as simple as that.”


“Senior Dragon God, aren’t you being a bit careless?” Lei Hu knit his brows. “Just based on a traitor’s words, this……” 


With a calm smile, the Dragon God kicked the ball back into their court. “So what? Are you planning to hurry back to your clans to investigate?”


“We don’t have enough time to search for them. Even if spies have infiltrated all of our clans, we can’t worry about that now. All we can do is wait for them to surface, then deal with them. Half a month has passed. The demons and zombies are just about finished with their preparations. If I’m not mistaken…… in less than three days, they’ll mount a joint assault against the Beast Region.”


They were silent.


After a lengthy silence, the Dragon God spoke once more. “In truth, the reason I brought here is simple: I’ve prepared a Four Beasts Formation.” 


Four Beasts Formation. 


This was a grand barrier formation used in ancient times. There were four eyes of the formation. Each locus required the blood of six pure-blooded Sacred Beast clansmen.


Once the formation was complete, all twenty-four of them would inevitably die. 


But the formation could last a hundred years and was absolutely invincible. No one could force their way into its borders.


According to legend, an expert of the God Realm had once ascended and attempted to break the formation. 


In the end, he’d had no choice but to return in frustration, his body covered in deep wounds.


The blood of the Sacred Beast Clans was precious. Pure-blooded clansmen were few and far between. This formation came at an enormous price, yet the time it offered was far too short….     


The clans had practically forgotten all about this formation. 

Hearing the Dragon God bring it up, the other three Clan Heads were visibly stunned. 


“Senior Dragon God, is the situation truly that serious?” asked Zhuge Hong. “Our clans have yet to even face the demons….” 


“We have to plan for the worst. If we aren’t strong enough to resist the demons and zombies, what will happen to us without the Four Beast Formation?”


“But if we’re truly defeated, the formation can at most give us a hundred years to catch our breath,” frowned Lei Hu. 


“That’s right,” said Tu Biyu. “If we can’t defeat them now, we can’t after waiting another hundred years.” 


Then he continued, “I’m sure we can find enough people to build the formation. I trust some of my clansmen would be honored to sacrifice their lives for the Three Realms, but…. This sort of sacrifice is useless. Senior Dragon God, you ought to know just how strong pure-blooded members of the Sacred Beast Clans are. Throwing away twenty-four such experts strikes me as a rather poor strategy.” 


“I feel the same,” said Zhuge Hong. 


“A hundred years is enough time.”


The Dragon God Laughed calmly. Then his gaze fell on Ye Zichen. “Do you know why I invited Ye Zichen to our meeting as well? 


“We don’t.” Lei Hu and the others shook their heads. 


“Then have you ever heard of the Emperor Star?”

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