Chapter 94 Another misunderstanding

Chapter 94 – Another misunderstanding

Thirty minutes later, Ye Zichen stood up with a calm expression, while Di Xinpeng thought back to the results…

From best of five, to best of seven to best of nine…

He kept on adding the number of games, while Ye Zichen has never refused.

But he still lost with a terrible defeat.

“Do you submit now?” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled as he looked at Di Xinpeng’s sad look.

He could feel that this brat was really talented at League of Legends from the solo match just now.

He was also really good at it, so it wasn’t wrong for Xia Keke to lose to him.

However, he chose Ye Zichen as his opponent…


Di Xinpeng truly submitted, he chose all the champions in so many matches. What’s more, these were his best champions. Yet, he could still feel his valley-like difference with Ye Zichen during the games.

The other person was so much better than him in both mechanics and knowledge.


He truly submitted.

“If you submit, then do you remember the deal?”

Everyone revealed an expression of curiosity. None of them heard what the stakes were when Ye Zichen talked about it with Di Xinpeng.

Di Xinpeng nodded, and walked in front of Jing Wan with a long sigh.

“Wan-jie, let’s cancel the contract we signed earlier.”


Jing Wan was confused. She looked towards Ye Zichen in shock, while insuppressible anger surfaced on her face.

“Ye Zichen, I know you’re not confident in my team. You can criticize me for my childishness, but isn’t this too much?”

Ye Zichen was confused, “What did I do? I’m doing this for your own good though?”

“For my good?” Jing Wan laughed manically. “You said it’s for my own good?”


“Ye Zichen, what exactly do you want? It doesn’t matter about Keke, since she’s a girl, so she really might not be suited for professional games, but you aren’t letting my other members go either? I’m telling you, no, I can’t possibly let him go.”

Jing Wan answered firmly while an insuppressible rage covered her face.

“Please leave, you’re not welcomed here.”


“Please leave.”

Ye Zichen shrunk his neck and left the mansion with Xia Keke as he looked at Jing Wan’s furious expression.

Di Xinpeng was confused as well when he saw the two leave. He moved his mouth wanting to say something, but was interrupted by Jing Wan before he could.

“Di Xinpeng, didn’t you say you want to play professionally? Didn’t you say that you want to stand on an international stage? You…”

“Wan-jie, you misunderstood,” Di XInpegn sighed. “I want to resign the contract with you.”

“Resign the contract?” Jing Wan didn’t understand, causing her to ask. “What do you mean by resigning the contract?”

“Just now, Ye-ge made the bet with me, if I lose, then I have to stay in your team forever as long as your team can get into the professional league. If your team cannot, then this contract will be invalid.”

“Ye Zichen said that to you?”

Jing Wan was shocked, she thought that…

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Jing Wan’s heart became filled with guilt when she thought of her attitude just now. He was clearly thinking for her, and worried about the change in players…

But she…

“You didn’t give me the chance to speak,” Di Xinpeng smiled helplessly. “Just now, who would dare to speak when you-you looked like that.”

Jing Wan felt beyond awkward, she raised her hand and scratched her hair, causing it to turn into a mess, while she bit her lips without saying anything for a long time.

Ye Zichen was depressed after being suddenly chased out.

He clearly did it with Jing Wan in mind, why did she make it seem like she had a huge grudge against him.

“Why did Jing Wan-jiejie suddenly get mad?”

Xia Keke looked at the base behind her with a sigh.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and replied speechlessly, “Who knows why that woman went crazy.”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth towards the mansion behind him. He immediately got annoyed when he thought about the expression Jing Wan had towards him.

Xia Keke took a glance at Ye Zichen’s expression, then hugged his arm, “Don’t be angry. Oh yeah, you told Di Xinpeng just now that I’m your girlfriend.”

Here it comes.

Ye Zichen knew that Xia Keke wasn’t going to let this issue go.

“I was giving you face just now, you already said that I’m your boyfriend. Just how much face would you lose if I said I’m not. What’s more, it’s not the first time, so you should understand that I’m used to it.”

“Tsk,” Xia Keke frowned in displeasure and snorted. “I don’t want to care about you anymore.”

She walked behind the A4 parked on the side, made a face towards Ye Zichen, then disappeared from the mansion area.

Ye Zichen waved towards her, while Liu Qing popped out.

“Keke seems to like you.”

“No shit.”

Even an idiot could feel that Xia Keke was interested in him.

“I just want to tell you to manage your relationships properly. From what I knew, this seems to be the third…”

Liu Qing frowned, while Ye Zichen licked his lips and returned home.

In the middle of the night.

Ye Zichen scrolled through WeChat as he laid on the bed. For some reason, the group recently turned really cold.

Less people spoke and nobody sent out red packets anymore.

Ye Zichen scrolled through the moments of several of his deity friends and saw that the people in the Heavenly Court seems to be having some sort of report conference.

Basically, the direct effect for Ye Zichen was that…

He couldn’t get any red packets.


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated.

His heart also shook.

He quickly took a look and saw that the person who sent the message was Su Yan.

“Are you asleep?”

This was the first time Su Yan sent him a message after adding her WeChat. However, why did she seek him out so late? Could it be that the goddess can’t sleep and wanted to get him to…



Ye Zichen slapped himself.

Stop f*cking dreaming.

“No, what is it, do you miss me?” Ye Zichen smiled.


Su Yan added several mouth-twitching emojis behind her reply. Ye Zichen could imagine her look at that moment, causing another smile to surface on his face.

“It’s not your first time knowing me.”

Su Yan sent another row of mouth-twitching emojis over, followed by a message.

“I’m going to stop messing around. I have proper business with you.”

Proper business!

Ye Zichen was shocked.

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you mention that you want to open a supermarket?”

“I do have this thought.”

“I got my older brother to look at a few sites for you. Go and take a look if you have time?”

Ye Zichen did not think that the proper business Su Yan talked about was that.

He just casually mentioned it, but Su Yan actually remembered.

Ye Zichen’s heart was moved. It seemed like he wasn’t just a little important to Su Yan.

“Sure, I’ll go and take a look with Ol’ Three tomorrow.”

“Mmm, its’ getting late. I’m going to sleep.”

Ye Zichen sent a few cute emojis, then put his phone to the side.


A supermarket selling to the Heavenly Court…

It’s good, he’ll take the chance of the Heavenly Court being in a conference to set up the supermarket. After they finished, Ye Zichen will advertise his supermarket everywhere…

Cultivation experience!

Here I come!

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