Chapter 939 - Enlightenment


Two hours.


Four hours. 


From dawn to noon. 


Now, it was already nighttime 


Ye Zichen simply sat on his chair looking bored. Over and over again, he looked towards the sun to estimate the current time. Over and over again, he pushed the Dragon God to say whatever it was he had to say….. 


The result…..




Just that one word made him waste an entire day’s worth of time. 


“Senior Dragon God, how much longer do you want to make me wait?” 


Ye Zichen had already lost track of how many times he’d asked this very same question. He also didn’t know how many times he’d considered leaving. 


But he didn’t think the Dragon God would play jokes on him. He wouldn‘t make him sit here just to waste his time. 


Especially since they currently had no time to waste.


But so much time had passed already. From the start, the Dragon God simply sat there, eyes closed in silent mediation. Aside from “wait,” he’d yet to say a single word.


Who knew what he was thinking!


“Senior, you ought to understand our current situation. The outskirts of the Immortal Region have already fallen into enemy hands. The demons and blood zombies could invade the Beast Region at any time. Zuo Mo and the others are working overtime to produce en masse. The rest of us have to seize every second we have to prepare. Yet you made us sit here for a whole day. Do you think this is funny?”


He said all this despite respecting the Dragon God from deep within his heart. 


Naturally, this was also due to his respect for the Dragon God. If it were someone else, he might have simply slapped them and left. 


“You have lots of strengths; there’s no need to list them all. However, your weak points are also obvious. You’re overly impulsive and prone to recklessness. Perhaps all young people share these faults but you are no ordinary youth. You are Emperor Ye of the immortal Region, the pillar of countless people. You don’t even have this little bit of patience? If you get flustered at the slightest hint of provocation, how do you expect the people to trust you with their lives?” 


The Dragon God opened his eyes for the first time. He looked gravely at Ye Zichen as he pointed out all his faults. 


“You need to learn how to calm down. You need to learn not to overreact, no matter the situation. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to achieve great things.” 


It was undeniable; these really were Ye Zichen’s faults. He himself was already keenly aware of them. If the Dragon God had called him out here just for this, then this really was a complete waste of time. 


“Did you call me out here just to say this?” asked Ye Zichen in a low voice.


“That’s part of it.” The Dragon God didn’t deny it. He nodded and said, “right now, these flaws don’t matter much, but if you go on like this, they could get you killed. You, and your loved ones too.”


Ye Zichen took a deep breath and suppressed his irritation. “Fine,” he said, “I’ll do my best to get all that under control. But we can talk about that later. Can you please tell me why you called me here?” 




It was the same one-word answer as before, one Ye Zichen had already heard countless times.


“You still want me to wait?” Hearing this response, Ye Zichen’s a bitter smile surfaced on his face. He could no longer suppress his rage. “It’s been eight hours! I’ve been here for eight whole hours! What you just said to me? That was only the second sentence you’ve said to me in all that time and it was to criticize me! And now you still want me to go on waiting…. what, do you want me to just sit here until the demons attack?”

“Calm down.” 


Seeing his irritation, the Dragon God looked at him and said, 


“I just told you that you need to learn to control your temper and you already can’t hold back any longer? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s true that I’ve delayed you considerably. However, even if I returned this time to you, what would you do with it? Perform divination after divination? Isn’t that also a waste of time? Or maybe you think that in eight hours you could achieve a breakthrough in your cultivation? But in all this time, I’ve never once disturbed you. Why didn’t you think of a way to use this time to your advantage?” 


The Dragon God’s words were right on point. Ye Zichen was about to object but soon swallowed his words. His lips quivered for a long time. In the end, he said nothing. 


Then the Dragon God said, “you can’t just say you treasure your time; you need to act like it! You’re too impatient and you’ve put yourself under too much pressure. You need to fix this. Of course, you need pressure, but too much pressure can break a person. People have to stay calm if they want to discover, consider, and resolve their problems. Today, you were impatient this whole time…. Resulting in you wasting a whole day’s worth of time. It’s not me who wasted your time: you wasted your own time. Get it?”


“This junior understands.”


Ye Zichen stood and bowed deeply to the Dragon God. By now, Ye Zichen felt grateful from the bottom of his heart. If not for the Dragon God enlightening him, he might very well have gone on like this. 


Sometimes, although he recognized his own deficiencies, his understanding was too shallow.




The Dragon God simply nodded. Ye Zichen said no more and returned silently to his seat. He didn't’ push the Dragon God any further. Instead, he focused on what he needed to do.


Seeing this, the Dragon God finally smiled and nodded. He did have important business to discuss with Ye ZIchen, but he’d called him here a little early. 


He did that because this was an opportunity to enlighten Ye Zichen. If he hadn’t, if he waited until Ye Zichen’s faults caused him real problems, it might already be too late. 


The sun set in the west. The sky gradually darkened. 


Another six hours passed. By now, the sky outside was already completely dark. 


So much time had passed, yet Ye Zichen showed no sign of suppressed irritation. He simply went on with his business.


From time to time he would chat with the Dragon God, discussing cultivation or their opinions on how best to handle the demons. 


“Black Dragon’s strength is somewhat impressive. I sense that he’s already surpassed the limits of the immortal king Level. It’s just, since he fears the suppression of the Laws, he dares not reveal his full strength.”


Just now, they were discussing Black Dragon’s true might. The Dragon God decided to share his view of the situation. 


“If he dares not reveal his full strength,” he said with a calm laugh, “he’s not much of a threat, is he?” If Black Dragon suppressed his true might, he was no better than a peak immortal king, nothing more.


“That’s true.” Ye ZIchen nodded in agreement. Just then, Xia Yingda burst into the room. 


He was covered in dust; it was clear that he’d been running around all day. “Senior Dragon God.”


The Dragon God nodded and asked, “hm? You’ve notified everyone?” 


“I’ve notified them all. And not just that, a few clans have already reached our territory,” replied Xia Yingda.


“Then go invite them in! Emperor Ye and I have already waited a long time!”


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