Chapter 935 - It was him



Everyone in the main hall looked at each other and frowned. Xia Yingda glared at Xia Yingqiu. 


On his way to the meeting, Xia Yingqiu paid his brother an advance visit; he wanted to ask Xia Yingda to say a few words on his behalf. At the time, Xia Yingda asked who exactly the spy was. 


In response, that little brother of his simply said mysteriously, “you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised.” 


“This truly is a pleasant surprise.” 


When Xia Yingda saw the spy, he frowned.  Although he’d already imagined countless possibilities, this result left him stunned. 


Their Great-great-uncle’s eldest son, their generation’s great-uncle. 


He glared at Xia Yingqiu only to discover….


That brat…..


Was winking back at him.


From Xia Yingqiu’s eyes, it was clear what he was trying to communicate: “Go on then, didn’t you say you’d speak on my behalf?” 


Go on? 


Was that really so easy?


This sort of esteemed senior wasn’t someone a mere junior like himself could criticize. Even if he truly had corroborated with demons, Xia Yingda was unqualified to say anything against him. 


He instinctively glanced at the former clan-head. Of those currently present, their father’s status was the closest to the elder’s. 


Even so, the former clan head’s situation wasn’t much better. The moment he laid eyes on the spy, his mind went blank. 


His uncle was once in charge of administering justice within the Dragon Race. He’d been strictly impartial, their most incorruptible judge. 


He’d followed his uncle in his youth. Starting from a young age, his uncle had instilled him with loyalty to the clan over and over again. 


But now…. 


He had to stay calm. 


The entire hall was in an uproar. If he freaked out too, it would be utter chaos. 


The former clan-head took a deep breath, then looked at the elder. 


“Great-uncle, this is your heir. This…..”


“You unfilial child.”


Suddenly, the elder, who’d been sitting upright this whole time, raised his cane and flung it at the kneeling figure. 


Xia Yingqiu had been holding his tongue. Now, he instantly appeared before the old man and caught the cane. 


“Great-great-uncle, you can’t just toss away your cane. Without it, how will you run away?”


He tossed the cane back to the elder. It fell to the ground which a loud thud, echoing throughout the group’s ears. This sound carried a deep meaning, something they couldn’t say out loud:  


There was something fishy about the elder. 


”Yingqiu, mind your manners!” scolded the former clan head. 


“I almost forgot, I’m just a junior, haha….” When he heard his father scold him, Xia Yingqiu smiled cheekily, then continued unrepentantly, “but Great-great Uncle, you’ve gone over the line as well. That cane of yours was imbued with spiritual energy. You were more than just angry, weren’t you? “Cleansing your family’s filth” is one thing, but aren’t you being a little hasty? Our great-uncle has yet to speak. Aren’t you concerned that I’m falsely accusing him?  You’re both of the senior generation. Say whatever you like; who would dare speak against you?” 


“Little Yingqiu, I know that you suspect me,” the old man narrowed his eyes and straightened his stooped boy. “That's understandable; that is my son, after all. Anyone would suspect me.” 


“But I, Xia Dong, have a clear conscience. For this unfilial son of mine to consort with demons; all I can say is I didn’t teach him properly. All of you are of the younger generation and can’t act against him. Therefore, it’s up to me, his father, to set things right.” 


“Wah, Great-grant Uncle, your unyielding integrity is an inspiration to all of us juniors,” said Xia Yingqiu exaggeratedly. “But there’s still no rush to ‘set things right.’ Great-uncle is our only lead. What if there are others in our midst with connections to the demons? If you kill him, how will we find them?” 


“Hmph, for one such unfilial son to appear is already the Dragon Clan’s grave misfortune. How could anyone else dare do something so treacherous?” snorted the elder. 


“Who knows? It’s possible that, whoever they are, they did it because they’ve grown feeble-minded in their old age.” 


As he spoke, Xia Yingqiu’s eyes grew indescribably cold. 


The others frowned as they watched this play out. Meanwhile, the elder’s expression darkened. 


“Who exactly do you think has grown feeble-minded in their old age?” 


“Whoever it is, they know exactly who they are. There’s no need for me to point them out, “ said Xia Yingqiu, unwilling to back down even an inch. 


By now, the atmosphere was heavy. Xia Yingda had been trying to think of a way to help his brother this whole time. 


Finally, he spoke. 


“Great-great uncle, this little brother of mine says whatever is on his mind, he speaks without thinking, please go easy on him.”


“Who…..” Xia Yingqiu was just about to protest when Xia Yingda glared at him as if telling him to shut up. “Even so, what Yingqiu says is reasonable. Great-uncle is our only lead. Although we dragons say we’re all firm and unyielding, are any of us truly completely immune to temptation? You say you have a clean conscience, so why not interrogate him on our behalf? If you are truly uninvolved, this will clear your name. If that happens, Yingqiu and I will kneel to the ground and beg for your forgiveness.” 


“Yeah, my big brother’s right. If you’re truly innocent, you can punish me however you like,” said Xia Yingqiu. 


“Great-great uncle, please proceed with the interrogation.” 


“That’s right, grand-elder, please interrogate him,” said the other elders in support.


It seemed their opinions had already shifted in Xia Yingqiu’s favor. At this point, even flaunting his seniority would do the grand-elder no good. 


“Hmph, interrogate him yourself,” said the aged elder. “I’m getting tired so I’m going to go back and get some rest. When you’re finished, come tell me the results.”


“Hey, you can’t leave!” Just as he was about to leave, Xia Yingqiu blocked his path. “Without the support of a member of the senior generation, we can’t interrogate him properly. Furthermore, you seemed full of energy just now. Why are you suddenly tired now? Hey, this junior isn’t trying to imply anything… it’s just…. Can’t you stay a little longer?”


“Xia Yingqiu,” shouted the old man, only to discover that no one came to his aid. Judging from their gaze, he knew…..


He had to stay.


“If I have to stay, I’ll stay, not that I think it’ll do you any good. Hmph.” He returned to his seat bitterly, then addressed the kneeling figure. “Unfilial son of mine, tell them everything you know. Tell the truth.” 


In response, Xia Yingqiu’s lips pressed into a smile. “Great-uncle, Great-great Uncle said it himself. Now, please repeat everything you told me earlier,” he said. 


The kneeling figure looked up, then glanced at the third elder, his father, instinctively.

The old man noticed his gaze at snorted, “what are you looking at me for? You committed treason of your own free will. Do you really think I can save you? Tell them everything you know and it’s possible I can spare your life.” 


“That’s right, that’s right. Be honest,” laughed Xia Yingqiu. “But remember, you absolutely have to tell the truth. You once meted out punishments throughout the clan; you ought to know the laws of the Dragon Race better than anyone. The consequences of lying are no laughing matter.” 


“I’ll talk, I’ll talk……” the man finally spoke, his voice trembled. He stretched out his hand and pointed at the third elder, then looked directly at the crowd. 


“He’s the one who made me do it.”

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