Chapter 931 - Late-night Discussion

Ye Zichen used a calming technique on Lil’ Tiantian then carried her back to her room. Perhaps she was truly exhausted; she fell into a deep slumber almost immediately.


Although she was asleep, she continued muttering to herself. Judging from the shape of her lips, she was calling out “mommy.”


His heart ached. 


Tiantian was still a child. She’d only just barely reunited with her mother and now they had to part again? This pain was obviously far too much for a child to bear.


Ye Zichen sighed softly and rubbed her cheek, then tucked her in. Once she was settled, he turned and left the room. 




Ye Zichen breathed out a mouthful of smoke. He had a lit cigarette in-hand, it’s end glowing bright orange against the night sky. The ground beneath his feet was covered in cigarette butts. 


It had been a long time since he’d last smoked so heavily. He only squatted in the corner, smoking cigarette after cigarette, when an insurmountable problem weighed heavily on his mind.


The Xiao Family.


Although there were a few Xiao Families in the Immortal Region as well, they were nothing but minor family clans. They weren’t strong enough to act wantonly at the Heavenly Court. 


It was obvious that the Xiao Family Tiantian referred to was from the God Realm. To his knowledge, there was only one Xiao Family there: the emperor clan responsible for managing tribulation lightning. 


Ye Zichen didn’t understand why such a powerful force was so intent on making trouble for him. 


It was the Xiao Family that sent tribulation lightning during his ascent to godhood, shattering his nascent godhead. They almost killed him.


And now they descended to the lower realms to kidnap Xiao Yumei and Chang’e. What on earth were they up to?


He distractedly snapped his cigarette in half. Terrifyingly dense killing intent radiated from his body. 


“You’re still up? But it’s so late. Why are you sitting there smoking?”


Zuo Mo walked through the gates to the courtyard. When she saw the mess of cigarette butts on the ground, she frowned. “Are you worried about the demon invasion?”


Ye Zichen glanced at her calmly, then fished his box of cigarettes out of his pocket. He was just about to light another cigarette when Zuo Mo reached out and snatched it away. 

“Those are bad for your health.”


As she spoke, she reached out expectantly.


Despite himself, Ye Zichen smiled bitterly. He placed the box of cigarettes into her hand with a shrug, then stretched, scattering the cloud of cigarette smoke.


“It’s so late, yet you haven’t gone to bed either? What are you here for?” 


“Do you really think I have that much free time?” Zuo Mo put the cigarette she swiped earlier back into the box, then placed her hands behind her back. “While you were fighting the demons, our Treasure Tower was transporting supplies to the battlefield. I just got here with the last shipment. I’d planned on getting some rest but I couldn’t quite sleep. I decided to just go for a stroll. This is my first time in Dragon Race territory, after all.” 


That’s what she said, but Ye Zichen didn’t believe a word of it.


Especially the part about “going for a stroll.” 


Ye Zichen’s residence was quite far from the Dragon Race’s material reserves. If Zuo Mo was simply on a stroll, why had she come all this way? It didn’t make sense. 


But he didn’t refute her. He simply smiled and said, “sorry for the trouble.” 


“What trouble?” She waved his words away. 


Ye Zichen arched his brows. ”All those supplies can’t have been cheap,” he said. “Your Treasure Tower must have lost a lot of money!” 


 “‘Without lips, teeth freeze,’” she said. “Even I can understand that. If you are defeated, no amount of money will save us. We’re helping you for our own sake as well.”


“It would be great if those other merchants were so enlightened. Back at Lin Xihe’s wedding…..”


He got halfway through his sentence, then came to a sudden stop.


Lin Xihe was dead. 


His mood sunk. Zuo Mo was confused; she didn’t know what had happened. Given Zhao Zizhao’s recent betrayal, she assumed Ye Zichen simply pitied Lin Xihe.


“Lin Xihe isn’t that fragile.”

“That’s true, she absolutely isn’t.” Ye ZIchen forced a smile, but Zup Mo easily saw through him. “What are you trying to say?” 


“Nothing.” He laughed and waved her concerns away. “I was just acknowledging that you’re right. If she were weak, how could she become a city lord? She’s the only female city lord in the outer Immortal Region.”


“Big Sister Xihe’s never taken a backseat to men. That’s why she’s always been my role-model.” 


A smile tugged at Zuo Mo’s lips. Then she arched her brows and said, “that’s right, you were there during the battle, so you ought to know where Big Sister Xihe is. Could you take me to see her? I miss her.” 


“She…..” Ye Zichen paused. “She was injured during the battle, so it’s best you don’t disturb her. Let her rest for a while.”


“Injured? What happened? Is it serious?” asked Zuo Mo, suddenly frantic.


“It’s not particularly serious, she just needs some time to rest,” replied Ye Zichen. 


“Good. By chance, the goods I brought include numerous divine medicines. I’ll have the Dragon Race give some to Big Sister Xihe, “Zuo Mo nodded and muttered to herself. 


Ye ZIchen didn’t want to linger on this subject, so he shifted gears. “Then the goods you brought this time….’


“That’s exactly what I wanted to talk about,” she said in response. “Just now, I brought all the bombs we’ve manufactured over. We’ve tested them; ordinary human immortals will be unable to bear their explosive might.” 


“That’s great!” Ye Zichen clenched his fists. “The demons are currently cooperating with Gu Li’s subordinates, the Zombie Progenitors. They have the advantage in terms of numbers. Acquiring a supply of explosives is absolutely wonderful news.” 


“That’s right. I also ordered some of my subordinates to immediately build a factory within Dragon Race territory. The next time we go to battle, we’ll be able to produce a practically limitless supply of ammunition.” 


“Great.” He nodded repeatedly. His spirits rose somewhat after getting this good news. 


“With enough gunpowder, those guys will be in for a real treat.” He waved his arms as he spoke. As he moved, his wounds flared with pain. He couldn’t help but gasp. 


A path of red spread from his chest. When Zuo Mo saw this…..




“They’re minor wounds. It’s nothing. Give me a few days to recover and I’ll be good as new,” said Ye Zichen. He smiled, then returned to the subject at hand. “How many explosives did you bring? How long will it be before the factory can start production?” 


“Tens of thousands for now,” said Zuo Mo, “and if we give it our all, the factory will be ready in three days.” 


“Great, that’s wonderful!” Ye ZIchen smilled. “No wonder cold steel was gradually replaced with firearms. They’ll give us an enormous advantage. Demons, zombies just wait! Before long, you’ll eat our explosives!”

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