Chapter 930 - A Lead

A glinting dagger appeared in Lil’ Tiantian’s hand, seemingly out of nowhere. Gaze cold, she thrust it towards him.


This sudden development left Ye Zichen dumbfounded. When he recovered, he reached out and snatched the dagger away




After disarming her, he knit his brows in confusion. Why? Why did Tiantian want to kill him?     


“Die! Die! Die!”


Although she’d lost her dagger, she attacked furiously. Her tender little fists rained down on his body.  


She had no spiritual power; this sort of attack couldn’t possibly hurt Ye Zichen. 


Still frowning, he reached out and embraced her. 


“Tiantian,” he said in a low voice,  “calm down.”


As he spoke, he realized that her little face simmered with resentment. After a brief pause, she sunk into his embrace and burst into tears. 


“What’s wrong?”


As he said this, Ye Zichen felt a surge of terror as a sense of foreboding took root in his heart. He hurriedly put Tiantian down, then crouched down to her level. 


He took her hand in his and asked, “did something happen to Yumei?” 


“Just die already!” 


When she heard the name “Yumei” she sobbed and started punching him again. 




He clenched her hand, unable to stop his voice from rising. 


Tiantian’s fists came to a stop as she started sobbing and trembling uncontrollably.


“What exactly happened to her?”


“Mommy… A bad guy took her away,” said Tiantian, looking thoroughly aggrieved.. “Give her back to me, give me back my mommy…..”


As she spoke, she could no longer control her emotions. She crouched low to the ground and cried at the top of her lungs. 


Ye Zichen felt a sudden chill. Instantly, countless possible suspects popped into his head. However, this was all still just speculation- he couldn’t conclude anything yet. 


Tiantian clearly knew what had happened. She was the only one who could….


No, that’s not right. Chang’e was there too. 


Lorie told him earlier that the mother and daughter both went to visit Chang’e. Who knows? Chang’e might know something. 


Ye Zichen gently patted Tiantian’s head and muttered a few soft words of comfort, then took out his phone.


He didn’t just want to ask Chang’e about Xiao Yumei’s situation. He still had a belly full of fire he wanted to vent on the Heavenly Court. For now, though, it was more important to find out what happened to Yumei.


“Fairy Chang’e?” He muttered inwardly. He and Chang’e could transmit messages over vast distances- that’s why he didn’t need to use his cell phone.    


No response. 


In the past, whenever he contacted her, she’d respond within seconds. 


What was going on? 


He called out once more but got no response whatsoever.   


“Is there a problem with our transmission technique?” Ye Zichen muttered inwardly. He had no choice; he sifted through his contacts until he found her number, then sent her a couple of messages.


“Fairy Chang’e!”


He successfully sent the message but got no response.


“No way.” 


As he waited for a response, Ye Zichen’s heart trembled. He naturally didn’t believe she was just resting and therefore temporarily unable to respond.

She lived at the Moon Palace! She was most active at night.


Furthermore, even if she were resting, she would have sensed his earlier transmissions.


She wasn’t responding. There was only one possible explanation. 


His gaze fell on Lil’ Tiantian. She was curled in the fetal position, crying. Her mood hadn’t improved at all. 


Ye Zichen prayed with all his might, hoping against hope that he was wrong. Then he sent Chang’e another message.


“Fairy Chang’e, if you saw my message, please respond as soon as possible.” 


Then he excited the chat and clicked on the Red Packet Server. It was then that he discovered…..


Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): Fairy Chang’e vanished. How is this possible? 


The most recent message was posted by the Immortality Peach Fairy. It was seemingly perfect timing; it was related to Chang’e.     


Ye Zichen’s heart sunk as he scanned the messages. He soon realized that the first to bring up Chang’e was none other than Wu Gang, the woodsman who lived outside the Moon Palace.     


Wu Gang: It’s already been three days since Chang’e was last at the Moon Palace!


Three Days ago.


Wasn’t that exactly when Lorie said Tiantian and Yumei went to visit Chang’e? 


Old Lord Taishang: Earlier that day, I saw the Moon Palace light up. At the time, I assumed she’d had some sort of miraculous encounter. Perhaps that’s related to her disappearance?”


Yue Lao: I saw that light too. It was extremely bright.


God of Fortune: I saw it as well. 


The group sent message after message, all of them about the dazzling light at the Moon Palace. The more Ye Zichen read the more his brow furrowed. After a brief hesitation, he exited the group and set his phone aside. 


“Tiantian.” Ye Zichen stopped to think for a moment, then placed his hand on her shoulder.


“Let me go, you villain!” Tiantian struggled with all her might and lashed out. Ye Zichen reached out to stop her, then looked her directly in the eye.


“Tiantian,” he said solemnly, “don’t make a fuss. I know you’re sad that Yumei’s gone. I feel the exact same way. But throwing a tantrum won’t solve the problem. Calm down and talk to me; what exactly happened to Yumei and Chang’e?”


“It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!”


“Tiantian!” Ye Zichen exploded. When he saw that Tiantian seemed scared out of her wits, he realized he’d gotten a little too worked up. 


He took a moment to get his emotions back in order then said gently, “Tiantian, talk to me. What exactly happened?” 


Perhaps it was just because he’d startled her, but nevertheless, Tiantian really did calm down.


 Before long, she stopped crying. Shoulders trembling, she spoke haltingly, “


“That day, I thought staying at home was too boring so I had mommy take me to go see Aunty Chang’e. It was fine at first, but at night a middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere.” 


“And then….” 


“The man asked if we knew Ye Zichen. Mommy assumed he was looking to make trouble for you, so she and Aunty Chang’e just looked at him and said nothing. Before long, the man laughed and said…..” 


“What did he say?” 


“He said, ‘it doesn’t matter if you talk or not. I thoroughly investigated better coming here; I already know you’re both Ye Zichen’s women. Come with me.’ Mommy and Aunty Chang’e refused but the man was really strong. He took them with him by force. I wanted to save mommy but I was too scared, so I hid behind the palace gate and watched secretly. But then, before he went away, he left you a message.”


“What message?” Ye Zichen grew increasingly tense. If he wanted to get to the bottom of this, that message ought to be his most important lead.


“He said, ‘if you want to save them, come visit me at the XIao Family!’”

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