Chapter 93 Bet

Chapter 93 – Bet

Jing Wan looked up dumbly. She didn’t think that the situation would turn out like this.

Even though she clearly worked up her confidence in order for him to see her determination in order to invite him into the team…

He actually didn’t want Xia Keke to play for her either.

“Keke has her own thoughts, what right do you have for making decision for her!” Jing Wan bit her lips as anger surfaced on her face.

“I’m doing this to for your team and for Xia Keke. She’s definitely not suited for this sort of profession. If your team has her, you might not even be able to make it through the bracket stage.”

Good advice sounds terrible, this phrase definitely had logic to it.

For example, Ye Zichen was definitely saying these things to Jing Wan for her good, but she clearly couldn’t accept it right now.

Jing Wan bit her lips as her eyes shone. After a long while, she lifted her head as if she made her decision and looked at Ye Zichen with a resolute gaze, “Follow me to the base.”

Ye Zichen was completely shocked when he saw the base for Jing Wan’s team.

He only truly felt the determination of Jing Wan wanting to establish her own team at that very moment.

Ye Zichen thought an apartment would be pretty nice for a base, but Jing Wan got an entire mansion.

What made him even more speechless was that, this mansion…

Was right opposite his home!

It was facing his front entrance. He was rather worried that Lil’ White would come even when Lil’ White smelled his scent with his dog nose.

“How is it? The position is pretty good, right?” Jing Wan lifted her delicate chin proudly. Ye Zichen smiled without denying it, and quickly urged her. “Hurry in.”

“Hmmph, alright.”

Pride gradually surfaced on Jing Wan’s face, she innocently thought that it was the base which she chose that shocked Ye Zichen.

Would told you to put on airs every single time. I’ll definitely shock you even more after we go in.

Jing Wan thought proudly in her heart.

“Keke, do you remember what you said just now?”

There was a long-haired boy wearing glasses sitting beside Xie Keke. He looked around seventeen or eighteen, and neither the innocence nor naivety had faded from his face.

“I don’t know what I said to you just now.”

Xia Keke pushed the keyboard forward, stood up from the chair and walked towards the living room sofa.

The boy hurried over to grab Xia Keke’s arm, “Keke, you can’t break your promise. Didn’t you say that you like people that are better than you at games? I won three out of five in the solo matches just now.”

“Di Xinpeng, I only said like. I didn’t say that I would like you after you win.”

“Then why did you play with me?”

“I have never refused someone asking me to solo.”

Xia Keke pouted. She had just casually said it earlier, and only instantly agreed to the match due to her personality.

She didn’t think that a thoughtless phrase would cause Di Xinpeng to have such a huge reaction.

“I… You…”

Anger begun to rise on Di Xinpeng’s childish face. He pointed at her, but was not able to utter a word.

Xia Keke twitched her mouth, then slowly moved towards the mansion door, “I’ll telling you, don’t think of doing anything to me. I have a boyfriend, if you dare to do anything to you, he won’t let you off.”

Xia Keke inched towards the door as she tried to comfort Di Xinpeng’s feelings.


The retreating Xia Keke bumped into Jing Wan and Ye Zichen who just entered.

“Ouch, who is it?”

Xia Keke looked back with a frown. When she saw the helpless looking Ye Zichen, she immediately leaped towards him.

“Why did you come?”

Ye Zichen scratched his head when he felt the joy in Xia Keke’s tone. However, then he felt the hospitality not that far away.

“You are Xia Keke’s boyfriend?” Di Xinpeng pursed his lips, while intense flames burned in his eyes.

Ye Zichen was stunned, but Xia Keke, who was in his arms, raised her chin, “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend, he’s ten thousand times better than you in games.”

“Then let’s compete.”


The two of them immediately started opposing each other with an intense smell of gunpowder without either of them asking Ye Zichen’s opinion.

Ye Zichen looked at the conflicting people in confusion, “What’s going on?”

Not long later, Xia Keke immediately told Ye Zichen everything.

The moment she finished, Ye Zichen did not accept the fight, nor did he talk about their childishness. He merely looked towards Jing Wan.

“See? This is but one of the issues. Xia Keke definitely cannot join your team. I think you should find another player.”

Jing Wan didn’t think that such an issue would arise from the time she wasn’t here.

“Hey, why aren’t you letting Xia Keke join this team?”

Di Xinpeng was immediately unhappy before Jing Wan replied.

“Isn’t this obvious? There is someone with ill intentions like you in the team, can I let my girlfriend come here to face the danger?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly. Hearing that he admitted her as his girlfriend, Xia KeKe immediately blushed.


Your affability level with Xia Keke increased by 50. Current affability level: 220.

Di Xinpeng was immediately turned speechless by Ye Zichen. He was interested in Xia Keke, rather, it was love at first sight.

He immediately felt his heart stolen when he saw Xia Keke.

To be honest, it was just because this brat played too many games, and it was the first time he saw a girl saw a girl as pretty as Xia Keke.

It was normal for him to be moved.

Since Di Xinpeng wasn’t willing to give up, he clenched his teeth, “The fact that you can be Keke’s boyfriend means that you should be pretty good at playing games. Let’s compete, best of three. If I win, then you quit, if you win then I quit!”

Young people were young.

Ye Zichen laughed after hearing Di Xinpeng’s words.

“What sort of nice dreams are you having?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and put his arm around Xia Keke’s waist. “This is my girlfriend, the heck does she have to do with you. Yet you’re shamelessly saying that you’ll quit. It has nothing to do with you, okay?”


Your affability level with Xia Keke increased by 50. Current affability level: 270.

“Then what do you want?” Di Xinpeng’s face turned pale upon hearing Ye Zichen’s words.

“Nothing much, I don’t want to compete with you. You can’t beat me.”

“Ye Zichen, compete with him,” Xia Keke suddenly spoke up. She pouted, “I lost to him in a solo match. Help me win it back.”


Ye Zichen was truly speechless facing Xia Keke’s desire for victory.

He subconsciously looked towards Jing Wan and sighed, as if he was saying…

Do you see this? This is Xia Keke, and you still want her to play in professional games?

At the same time, Di Xinpeng, who still didn’t give up, added, “Yeah, you’re Keke’s boyfriend, so help her win it back. What’s a man that can’t protect his woman…”


Ye Zichen was speechless once again.

This was too childish.

There was no helping it, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Didi, are you underage?”

Di Xinpeng blushed for an unknown reason and snorted, “I’ll be an adult very soon. Don’t change the topic, are you competing or not?”

Ye Zichen looked at Di Xinpeng’s expression of not giving up until he loses and Xia Keke’s gaze of anticipation.

Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile.

“Then let’s compete, but we have to change the stakes.”

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