Chapter 926 - Provocation

The forces of the Three Realms’ sudden disappearance caught their enemies completely off guard. The blood zombies whose targets had vanished stood, wide-open mouths dripping with sticky saliva as they looked around in a daze. Similarly, the bare-armed demon warriors examined their surroundings in confusion.


“It seems they weren’t fated to die today,” Gu Li snorted sinisterly to himself, then curled his lips and gazed at the space their enemies had once occupied. 


Black Dragon nodded subconsciously. However, after a moment, he tensed up and took a few steps away. 


Before, their cooperation was based on the premise that the Three Realms were their common enemy. 


Now their mutual enemy had vanished. Who would ultimately claim the outskirts of the Immortal Region? Now they’d have to face this conflict of interests head-on.


“My dear Black Dragon, what are you going?” Sensing Black Dragon’s change, Gu Li shrugged. “We’re in an alliance, do you really need to defend yourself against me?” 


“Hah…..” Black Dragon laughed coldly. 


“Alright, I understand your concerns,” Gu Li smiled calmly and shrugged once more. “You cut off all means of retreat and brought your entire race to attack the Three Realms. I imagine you need this territory far more than I do. I don’t need the Immortal Region so I’ll take my troops with me and leave it for you.” 


Despite everything Gu Li just said, Black Dragon remained on high alert. 


“It’s settled. I’ll be on my way, then.” Sensing the tense atmosphere, Gu Li turned and glanced meaningfully at Jiangchen.


The blood zombies gradually withdrew from the battlefield. Before long, you could only see a handful of them throughout the entire outer regions. Only the demon horde remained behind. 


Seeing that Black Dragon’s grave expression hadn’t changed, Gu Li smiled. “See that? Black Dragon, this is a token of my sincerity.” 


“It seems it won’t be possible to reach an agreement now so I’ll be on my way. However, I’d still like to maintain our cooperative relationship. Our battle against the Three Realms isn’t over until Ye Zichen is dead. Black Dragon, I imagine this little chunk of land isn’t enough to satisfy you? The outer Immortal Region is broad and rich in resources, but it isn’t quite enough to support the entire demon race.” 


“There’s need to concern yourself with that,” snorted Black Dragon


“I’m not overly concerned; I’m just warning you of the goodness of my heart,” said Gu Li through narrowed eyes. “Well then, I won’t delay your rest any longer. In a few days, I'll return to Maple City to meet with you. We can work out the details of our attack plan then. How does that sound?” 


At that moment, Black Dragon spread out his spiritual awareness. It soon enveloped the entire Immortal Region.


To his surprise, this was no mere trick. 


“You really did withdraw all your troops. You’re here all on your own; everyone else present belongs to my demon race. You’re not worried that I’ll never let you leave?”


“Afraid? Of course I’m afraid,” said Gu Li, feigning timidity. “You ought to know full well how much I fear death. However, since we’re cooperating, I naturally have to express my sincerity. I said it earlier, this is my sincerity. Furthermore, Black Dragon, you’re a righteous person, a hero of your generation. You naturally wouldn’t harm me at a time like this, would you?”


“Hmph.” Black Dragon snorted softly. “Go on then.” 


“Your Excellency, you’ve yet to give me an answer,” said Gu Li. 


Black Dragon naturally understood Gu Li’s intentions; he was referring to what he’d said earlier about returning in a few days to discuss strategy. Given that someone had instantly whisked away the entire enemy army, he had no choice but to re-evaluate the enemy’s strength.    


If they had such an expert in reserve, he had no choice but to cooperate with Gu Li. 


“Fine, come see me then.” 


“Well then, I’m looking forward to working with you,” said Gu Li, grinning. “But before I leave, there’s something I should warn you about.” 


“What is it?” 


“Su Yiyun hosts the Literati Star, while Ye Zichen….. Is the Emperor Star.” 


Black Dragon froze despite himself, then sneered. “Didn’t you say earlier that you were the Emperor Star? You even offered to extend Brother Su’s life. You tried to recruit one of my people right in front of me. We’ve yet to settle that particular score and now you’re already trying to provoke me again?”


“I’m not trying to provoke you,” Gu Li narrowed his eyes. “It’s true, I am the one who illuminated the Emperor Star, the future Lord of All Creation. But surely you’ve heard that the heavens choose two emperors? If not, you ought to consult your clan’s ancient texts. You might learn something.” 


“Enough. If you ever hope to leave this place, hurry up and get out of my sight.”


“Fine, fine, I’ll go.” Sensing Black Dragon’s rage, Gu Li didn’t waste words. “But before I go, I need to make sure you understand: the Literati Star is one of the Emperor Star’s four main Auxiliary Stars. His mission to help the emperor ascend to the throne; he is incapable of doing otherwise. Furthermore, Su Yiyun and Ye ZIchen were extremely close back in the Modern Realm. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Li Min’e. He refused my offer earlier, so…… well….. I’ll let you figure out what that means yourself.” 




“Fine, fine, I’ll scram, but Black Dragon…..”






In an instant, Black Dragon unleashed his full power. Sensing this overwhelming pressure, Gu Li grinned and disappeared into the air. 


For a long time, Black Dragon’s chest heaved with fury. Finally, Li Min’e returned, pushing Su Yiyun’s wheelchair.


“What’s wrong?” 


Su Yiyun seemed back to normal. He wasn’t sweating anymore. Even so, they all knew this was yet another sign of his impending death.


When Black Dragon looked at him, Gu Li’s words echoed through his consciousness.


Although he was suspicious by nature, he truly didn’t want to suspect Su Yiyun.


It was Su Yiyun who rekindled the flames of his ambition, who found a new home for the demon race, who made them strong enough to attack the Immortal Region. 


It was fair to say that everything that happened to the demons in the past year….


Was all thanks to Su Yiyun. 


Yet, based on what Gu Li just said, Su Yiyun might be working with Ye Zichen. He couldn’t understand. If that were true, why was Su Yiyun still pretending otherwise?


Between his techniques and Ye Zichen’s reserves, they could easily defeat the demon race, couldn’t they?


He was inwardly confused. He didn’t want to believe it. 


“It’s nothing,” said Black Dragon. “That bastard just really pisses me off. Just wait; once we’ve taken the Three Realms, I’ll show him a thing or two.” 


He didn’t tell the truth.


He was too suspicious; he couldn’t tell the truth.


“You must not get too close to that Gu Li,” said Su Yiyun. “Don’t forget what he did to you and to our entire demon race.”


With that, Li Min’e pushed Su Yiyun’s chair away. The moment they turned around, Black Dragon sighed inexplicably.


It seemed he’d best believe Gu Li!

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