Chapter 925 - Complete Disappearance

When he saw that Su Yan and Su Liu’er had vanished before his very eyes, Black Dragon didn’t panic. Instead, he opened a crack in the spatial lock. 


After sacrificing his clansmen, his strength underwent an earth-shattering transformation. 


A half-step sky supreme!


That was his true current power.


Although that didn’t amount to much in the higher realms, he stood at the pinnacle of the lower Three Realms. He was supremely confident that no one could rescue someone trapped within his spatial lock. 


Ye Zichen couldn’t do it either. 


If he were capable of that, he wouldn’t have been at a disadvantage against Gu Li and Black Dragon. Perhaps Ye Zichen had used some sort of technique to block them from view? 


He reached out with his spiritual awareness.




As his consciousness reached into the spatial lock, he found it was completely empty. 


They really had disappeared. 


“How is this possible?” Black Dragon’s heart shook despite himself as he contemplated the matter. 




It was then that Gu Li returned, his hands covered in blood. When Black Dragon noticed the red liquid, he glanced at the location of Zhao Zizhao and Jiangchen’s conflict…..


Zhao Zizhao lay in a pool of blood, his arms still tightly embracing Lin Xihe.


As for Zhao Ziming, he looked on coldly, as if his older brother’s death didn’t upset him in the slightest.


“It seems you’ve chosen between them.” 


“Hmph, at first I didn’t want to hurt him, but that dog didn’t know its place and tried to bite the hand that feeds him. I naturally had to teach him a lesson.”


He snorted sinisterly, then fished a white handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his hands clean. As soon as he finished, he tossed it aside. It landed directly atop Zhao Zizhao’s face. 


“You taught him a rather thorough lesson,” laughed Black Dragon


“Black Dragon, there’s no need for us to discuss this sort of thing, is there? Where did they go?” Gu Li changed the subject. He cocked his head and indicated at the spot Ye Zichen had once occupied. “I was only gone for a little while but they’ve all disappeared. Seeing this, it would be easy for me to assume you and Ye Zichen reached some sort of agreement. Did you let him go? And the women too?” 


“This is indeed (the result of my negligence.” Black Dragon didn’t argue. He simply nodded and said, “I sealed the space around them. I don’t know how it happened, but they somehow disappeared from within the spatial lock. I don’t have the energy to get into the details. As for how you choose to interpret this……..What does that have to do with me?”


His expression was utterly disdainful. He was, ultimately, still commander-in-chief of the demon race, a figure comparable to an emperor. 


He didn’t answer to Gu Li; there was no need to explain himself. Furthermore, he detested Gu Li. If it came to a fight, he wouldn’t object at all.


Gu Li sensed his attitude. He squinted and hurriedly plastered on a congenial smile. 


“My dear Black Dragon,” he said, “what are you saying? How could I possibly suspect you? Just now, I was telling a teensy weensy little joke is all. That Ye Zichen is full of tricks; falling for one is only to be expected.”  


“Hmph,” snorted Black Dragon. 


Gu Li’s gaze shifted. Despite his bow and apologetic smile, he was inwardly furious.


Little did he know, Black Dragon already knew his good manners were but a facade. Who knew how much he longed to kill Gu Li?


Right now, they were cooperating for the sake of mutual profit. Nothing more, nothing less. 


“Alright then. If Ye Zichen ran, he ran. But as the old saying goes, “even if he escaped the monk, he won’t escape the temple. No need to say anymore.“


Gu Li smiled and waved his hands, then fixed his gaze on the blood-stained warriors of the Three Realms.


“Wiping the lot of them out will be advantageous to both of us.” 


“Hmph, I’m naturally prepared to do just that. We demons are extremely united, unlike you people. If you’ve settled everything properly, we’re ready when you are,” snorted Black Dragon. “Right, I almost forgot: you already killed Zhao Zizhao.” 


“I failed to discipline my subordinates properly; I’ve made a fool of myself,” said Gu Li with a placating smile.


“Well, let’s go, then.” Black Dragon snorted softly and was just about to send his troops their orders when he and Gu Li both came to a sudden stop. 


Indescribable shock was written in their eyes. If you followed their gaze…..


Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. 


The forces of the Three Realms were originally surrounded on all sides. Now, their bodies twisted and vanished as if someone had forcibly teleported them away.  


Quite a few demons and blood zombies were just about to kill their targets…..


But when they attacked, their blades hit nothing but twisting illusions.  


They’d disappeared. 


All of them had disappeared. 


It was as if everyone from the Three Realms vanished into thin air. In but a breath of time, they vanished completely from the encirclement. Furthermore, even the corpses….


They all disappeared as well. 


The demons are zombies stopped, dazed, and examined their surroundings. They didn’t understand. Why had all those people vanished? 


Gu Li and Black Dragon reacted in much the same way.


After a lengthy silence, Black Dragon recalled the way the Su sisters vanished from his spatial lock. At the time, he hadn’t believed it, but now…..


“It seems an expert has come to their aid.” 


“Seems like it,” said Gu Li, his expression grim. He narrowed his eyes and snorted inwardly, “Gu Zichen, you’ve broken the balance.” 


After thinking it through, Gu Li couldn’t think of anyone else capable of something like this.    


But Gu Zichen couldn’t take the blame. 


Gu Zichen, still hidden amongst the clouds, watched this play out in baffled astonishment. Not even he could’ve made the entire army vanish.    


Even so, he understood full well that if someone could make almost a hundred thousand people vanish in an instant….


Their power already surpassed the ruler level!


“A transcendent?” Gu Zichen muttered, his voice trembling. Transcendents stood above rulers and above the entire Six Realms. Not even the Laws could restrict them.


In all his life, he’d never even gotten close to reaching that level.


A transcendent!

To think it was a transcendent!


It was just, why would such an expert get involved in their petty squabbles? Could it be for Ye Zichen’s sake? 


But how could he…..


“The Dragon God Ring!” The answer inexplicably leaped into Gu Zichen’s mind. The ancient Dragon God had once fought in the Great War of Gods and Demons. Only he possessed this level of power. 


In his world, the Dragon God hadn’t intervened. It seemed….


The butterfly effect really had radically altered the course of history.


Perhaps all of this truly would end here.


As he pondered this new development, he suddenly recalled what Ye Zichen once said to him.


“Yours is a failed path. Don’t force your failures onto me or we’ll inevitably just fail again. If you want to change the future, then… please, shut your mouth and let me do things my way. Got it?” 


Got it!

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