Chapter 924 - Psychological Warfare

The instant Ye Zichen moved, Black Dragon arrived at Su Yan and Su Liu’er’s side. 


“Emperor Ye, you’re too hasty.” 


Before Gu Li left, he and Black Dragon exchanged a series of transmissions. Given their understanding of Ye Zichen, even if he wanted to escape, there was no way he’d leave the Su sisters behind. 


It was this thanks to this belief that Gu Li felt comfortable leaving them here. 


Ye Zichen stopped, then glanced at Black Dragon. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at the demon king. “Who knows?”


Seeing his relaxed demeanor, Black Dragon couldn’t help but frown. 


How could he smile at a time like this? 


This was strange; he had to be up to something. 


Consider the situation: Gu Li went to resolve his subordinates; internal dispute; the problem would be resolved before long. Once that happened, their armies would once more surround the forces of the Three Realms.


Black Dragon was still keeping a close eye on the Su Sisters. It would be difficult for Ye Zichen to take them with him. 


Ye Zichen ought to be frantic by now. Why was he smiling? Why was he so relaxed? 


“Emperor Ye, you live up to your reputation. You’re calm and composed even at a time like this,” said Black Dragon. Even though Ye Zichen’s smile made him hesitate, the two sisters were still useful bargaining trips. He still didn’t understand Ye Zichen was up to, so he couldn’t afford to lose his head.


“If I’m calm, it’s all thanks to you guys,” said Ye Zichen with a relaxed smile. “I was originally just an ordinary person from the Modern Realm but you people put me through so much adversity. After all that, it’s only natural that I’ve grown accustomed to this sort of thing.” 


“Emperor Ye is no mere ‘ordinary person,’” laughed Black Dragon. 


“It doesn’t matter whether I’m ordinary or not. Given the time, Gu Li ought to have reached Jiangchen by now,” Ye Zichen squinted in Gu Li’s direction. 


Hearing this, Black Dragon felt inexplicably nervous. He instinctively spread his spiritual power, enveloping the Su sisters within and sealing off the surrounding space. 


Once he’d done this, he sighed in relief. However, not even he knew why his peace of mind was so dependent on maintaining control over his two captives.


“Are you finished?” said Ye Zichen with a grin. 


It hadn’t been easy to calm himself down. Now, hearing Ye Zichen’s question, Black Dragon tensed up again. Doubt…. Ye Zichen’s behavior filled his heart with doubt. 


He knew he’d just sealed off the surrounding space. 


But Ye Zichen…… was still smiling. 


Black Dragon felt a sudden wave of anxiety but soon got it under control. “Emperor Ye,” he laughed, “don’t you think this sort of petty psychological warfare is awfully dull?” 


“It is rather dull, but isn’t it also rather useful against you?” Ye Zichen’s lips were pressed into a grin, his eyes narrowed into slits. 


He glanced at Black Dragon, cocked his head to the side and laughed, “suspicion is core to your being. You’ve always taken advantage of this trait to seek out opportunities, haven’t you? However, to tell the truth….. This time, I’m not using psychological warfare.” 




Black Dragon arched his brows. He’d said all that, yet insisted it wasn’t psychological warfare? Black Dragon couldn’t believe it.


“Don’t trust me? Take a look behind you, then. Are Su Yan and Big Sister Liu’er still there?”


His playful confidence left Black Dragon at somewhat of a loss.


He couldn’t turn around and look. 


Black Dragon inwardly chastised himself. He’d been so tense, he’d hastily sealed off the space surrounding Su Yan and Su Liu’er. Now, his spiritual awareness couldn’t penetrate the seal so he couldn’t check on them. 


He repeatedly urged himself not to look back. However, Ye Zichen’s calm smile left him somewhat apprehensive. 


It was fine; he could take a look. 


He’d just have to be quick. 


He whipped his head around, only to see that Su Yan and Su Liu’er were right where he left them. He instantly realized he’d been tricked. Furthermore, he sensed danger coming from behind. 




Their fists collided. 


Both of them were pushed back several steps. Ye Zichen swung his left arm and grinned. 


“Tch, my dear Black Dragon, your strength has risen awfully fast lately. How did you manage it? Do you mind telling me?” 


“Ye Zichen, do you really like playing petty tricks so much? Even at a time like this?” Black Dragon snorted and frowned deeply. Ye Zichen wanted to catch him off guard? It wasn’t a bad idea, but the results were less than impressive.


“I have no other choice! I’m facing the Black Dragon. How could I survive without petty tricks? Especially since I’m injured. You get it, right?” Ye Zichen feigned helplessness, then shrugged. 


“Besides, aren’t these tricks rather effective? You’re so suspicious, you surely won’t turn back and look again.”


“Is there any point saying all that? Even if I look, so what? Won’t you just fail again?” snorted Black Dragon


“What a pity,” said Ye Zichen regretfully. “That was my chance! It’s such a shame I let it slip through my fingers. That said, my dear Black Dragon, what I actually wanted to tell you was: this time, Su Yan and Big Sister Liu’er truly aren’t there. If you don’t believe me, turn around and look for yourself.”


As he spoke, he winked at Black Dragon, his expression extremely convincing. 


“Do you really think I’d believe that? 


Black Dragon wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice. Earlier, Ye Zichen’s strange behavior confused him. He’d been at something of a loss, otherwise he never would have turned around.


By now, he was certain that Ye Zichen had nothing left up his sleeves. Did he really think Black Dragon would fall for that again? Did Ye Zichen think he was three years old? He was still the commander-in-chief of the demon army. Falling for his tricks once was embarrassing enough. 


Ye Zichen arched his brows in response. “You don’t believe me?” 


He turned as if about to leave. “If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do about it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Big Sister Liu’er and Su Yan aren’t here anymore, so there’s nothing holding me back. I’m going to leave…..” 


“Forgive me for not seeing you off.” Black Dragon was indescribably confident. No one understood you better than your enemies. Ye Zichen understood Black Dragon’s suspicious nature, but he understood Ye Zichen as well….


He knew how much Ye Zichen valued the Su sisters. 


He couldn’t possibly leave them behind. Even if he left, it was clearly some sort of act. He was just trying to catch Black Dragon off guard. 


In battles between experts, even minor slip-ups could be fatal. 


For instance, when he’d risked a backward glance earlier, he’d almost fallen for Ye Zichen’s ploy. This time, Ye Zichen was definitely up to something; he likely wanted to find a chance to end Black Dragon once and for all. 


Black Dragon didn’t believe Ye Zichen at all. 


“Well, I’m off!”


Ye Zichen truly turned and walked off all by himself. As he watched Ye Zichen’s departure, Black Dragon grinned confidently.


He’d definitely be back. 


He didn’t even consider turning around. That is until Ye Zichen was on the verge of disappearing from his line of sight.


Wasn’t his acting a little too realistic? 


Was he really just going to abandon them? Was he really just going to abandon the blood-soaked warriors of the Three Realms? 


He couldn’t believe it!


Ye Zichen, that brat, was definitely plotting something!


His confidence vanished once more. After a brief, hesitant pause, he made up his mind and looked over his shoulder again….. 


The Su sisters…..


Had disappeared!


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