Chapter 92 Jing Wan’s team is established

Chapter 92 – Jing Wan’s team is established

When everyone got to the scene, Ye Zichen and Wu Haoyu had already walked out.

The guards for the club all rushed over when they heard the sound, causing plenty of people to think that something was about to happen to Ye Zichen and Wu Haoyu.

But nobody had thought that…


The guards respectfully walked over, while a coldness surfaced on Wu Haoyu’s honest face.

“Send Young Master Bai to the hospital. I’ll pay the medical bill, then send someone to apologize to the Bai family. If they want an explanation, then tell them to come and find me.”

“I understand.”

The guards immediately carried Young Master Bai out of the club. All of the bystanders were shocked, nobody could have imagined that the honest lad that had always been beside Lin Ru was actually the owner of this club.

Ye Zichen was also stunned, while Wu Haoyu smiled apologetically, “Sorry, something like this happened on my turf.”

“Hahaha, what’s there to apologize about?” Ye Zichen shrugged with a smile. “We didn’t suffer any losses, right?”

“That’s true.”

At this moment, Su Yan and Lin Ru hurried over.

“Zichen, are you hurt?” Su Yan checked Ye Zichen out worriedly.

Ye Zichen raised his hand and caressed her long hair with a smile, “How could someone like that hurt me. I didn’t want to care about him, but he made me use violence.”

At the same time, Ye Zichen looked at Gao Chang, who was shuddering.

When she arrived, she saw Young Master Bai get carried away by the guards. She immediately got worried that Ye Zichen would use violence on her in rage as well.

"Don’t worry, just don’t say bad stuff about me in front of my girlfriend in the future, okay?” Although Ye Zichen asked it as a question, the firmness of his tone caused Gao Chang couldn’t help but nod like a pecking chick.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced over the bystanders before holding Su Yan’s hand.

“Let’s go, there is no meaning to this reunion anymore.”

“Wu Haoyu, let’s go.”

Lin Ru pouted and shouted. The cool-looking Wu Haoyu instantly gained his honest look once again and followed with a nod.

“Oh, Porsche 918. Wow, who’s car is this!?”

Lin Ru was immediately attracted by the car just after walking out of the door. Wu Haoyu, who was on the side, frowned, then thought of Ye Zichen’s name for some reason.

“Susu, do you need us to take you back?” They walked around the Porsche a few times, then Lin Ru and Wu Haoyu walked to the only Porsche Panamera and waved towards Su Yan and Ye Zichen.

“No need, he drove here,” Su Yan shook her head. Ye Zichen took out the car key and walked towards that eye-catching Porsche 918.

“See ya.”

Ye Zichen waved towards Lin Ru and Wu Haoyu with a smile, before driving away.

Gao Chang, who was in the club, was completely shocked!

Porsche 918.

All of a sudden, she scratched her head in frustration.

What did I do!?

Lin Ru was also rather shocked by this situation, but since she was someone who have seen a lot, she punched Wu Haoyu after getting stunned for a bit.

“Laddie, you have to work hard, Susu’s boyfriend is more amazing than you!”

After Ye Zichen sent Su Yan back to the Su family and declined Elder Su’s visit, he went to a small coffee shop near Polytechnic University.

When Ye Zichen hurried over, Jing Wan was taking photos with her fans within the shop.

He watched it with a smile as he held his shoulders. He only walked over and sat opposite her after she took photos with all the fans.

“An internet celebrity is pretty famous, you got fans everywhere.”

Jing Wan smiled and asked the waiter to bring Ye Zichen a latte. She pursed her lips and said, “You can have it if you want as well? I can introduce you to the platform. If you stream with your level, you definitely wouldn’t have any less fans than me and will definitely have really good income.

“Don’t,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “If I really want to be famous, there a lot of ways. The boss of Dream Lead invited me in person to join their company, but I turned them down as well.

“I’ll pretend that you’re not lying…” Jing Wan smiled while emotions surfaced in her eyes.

It seems like she thinks he was exaggerating. Ye Zichen sighed helplessly and said, “Internet Celebrity Jing Wan, are you really just treating me to a coffee when you called me over so anxiously?”

Jing Wan smiled and took out a file of information over from her bag.

Ye Zichen opened it and looked at the first page. Dream Start Gaming (DSG) Member Roster.

“You really are persistent.”

Ye Zichen smiled helplessly, and looked at the detail information of the team members and their positions.

The members of the first two positions were pretty good.

Mid, Jungle, AD Carry.

All of them were high ranking Challenger players on Ionia, and their win rates were pretty high, while their champion pool were okay as well.

But Ye Zichen was shocked when he saw the support.

“It can’t be, you, the boss, is going on in person?”

Ye Zichen was really speechless.

The starting support was actually Jing Wan herself. Of course, her team didn’t have any substitutes, but this was indeed too strange.

Ye Zichen played League of Legends for so long and watched so many competitions, but he has never heard of the owner of any team playing themselves.

Jing Wan blushed without saying anything. Since the team was just established, they didn’t have a full member roster.

She didn’t want to play either, it wasn’t because it was shameful for the owner of the team to play, it’s just that she wasn’t suitable to play professionally.

She could carry a few games when she’s streaming, but her level was too far off a professional one.

Ye Zichen flipped over the page, and saw the top laner. However, Ye Zichen suddenly shook his head when he saw the player.

“She’s not suited to play this position.”


“I don’t know how you got Xia Keke into your team. Of course, she might be pretty good, but she’s not suitable to play top. Or rather, she’s not suitable to play professionally.”

“Why?” Jing Wan frowned.

“Xia Keke is too impulsive and gets over her head. She is beyond aggressive. What’s more, she can’t accept a defeat, if anyone completely wrecks her, even if she knows she’ll die, she’ll still fight. This sort of player would become trouble in a competition.”

Ye Zichen chucked the data back and leaned back.

“I can’t help but praise your determination, you actually managed to establish the team after my verbal attacks. I can see your determination from this. But, you’re still too hasty.”

Ye Zichen tapped the coffee mug on the table, “A team doesn’t just require 5 players. They needed data analysts, a coach and a manager behind them. Your team doesn’t have any of them. If I put it bluntly, your team isn’t much different from children playing house.”

Jing Wan’s original confident expression already started to turn dark.

Ye Zichen saw all this, and although he was reluctant to do it, he continued to apply salt onto the wound.

“Also, I don’t agree with Xia Keke entering your team.”

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