Chapter 919 - Wither, Blooming Black Rose!



Over and over again, Hua Hai roared inwardly. His left hand grasped Jiangchen's neck, but his body refused to obey him. 


Piercing pain emanated from his chest. 


Enormous beads of sweat dripped down his cheeks, landing on Jiangchen’s face. He’d given everything he had to push through the pain.


He couldn't bear it any longer. 


Unable to endure the pain, he clenched his hands to his chest, curled up into a ball, and howled, "ah......!" 


Hua Hai writhed in agony, his entire body sweating heavily. It hadn't been easy to dry his clothes, but now they were drenched once more.


Hanba and Houqing hurried to Jiangchen’s aid. They didn’t understand what was going on with Hua Hai, but they were more concerned about Jiangchen. 




They couldn’t help but frown when they saw Jiangchen’s injuries, but to their surprise, Jiangchen suddenly started laughing. "Haha, hahahaha……”


He laughed hysterically, seemingly beside himself with smug glee. He glanced meaningfully at Hanba, who hurriedly helped him to his feet. 


“So what if you’re a diviner? I still beat you.” 


Jiangchen’s right arm hung limply by his side and his lower leg was twisted irregularly. Even so, his eyes brimmed with mockery. 


“It’s about time, isn’t it? Come on then…. Hit me, if you’ve got the balls.”


Hua Hai, still curled up on the ground, stared at Jiangchen through bloodshot eyes. He was only half a meter away. Hua Hai longed to reach out and finish him off…..


But he couldn’t do it!


He the pain in his chest was so intense, his entire body was paralyzed. Furtherore, his consciousness was gradually starting to fade.


“Damnit!” he roared inwardly. Given just ten more seconds….. No, even just one more second, just another second’s worth of time…...


Gu Li had been watching them this whole time. Seeing this, his brows arched in surprise. “Tch, it seems his time is up," he said, then laughed.


"Gu Li, you're truly capable. It seems this was part of your plan all along?" Black Dragon couldn't resist chiming in, "no wonder you didn't seem concerned earlier. Brother Gu Li, you're quite the strategist." 


“My dear Black Dragon, what are you saying?” Gu Li shook his head but didn’t deny it. 


The two of them chatted leisurely, but Ye Zichen was nowhere near as relaxed. Earlier, seeing that Hua Hai was at an absolute advantage, he'd managed to hold himself back.


But now…...


"Brother Ye, are you worried?" Gu Li's playful laughter floated past Ye Zichen's ears. "Don't panic! You have to stay calm. Don't even think of getting involved. I've got your woman right here..... even if you want to leave, you can't without our permission." 


"Gu Li, I'm impressed," said Ye Zichen, speaking for the first time.


Rage burned in Ye Zichen's eyes, but Gu Li simply laughed confidently, then feigned terror.


"To think Emperor Ye would praise me so highly, this.... is such an honor!"




Ye Zichen sneered in response but said nothing. 


"Hey, I thought that sorceror would put on a nice show for us. To think he’d burn out so quickly… That’s really not interesting at all. The outcome is clear; there’s nothing interesting left to see. So, Emperor Ye….. I think it’s time we had a little chat.” 


As he spoke, he looked away. Ye Zichen glared at him coolly. 


“What do you want to chat about?” 


"How about your imperial destiny? Don’t you think you ought to return-.......” 


Before Gu Li could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt something deep within him tremble. He wasn’t the only one: Black Dragon and Ye Zichen felt it too……

It wasn’t just them. The entire Three Realms could sense it.


Even Gu Zichen, hidden amongst the clouds, felt it.


“Come on then, aren’t you supposed to be strong? Just try punching me again, come on…..”


Jiangchen was busy venting his rage, using his uninjured leg to kick Hua Hai repeatedly


“Aren’t you going to fight back? Why are you just lying there? Didn’t you just try to kill me?”



He kicked Hua Hai with all his might, then crouched and grabbed him by the hair. 


“It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the one who tore out my wing? Then I ought to tear out something of yours…. How about an arm?” 


As Jiangchen spoke, he ripped Hua Hai’s left arm right out of its socket. 


However, that kind of pain was nothing to Hua Hai; he barely even noticed it.


“Just give me a little more time, just time me a little more time!” 


Hua Hai called out inwardly as if earnestly pleading with the dwarf for more time. However, it simply ignored him and kept on eating his heart. By now, only a tenth of it remained. 


He called out countless times but was coldly ignored in return. 


Hua Hai gave up. 


Then, suddenly and inexplicably, he laughed. “Ha…..” 




His sudden laughter startled Jiangchen, who grabbed Hanba and Houqing and retreated. They stopped a few dozen meters away and stared intently at Hua Hai. 


Hua paused motionlessly for roughly the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea. 


By now, Jiangchen was red-faced over his response to Hua Hai’s laughter. He returned to Hua Hai’s side and was just about to vent his fury when…..


His body trembled violently. Similarly, Hanba and Houqing’s eyes brimmed over with terror. 


Jiangchen looked into the sky and discovered that the fully bloomed roses seemed to be withering. Then he looked back at Hua Hai. He was still curled up on the ground, but now he was rapidly forming hand-seals. 


“Stop him!” shouted Jiangchen. Hanba and Houqing tried to stop him, but they were both trembling so fiercely, they couldn’t control their bodies. 


At the same time, the dwarf eating Hua Hai’s heart came to a sudden stop.


It jumped up and down furiously as if Hua Hai’s actions filled it with terror. Hua Hai, who’d been watching it this whole time, couldn’t help but sneer in response.


Now you’re nervous? It’s too late!


“Why did you stop so suddenly? Keep eating! I told you to eat! Don’t stop. Earlier I begged you to give me just a little more time, but you refused….. I get it though; my heart is your nourishment. You found yourself a delicacy, but now….. I’m sorry, but even if you beg me, you’re too late.” 


A smile tugged at Hua Hai’s lips. As he finished the final seal, his hands came to stop. 


Up in the sky, the roses instantly yellowed and wilted. The next moment, withered rose petals fluttered down from above. 


“Wither, Blooming…. Black Roses!”

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