Chapter 918 - Facing the Progenitors Single-handedly

Lin Ru had already broken the rules- it was clear she thought breaking a few more wouldn’t make a difference. 


After destroying the jade scepter, a hint of worry flashed through her eyes, but she didn’t let herself think about it. She simply kicked the fragments of the shattered scepter into a corner, then reached out to create a portal. She walked through the door, then collapsed on her bed and took a nap.


Little did she know, her inaction was rather troubling for the Zombie Progenitors. 


Sensing the oppressive atmosphere, Hanba couldn’t help but chime in, “Jiangchen, Boss, don’t talk to Houqing like that. He’s only acting like that because he’s angry. No matter what you say, Yinggou is still our brother. Can we really just let this slide?”


“Of course not, there’s no way we can just like this go,” said Jiangchen. He narrowed his eyes and examined the floating black roses. Now fully bloomed, the largest, hundred-thousand-mater rose was delicately beautiful. Anyone who saw it would be entranced.




It was a black rose. 


They couldn’t afford to underestimate the power it bequeathed upon that sorcerer. Even so, to make this sort of rose bloom, he had to have paid an enormous price.


“How long has it been……” Eyes narrowed into slits, Jiangchen suddenly sighed. From the look in his eyes, it seemed he was struggling to recall something. 


Then he sneered, “from birth to this very moment, it’s been a long time since I last felt this way.”


Remember, the Zombie Progenitors used to be the primordial savage beast, Denglong. 


Denglong was miraculous from the moment of his birth. Moreover, he was formed of the High Father. Even in the God Realm, no one dared oppose him. 


Back then, even the Yao Ancestor, East Monarch Taiyi, had to be polite to him, didn’t he? 


Now here he was, pushed this far by a mere cultivator of the Three Realms. It seemed ridiculous when he thought about it. To be fair, his soul had been divided into thirds, split between himself, Yinggou and Hanba. Jiangchen occupied their main body, yet lacked even the barest shred of Denglong’s soul. 


He was barely even a shadow of the former Denglong. 


All of this was Nuwa's fault!


A sinister light flashed through his eyes. Whenever he thought of Nuwa and Fuxi, rage burned in his heart. 


He’d settle this grudge sooner or later. 


However, before he could get his revenge, the three shattered soul remnants had to reunite. To do that, they needed a Beast God Soul Crystal. 


Jiangchen glanced in Gu Li’s direction. From his expression, it was clear he had no intention of helping them out. 


It seemed they’d have to deal with this on their own.


After a moment’s thought, Jiangchen called out to his companions. “Hanba, Houqing.”


They looked at him as he spoke once more, “that freak’s strength has already reached the half-step sky supreme level, maybe higher. If we attack him individually, we have no chance whatsoever.” 


“He’s really that strong?” exclaimed Hanba and Houqing. 


“That’s just my estimate,” said Jiangchen reassuringly. They were about to go into battle; he didn’t want them to lose their confidence. “Of course, even if he’s already at the sky supreme level, it makes no difference: his current strength is only temporary. The black rose granted him astonishing power when it bloomed. However, he undoubtedly paid an enormous price for it. You heard it yourselves: he’s paid for this power with his life. This is nothing but the last flickering embers of his life force. If we can just hold out a little longer, victory will be ours.” 


“Then, boss, what should we do?”


“Let’s do it like this…..”


Hua Hai gazed down at them from above. After the final rose bloomed, it caused him unbearable agony. 


However, at the same time, his strength climbed higher and higher. There seemed to be no end to his newfound power.


Every time the dwarf in his chest took a bite of his heart, it granted him inestimable power.


However, this power wasn’t real. 


In the blink of an eye, almost half his heart had been devoured. The agony was so overwhelming, he could barely move. He preferred to wait for the Zombie Progenitors to come to him.


Now, though, they stood motionlessly on the ground below. Meanwhile, the dwarf was still leisurely devouring his heart. 


He couldn’t wait; he had to get this over with as quickly as possible. 




Hua Hai moved for the first time, charging at the three Zombie Progenitors without hesitation. They sensed killing intent from above and instinctively dispersed.


Jiangchen called out, “do as I just told you!” Houqing and Hanba nodded.


“It seems they’re planning something,” muttered Hua Hai inwardly. He sneered. 


Cultivators often said, “everything is meaningless in the face of absolute power.” This saying seemed brainless, but it was also undeniably accurate.  




With a cold snort, Hua Hai chased after Jiangchen. In battle, it was best to take out the leader first. He could that Jiangchen was the Zombie Progenitors’ pillar. 


If he could kill Jiangchen, even if he died afterward…...


He’d already seriously wounded Yinggou. He could leave Hanba and Houqing to the others. 




Hua Hai swung his fists, attacking without any flourishes or extraneous movement. Although it was simple, Jiangchen couldn’t possibly avoid it….

He could only meet it head-on.




His arm shattered. 


Jiangchen grit his teeth and retreated. Hua Hai started to pursue him, only for Houqing and Hanba to stand in his way.


Long ago, three heroes of the Three Kingdoms joined forces to face Lu Bu. 


The current situation was quite similar.


Unfortunately for the Zombie Progenitors, they weren’t as well coordinated as Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu had been. Furthermore, Hua Hai was much, much stronger than Lu Bu.    




Bang! Bang!


After a brief struggle, Houqing and Hanba were sent flying. After dealing with them, he reached for Jiangchen’s wing. 


“You just grew that, huh…..” 


With a calm laugh, he ripped the wing from Jiangchen’s shoulders and tossed it on the ground.


“Your companions can’t fly,” he said. “So why should you?” 


With that, he stomped on Jiangchen’s lower leg. 


“Boss!” Houqing and Hanba roared and dashed over. 


Slap! Slap!


Hua Hai simply reached out and slapped them. “Behave yourselves.” 


With two mighty thwacks, they were sent flying off into the distance.


Seeing this, a trace of fear flashed through Jiangchen’s eyes. Forget all that “half-step” nonsense: Hua Hai was clearly a full-fledged sky supreme. 


More importantly, his strength was still rising; there were already vague hints that he was approaching the diviner level.


How could they possibly handle someone like this? 


“You just sit tight and die, got it?” 


Hua Hai swung his fist at Jiangchen’s skull. However, before the blow landed, he suddenly froze. After a brief pause, knit his brows, grit his teeth, and finished his attack.


However, for Jiangchen, that brief pause was more than enough.




Hua Hai’s fist landed, but Jiangchen took advantage of his sudden pause and moved to the side. The blow landed on his shoulder, shattering it, but at least he hadn’t died.


Seeing that he’d missed, Hua Hai didn’t hesitate: he swung his fist once more.




Suddenly, his heart clenched. This punch….. 


Despite his best efforts, he could no longer swing his fist. 

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