Chapter 917 - The Might of the Fifth Rose



 Jiangchen roared furiously, veins bulging in his arms.  


The pressure was already overwhelming. He was proud, but he wasn’t conceited. He knew he couldn’t let Hua Hai’s strength increase any further. 


His response seemed out of character, but this was all due Hua Hai putting pressure on him.


Jiangchen held nothing back; he attacked with all his might, his speed and strength both at their peak. 


By now, he was taking this completely seriously.


“Die!” he shouted sinisterly. It was fair to say that, as the leader of the four Zombie Progenitors, Jiangchen was strong enough to look down on all three Lower Realms. 


Jiangchen was going all out. If the recently ascended Jade Emperor returned now, even he would struggle to exchange a hundred blows with Jiangchen. As for those so-called “peak sky immortals,” “half-step immortal kings” and so on, they were nothing but weaklings in his eyes. 


Yet to his astonishment, the current Hua Hai was more than capable of enduring his full might.




Jiangchen felt a wave of piercing agony emanating from his abdomen. It was then that he realized: Hua Hai had just kicked him in the gut.




Jiangchen was instantly sent flying. He shot through the air like a bullet, the sound of the wind around him deafening. Finally, he collided with a distant cliff, so violently the entire mountain couldn’t help but tremble. 


At first, the other three Zombie Progenitors seemed to be enjoying the show. Seeing this, they didn’t quite know how to react at first.


Outsiders might not know just how strong Jiangchen really was, but they certainly knew.  


But just now…...


Jiangchen was the one sent flying. 


All three of them were dumbfounded. After a lengthy pause, they came to their senses and roared, “Boss!” 


Hanba and Houqing rushed toward the mountainside. Yinggou’s eyes grew bloodshot as he charged fearlessly at Hua Hai.


Yinggou stamped against the ground, gouging a several-meter deep hole into the earth as he rapidly launched himself into the air. 




He swung at Hua Hai, his uncovered arms expanding as he poured all his power into his right fist. He wanted to end this in a single blow. 


“Hmph.” Hua Hai simply snorted calmly, then met Yinggou’s fist head-on. 


“Arrogant.” Yinggou roared unyieldingly. He knew he was less intelligent than the other Zombie Progenitors, but not even Jiangchen dared take his raw strength lightly. 


And now Hua Hai had chosen to meet his fist head-on? In Yinggou’s eyes, he was courting death. 


Fury burned in his heart. Yinggou was just itching to teach that androgynous bastard a lesson, so he didn’t hold back; he swung his fist at Hua Hai with all his might.



Their fists met, the collision immediately followed by the sound of cracking bones. 


“How is this…..” 


Yinggou had set off to teach Hua Hai a lesson with complete confidence in his ability to do just that. Now, to his surprise, it was his arm that snapped. 


His arm was twisted irregularly. Meanwhile, Hua Hai seemed completely unperturbed. He sneered contemptuously at Yinggou, then raised his right first once more. 




Yinggou couldn’t fly; he’d jumped into the air. Now, Hua Hai’s fist sent him flying back to earth. 




He slammed into the ground, carving a thousand-meter wide pit into the earth. The force of the collision stirred up turbulent clouds of sand. Surrounding combatants who failed to react in time soon found themselves temporarily blinded. 


As for Yinggou himself, all his bones were broken. He could no longer move; all he could do was lie there.



Off in the distance, Jiangchen and the others frowned deeply. Yinggou’s was drenched in blood, his flesh torn open. Seeing this, even Houqing, the most rational of the bunch, wanted to charge at Hua Hai. 


 “Come back.” 


To his surprise, the moment Houqing made his move, Jiangchen dragged him back. 


“Don’t be rash,” frowned Jiangchen. He tapped a few spots on Yinggou’s body, then spoke. “As awful as Yinggou’s wounds are, he’s not going to die.” 


“I know, but…….”


“You want to get revenge on Yinggou’s behalf? You want to kill him and vent your fury?” Jiangchen looked directly at Houqing’s gaunt face and said coolly, “I want the same thing. But what will that accomplish? Yinggou’s body is far stronger than yours - look what happened to him! If you rush out recklessly, aren’t you just throwing your life away!


Houqing silently clenched his fists. Meanwhile, Jiangchen looked up to see Hua Hai gazing down at them.


To think that Hua Hai would become this strong!


When the roses had first appeared, the largest of them had filled Jiangchen with dread. Even so, he hadn’t expected it to increase Hua Hai’s strength this much. 


This strength already surpassed the limits of the Lower Three Realms. Why hadn’t the Master of the Laws stopped him? 


Was she deliberately overlooking it? 


Off in the distance, Gu Li couldn’t help but marvel at Hua Hai’s transformation. 


“Tch, he’s at least as strong as a half-step sky supreme. He sent Jiangchen flying with a single kick, then severely injured Yinggou with a single punch. This forbidden technique would be completely terrifying if it didn’t have any side-effects.”   


“Aren’t they your subordinates? It seems you don’t care about them at all,” jeered Black Dragon. 


“Why should I?” said Gu Li, seemingly totally unconcerned. “They’re nothing but chess pieces. Actually, what I really want to know is, why hasn’t the Master of Laws shown up yet? That sorcerer's strength has obviously far surpassed the limits, yet she’s nowhere to be seen. Emperor Ye, I’m impressed.” 


Gu Li cupped his hands at Ye Zichen, who ignored him. 


“Lin Ru,” Ye Zichen muttered inwardly, “thank you.” 

“What do I do? What do I do? what do I do……” 


Meanwhile, Lin Ru was as nervous as an ant on a hot pan. Hua Hai’s strength violated the Laws and the higher-ups insisted she eliminate him.


She clenched a jade scepter in her hands. Over and over again, it flashed bright red.


This was how Masters of the Law communicated. The red light indicated that the higher-ups were already aware of the situation. 


She was to eliminate anyone who violated the Laws. 


They’d tried to contact her countless times already, but…. All she could do was pretend she hadn’t noticed. 


After all, Hua Hai was someone of the Three Realms!


Logically speaking, the Master of the Laws wasn’t supposed to have feelings. Even so, Lin Ru had always been emotional. Furthermore, she was deeply familiar with the people of the Three Realms. 

She couldn’t bear to sit back and watch as their lands burned and nations crumbled. 


She didn’t know how he’d managed it, but Hua Hai was somehow holding the zombies and demons back. How could she just go in there and eliminate him? 


Her jade scepter kept on flashing. By now, she was truly frantic.


“Forget it.” 


After a brief pause, she made up her mind. She steeled herself, then flung the scepter to the ground.




The flashing scepter broke.


“My transmitter broke, deal with this yourselves!” 

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