Chapter 915 - Going Out with a Bang


Before he’d finished his sentence, Hua Hai stepped into the sky so powerfully, the air below his feet collapsed, then shot forth. 


Off in the distance, Jiangchen frowned gravely and crossed his arms. 




He was flung backwards. 


He slid a full hundred meters back before just barely managing to stop himself. By now, his gaze was somewhat serious. 


Just now, he actually could have dodged. However, after the first four roses bloomed, Jiangchen was curious to see exactly how much Hua Hai’s strength had increased, so he chose to take the blow head-on instead. 


To think it had pushed him back a hundred meters! This was somewhat unexpected.


Judging from the waves of power emanating from Hua Hai’s body, it seemed he was a peak immortal king. However, his true strength far surpassed an ordinary immortal king’s. 




Jiangchen couldn’t help but laugh. Although the strength of Hua Hai’s blow exceeded his expectations, he’d already gotten a feel for it. 


“That’s all you’ve got?


He swung his slightly numbed arms, then flapped his wings and flew back to face his opponent.


Meanwhile, a smile flashed across Hua Hai’s face. “Is it, though?” 


He lashed out fiercely.


Hua Hai didn’t bother arguing with Jiangchen. He knew full well that his time was limited. This time, though, Jiangchen didn’t block his attack. Instead, he met Hua Hai head-on.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The sound of non-stop combat filled the air.




As they fought, Hua Hai’s organs disintegrated.


The fully-bloomed roses were magnificent. However, their growth was sustained by Hua Hai’s withering organs.


 His kidneys!


 His liver!


As his innards crumbled, the endless pain stimulated his burning desire for battle.


“Tch, to think he can go toe-to-toe with Jiangchen. That sorcerer is quite the character.”


Off in the distance, Ye Zichen and Gu Li were locked in fierce combat. However, as the roses bloomed, Gu Li intentionally shifted their focus to the distant flowers. The fighting came to a complete stop. 


Black Dragon couldn’t help but snort, “it’s nothing but a petty trick.” Given his current strength, he knew full well the price Hua Hai had paid for his sudden increase in strength. 


“At the end of the day, his newfound strength is short-lived. This is his last stand; once the flames of his life force burn out, there will be nothing left of him but bones. By comparison, those Zombie Progenitors of yours are quite strong. That one over isn’t at a disadvantage even against a peak immortal king. Gu Li, I’m impressed.”   


Naturally, Gu Li could see through Black Dragon’s superficially ambiguous words and understand his deeper meaning.


“You’re just flattering me.” 


Gu Li turned to Black Dragon and cupped his hands, then looked back at Ye Zichen and laughed, “Emperor Ye, I’m sure you’d just love to go and help out right about now. What a pity; there’s no way Black Dragon and I will let you leave. But staying here isn’t really so bad, is it? Doesn’t all that fighting and killing get awfully dreary after a while?”


Ye Zichen ignored him. 


Little did they know that, after cooling down, Ye Zichen was no longer in a hurry to rush to his companions’ aid. He understood that Gu Li and Black Dragon wouldn’t let him leave. Even if he somehow managed to escape, the two of them would just attack his allies. 


By comparison, it was much better if he stayed here and kept them busy. 


What he needed to do now was accumulate spiritual power, heal his wounded arm, and, so long as Gu Li and Black Dragon gave him the chance…..


Seize an opportunity to deal them a fatal blow. 


Gu Li realized he couldn’t get a rise out of Ye Zichen, so he simply shrugged and looked back at Jiangchen and Hua Hai.


He was rather interested in their fight, especially…..


In that final, unbloomed, hundred-thousand meter black rose.




After a fierce collision, Jiangchen and Hua Hai separated. 


“What’s wrong? Didn’t you say you were going to ‘carve its splendor into my body?’ I’m truly sorry to say it, but if that’s all you’ve got, I’m sure to forget all about this!” Jiangchen laughed leisurely, but in truth, he wasn’t as relaxed as he appeared.


However, he knew that his opponent was in even worse shape. 


Hua Hai was still drenched in sweat. The moment his lungs crumpled, he’d lost the ability to breathe.


It was excruciating. 


He wanted to take a deep breath and feel the air in his throat, but that was no longer possible. 


Noticing Jiang Chen's sneer, he reached out and wiped the sweat from his brow. 


No wonder not even the Beast Region’s Great Sage could defeat the Zombie Progenitors. Hua Hai had already reached the pinnacle of the immortal king realm. Even so, Jiangchen wasn’t at any disadvantage against him at all. 


Furthermore, his withering organs were starting to take a toll. He felt a faint but increasing sense of urgency.    


“In the end, it seems I’ll have to take that final step.” 


Hua Hai raised his head. His blood-streaked eyes flicked towards the last and biggest of the five black roses. He placed a hand on his chest and felt his heart beating powerfully beneath his ribs. 




For some reason, Hua Hai couldn’t quite finish his incantation. 


This was his first time using this forbidden art. Even so, he knew that the earlier roses were just the beginning. Although all four had already bloomed, he could still turn back. 


But once that final rose bloomed, he would truly have no way out.


He hesitated.


Facing death, anyone would be scared, even someone on the brink of despair. It was especially terrifying since he’d die immediately. Doing something, knowing full well that it would kill you, was terrifying. 


After a long pause, he still couldn’t bring himself to finish his incantation. 




Hua Hai inexplicably slapped himself. 


“What on earth are you doing?” he roared inwardly. “Didn’t you make up your mind? Why are you hesitating now? What’s wrong with you?”


His fists clenched as he silently cursed his own weakness. 


He cast his gaze below. Despite their dire straights, the blood-soaked warriors fought on valiantly. Then his gaze fell on Li Jiayi and the disciples of the Hundred Flowers Gate…...


Even if their weapons dulled, even if they used up all their spiritual power, even if they knew they were about to die, they fought on with no regard for their lives.


“Hua Hai, oh, Hua Hai,” he chastised himself, “are you really going to lose to your own disciples?” 


As he berated himself, he heard Jiangchen laugh playfully. “What, are you scared?” 


Crude as it was, this simple jeer shook Hua Hai to the core. 




He gnashed his teeth, then looked at the hundred thousand meter flower. A decisive light flashed through his eyes.


This was the path he’d chosen, so he just had to grit his teeth and bear it.




He couldn’t possibly do that!


"Hah… it seems you’ve made up your mind? Hurry up then, I’d like to see just what’s so special about that final rose!” 


“If that’s what you want, I’m happy to oblige!” 


With that, he turned to the last rose and roared, “Eternal Black Rose, Bloom! Unleash your Final Brilliance!”


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