Chapter 91 Conflict

Chapter 91 – Conflict

Ye Zichen laughed with a faint playfulness on his mouth.

This grandson brought a bunch of lackeys when he rushed over. He clearly didn’t just come to take a piss.

“Your mouth is pretty good,” Bai Yang squinted his eyes with faint disdain in his eyes.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and revealed an expression of shock.

“How do you know my mouth is amazing? Did your older sister tell you about us?”

Bai Yang was stunned for a moment the moment Ye Zichen said that.

He did have an older sister, but what does this brat have to do with her?

But when he saw the mockery on Ye Zichen’s face, he finally understood, causing his face to turn dark.

“You’re seeking death.”

“Nonono, I’m just twenty something, how could I seek death when I didn’t live enough yet?” Ye Zichen raised his hand and waved. Then he shrugged with a smile as he looked at Bai Yang’s expression that was turning even darker, “Stop caring about me here, hurry in. But a friendly reminder, there are just urinals in there, you guys should into a sequence first. How about playing scissor-paper-rock here? I can be a fair referee for you.”

“Brat, how are you speaking to Young Master Bai?” the person who spoke was the young man who had leek in his teeth.

Ye Zichen looked at him, then retracted his smile, “I’m talking to your owner here, what is a dog like you barking for?”

The young man’s face instantly turned beyond red.

Ye Zichen laughed coldly, as coldness flashed through his eyes, “It seems like you guys don’t need me as the ref, then move aside.”

“You need to see who’s the owner when you hit a dog. You can’t have not heard of this, right?” Bai Yang smiled sinisterly.

Ye Zichen smiled, the nodded in agreement, “That’s true. But I’ve never thought of you, the dog owner, as much. Hurry up and take your dog for a piss. You should have heard the phrase ‘a good dog doesn’t block the path’, right?”

“Ye Zichen, don’t not know what’s good for you,” Bai Yang’s tone turned cold, while his dogs also stepped forward.

“Bai Yang, what do you want?” the honest Wu Haoyu also stepped forward.

Bai Yang looked at him in disdain, “Brat, move to the side, it’s none of your business. You’re pretty lucky that you got with the powerful Young Mistress Lin, who I can’t mess with. But don’t think about getting full of yourself, a little white face like you…”

Bai Yang laughed coldly in disdain and shook his fingers, causing a look of rage to surface on Wu Haoyu’s honest face.

He frowned and wanted to argue, but Ye Zichen patted his shoulders and pulled him back.

Ye Zichen walked over to Bai Yang’s side with a smile and glared at him.

“F*ck. Off.”

“Susu, where did you get such a treasure of a boyfriend? He’s so funny.”

Lin Ru’s tolerance for humor terrifyingly low, she can’t help but laugh even when she thought back to it.

Su Yan dipped her head with a smile.

On the other hand, Lin Ru sighed, “If only Wu Haoyu was half as funny as your boyfriend. He’s so boring and dumb like a winter melon all the time.”

“Actually, that boy is pretty good, I can tell that he really likes you,” Su Yan smiled.

Lin Ru blushed, but still denied it, “Who wants him to like me, he’s just like a log.”

Saying the opposite was the common issue with women. Su Yan could feel that Lin Ru actually did care about that honest boy quite a bit.

The two of them smiled and stopped talking about the topic. At this moment, Gao Chang walked over with a wine glass.

“Lin Ru, Su Yan.”

Gao Chao was carefully very careful when she greeted Lin Ru, but it was much more plain when it came to Su Yan.

“What did you come for?

Lin Ru frowned, if she didn’t remember it wrong, when Bai Yang came over to cause trouble, this woman had stood by his side.

Originally, she didn’t have any hostility towards Gao Chang, but since she was involved with Bai Yang, she begun to not like her.

“Lin Ru, I want to say a few things to Su Yan,” Gao Chang’s face was full of a false smile. Lin Ru looked towards Su Yan.

The gentleness on Su Yan’s face was also gone, “If you still want me and Bai Yang to get together, then I think you shouldn’t waste your breath.”

“Su Yan, how is Young Master Bai worse than that guy?”

“Everywhere,” The coldness on Su Yan’s face became even more expressive. “Gao Chang, since we’re high school students, I don’t want us to be unhappy.”

Gao Chang’s expression sullen after hearing that. Young Master Bai had promised her that if she helped to get him with Su Yan, he would give her a sportscar.

A sportscar.

If she has a sportscar, then she would be able to hook up with rich guys.

“Su Yan, I think that you’re really dumb…”

“Ugh, wait,” Lin Ru stepped forward and said playfully. “How is Su Yan’s boyfriend bad? Didn’t you see how funny he is?”

Their class tutor had accidentally leaked Lin Ru’s background during high school.

A powerful third generation from the capital.

This caused Lin Ru’s position in high school to immediately shoot up, and nobody dared to argue with her.

If it was before, she definitely didn’t dare to retort what Lin Ru said. However, Gao Chang didn’t care anymore in order to get the sportscar.

“Can humor be eaten?” A hint of disdain flashed across Gao Chang’s eyes. “Women have to be better to themselves, we have to find a tree that can be relied on, isn’t that far better than people that are full of bullshit? Young Master Bai is young and talented and he looks pretty good, and he’s also rich… Su Yan, why don’t you understand?”

“If Bai Yang’s so good, then why aren’t you with him?” Lin Ru twitched her mouth on the side, causing Gao Chang to roll her eyes.

If Young Master Bai was interested in her, why wouldn’t she be with him

If there was the chance, she even wanted to strip naked and lie on Young Master Bai’s bed.


At that moment, a huge sound rang out from the bathroom.

Lin Ru and Su Yan looked towards each other, then ran over.

“Grandson, grandpa is really sick of your looks, don’t you understand?” Ye Zichen frowned and looked at Bai Yang, who was bleeding at the corner of his mouth on the wall of the bathroom. “I’m telling you, Su Yan is laozi’s woman. She’s laozi’s woman, do you understand?”


He kicked Bai Yang once again, causing him to slide out seven or eight meters.

All of Bai Yang’s lackeys went dumb, this Ye Zichen acted too suddenly. He attacked without saying anything.

What’s more…

He’s too sinister.

Ye Zichen pretty much beat Bai Yang to the point of him losing all abilities to move. Ye Zichen walked towards him and squatted in front of him.

Bai Yang subconsciously raised his hands to protect his face, but what faced him was a heavy punch on his stomach.

“Remember, Su Yan is my woman. Don’t touch her, do you understand?”

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