Chapter 908 - You’ll Always be a Beast, No Matter How Many Times You Reincarnate


"Su Yan."


When Ye Zichen saw the woman in Gu Li's hands clearly, he noticed that although her eyes were shut and she didn't resist or struggle at all, her life force was still strong. Gu Li had clearly used some technique to render her comatose. 


Ye Zichen instantly froze. After a brief silence, his eyes grew bloodshot. 


He glowered at Gu Li, then said in a low voice, "let her go."




Gu Li simply smiled indifferently as he stood in the sky, her head in his hands, then dropped her. 




In response, Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched violently as he reached out to stop her fall.    


"Don't worry, Brother Ye. How could I possibly harm her? I know better; she's your woman, after all," said Gu Li playfully. He lay her on a layer of cloud. "I simply brought her here to keep you calm. You've really got quite a temper, you know.” 


When he saw that she was safe atop the cloud, Ye ZIchen sighed in relief. He examined her carefully, then turned to Gu Li. 


"What the hell do you want?" 


“Nothing in particular?” said Gu Li with a helpless shrug. “I simply saw that you were injured. Fighting on and on like this can’t be good for you. Why not just sit here and watch for a while? And have a nice heart-to-heart chat?” 




To his surprise, a red shadow suddenly rushed towards the clouds. It’s target….. was Su Yan.


“Tch, Tch, Tch. Are you trying to snatch her right in front of me?” 


Gu Li sneered, then swept forward with his right leg. His left hand clenched into a fist and slammed forcefully into the red figure. 




When he saw his target endure the blow head-on, a sinister glint flashed through Gu Li’s eyes. 


“You’re seeking death.”  With that, he no longer held back. He transformed into a beam of light and attacked the red shape directly. 


"An opportunity!"


For some reason, as he watched Gu Li’s departure, this thought suddenly surfaced in Ye Zichen’s mind. He instinctively glanced at Su Yan. They were only a few dozen meters apart. 


If he wanted to, he could cross a distance like that almost instantaneously, then carry her off….


The whole process would take roughly three breaths of time.


Black Dragon stood about a hundred meters to his right. However, he was watching Ye Zichen intently. Who knows? If Ye Zichen tried to carry Su Yan off, Black Dragon might very well intervene.    


“I’ve got a try,” thought Ye Zichen. He steeled himself, then prepared for action. However, he’d barely even begun to move his leg when he sensed that Black Dragon had locked onto him. Worse, he now stood directly between him and Su Yan.


Black Dragon’s grim gaze was calm and indifferent. “Emperor Ye, what are you up to?” He glanced down at Su Yan, still reclining on a cloud, and laughed tightly. 


"Want to save her? Is this what they mean when they say 'heroes can't resist a damsel in distress?' She's nothing but a woman, why do you care so much? To tell the truth, just now, if you tried to escape, I’m not at all confident that I could’ve stopped you, yet you chose to save this woman instead, ha ha....." 


"Then are you saying you want to let me go?" 


Black Dragon already stood right next to Su Yan. No matter how much Ye Zichen wanted to save her, it seemed he didn't have much of a chance. 


Instead, he intentionally feigned playful curiosity, only to see Black Dragon look at him even more playfully. 

 "It seems that won't be possible.”


Gu Li had gone off to deal with that red shadow. Now he returned, restraining a fox with nine blood-red tails. 


"Have another one!” 




He casually tossed her next to Su Yan. Ye Zichen looked over….


"Big Sister Liu'er."


The instant she landed, she turned towards him and roared, "Ye Zichen, what on earth are you doing?" 


"Shut up." Gu Lu frowned and slapped her across the face, so hard she coughed up blood. "How could a mere beast like you understand Emperor Ye's brilliance? How dare you talk to him like that? It seems you're tired of living." 


As he spoke, Gu Li struck her again. Seeing this, Ye Zichen roared, "stay your hand!"


Gu Li suddenly froze, his hand still hanging in the air. He lowered his hand, then looked at Ye Zichen in confusion.


"Brother Ye, why are you stopping how? Your status is so lofty while she's nothing but a beast. How dare she chastise you? Isn’t this just me disciplining her on your behalf?" 


“If you dare say another word, I’ll kill you!” A frigid aura radiated out of Ye Zichen. After a brief, startled pause, Gu Li laughed. 


“Brother Ye, are you threatening me?” 


As they spoke, Su Liu’er sensed Gu Li and Black Dragon’s attention was fixed on Ye Zichen. Her eyes were still bloodshot, her body still incomparably weak, but even so, she seized the chance to escape with Su Yan. 


“Did I say you could leave?”


Gu Li’s right hand shot forward. Despite her best efforts to escape, Su Liu’er found she couldn’t take even a single step.


“Since you’re good-looking, I’ll spare your life. Why can’t you just behave yourself?”


Gu Li’s soft yet sinister voice grew closer and closer. Su Liu’er sensed the danger and tightly embraced Su Yan……

 She couldn’t lose her. She’d already lost Yuan Hong. If she lost Su Yan too, she’d have nothing left.


“You’ve been a bad girl.” He grabbed Su Liu’er’s long hair, then tugged, pulling her backward. 


Su Liu’er gnashed her teeth. She didn’t cry out, but her eyes grew redder and more terrifying.


“Just stay put like a good little pet,” said Gu Li. “You think you can run? You think you can run….while carrying someone else?”




He kicked her from behind. She was already weakened - the force of the blow made her cough up yet another mouthful of blood. Seeing this, Gu Li didn’t hold back. On the contrary, he attacked even more fiercely.


“Stop it!” Ye Zichen cried out, eyes bloodshot. 

 Gu Li turned to look at him, his expression confused. “Brother Ye, what is it? I’m busy disciplining this beast. Is that a problem? Just now, the filthy thing even tried to carry off your beloved. Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”




He kicked her again.


“Stop it,” said Ye Zichen.


“Hm?” Gu Li cocked his head in confusion. “Brother Ye, what exactly do you mean?”


“I told you to stop it!” Ye Zichen had been suppressing the full force of his fury this whole time, but now it exploded out. Behind him, a ray of purple light flashed glinted. “Touch her one more time, call her a beast one more time, and I’ll see to it that you’re a beast in this and all future lives, no matter how many times you reincarnate!”


“Oh?” Gu Li arched his brows.


“I meant what I said. I’ll do it!”

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