Chapter 907 - Listen Obediently

Lin Xihe didn’t say another word. She didn’t even look at him. Instead, she simply turned away and rejoined the ranks. 


There was no need to say anymore. The moment Zhao Zizhao gave his ultimatum…..


Her last remaining shred of affection for him vanished completely. 


Zhao Zizhao’s hands clenched into fists despite himself as he watched her cold, silent departure. Finally, he relaxed his hands and let out a long sigh. 


“So that’s how it is,” he muttered to himself, then returned to the Zombie Progenitors’ side. Lin Xihe’s blatant rejection of his good intentions was hard to take. He longed to mock her childishness, yet internally, he was still somewhat stung. 


The other three Zombie Progenitors didn’t spare him even a single glance, but Hanba watched with great interest.


“You want to let her go?” she asked. “But it seems she’s refused your kind intentions? In that case, might I ask how an honorable command medallion bearer such as yourself plans to handle these nuisances?” 


“Hanba, you’re far too courteous. Who am I, that you would address me with such formality?” Zhao Zizhao repressed his emotions and smiled obsequiously. “Boss Gu Li saw fit to give my humble self a command medallion. Even so, I am nothing compared to mighty figures such as yourselves. At most, I am a petty officer. True power remains in your hands, does it not?”   


Zhao Zizhao had no choice but to lower himself. 


Although he was currently in command of the troops, as a general, he understood completely that in the face of absolute strength, he’d be helpless even with a command medallion. 


Even though the leyline resurfaced and his strength had improved enormously, he was still nothing but an ant before the Zombie Progenitors.


He’d worked so hard to get this far; he had to be careful. He was walking on thin ice. 


It seemed his humble words and demeanor pleased the Zombie Progenitors. They’d initially disdained him and objected to his possession of the command medallion. Now, their gazes softened somewhat. Hanba even smiled and patted his shoulder. 


“You’ve got good eyes.” 


The Zombie Progenitors were naturally strong. Hanba only used a small portion of her strength to pat his shoulder, but it was still difficult for an ordinary sky immortal could bear.     


Zhao Zizhao grit his teeth and endured the pain in his shoulder. On the surface, he maintained his modest, congenial smile.


“I’m simply stating a fact.” 


“Not bad, not bad. We’ll make something of you yet.”  She patted his shoulder again. He held on for dear life, smiling and nodding repeatedly.




 Within the ranks, Lin Xihe couldn’t help but smile self-deprecatingly. Seeing this, the Hundred Flowers Sect master sighed, then patted her shoulder comfortingly. 


Once, Lin Xihe and Zhao Zizhao were the talk of the town. Facing this sort of adversity…..


Anyone would be hurt.


Finally, Hanba removed her hand. Zhao Zizhao secretly circulated his spiritual power within his shoulder in an attempt to heal it.


“Everyone,” he asked with a modest smile, “how do you propose we handle this?” 


“Jiangchen, what do you think?”


Hanba and the others turned towards him. He looked back, then spoke, “Boss Gu Li ordered us to leave no survivors. We of course have to obey our orders. It’s just, that woman seems to have a relationship with Brother Zhao. Should we spare her? Or not?”


All four Zombie Progenitors turned to look at him. The weight of their gazes bore down on him, creating enormous pressure.


He subconsciously glanced at Lin Xihe, only to find her staring right back at him.


Their eyes met briefly, then he looked away and gnashed his teeth.


“If possible, I’d like to sincerely request that you magnanimously stay your hand.” 


“Hah, no need to bring up ‘magnanimity,’” said Jiangchen through narrowed eyes. “You’re someone who works by Boss Gu Li’s side. We’re practically family! If you want to protect her, that’s but a trifle, no trouble at all.” 


“Especially since that woman carries your flesh and blood,” chimed in Houqing with a smile.


“I’m sorry for the trouble,” said Zhao Zizhao, cupping his hands respectfully. Despite their polite response, he noticed their expressions were somewhat unsightly. 


But that didn’t matter. Whatever their intentions, he had to find a way to save Lin Xihe. 


Both for her sake, and for the sake of the unborn child growing in her womb. 


“Brother Zhao is far too polite,” said Jiangchen, pulling Zhao Zizhao up. Then a dark light flashed through his eyes. “Brother Zhao, do you think we can start?” 


Zhao Zizhao took a step back and bowed. “That’s up to you.” 


“In that case…. Let’s attack!” Jiangchen didn’t delay. Eyes narrowed, tone sinister, he gave the command, “kill!”


 “They’ve made their move.” 


As the Zombies approached, someone of the Three Realms called out. 


At the same time, someone else shouted, “those demonic bastards are attacking too!” 


“They’re here!”


Luo Wei stepped into the air and took a deep breath, his gaze grim as he watched the demons and zombies approach on both sides.


“We cannot retreat! For the sake of your children, for the sake of your loved ones, for the sake of their future…. Fight just once more!” 




The moment Luo Wei finished speaking, the people of the Three Realms let out a deafening roar, then attacked the enemy without any reservations. 




Ye Zichen had been watching from afar. He let out a cold snort and prepared to rush to their aid. 


He had no other choice; he was the one who sent Luo Wei that transmission. He was the one who chose that particular escape route. 


Now, because of his decision, their situation was clearly far more perilous than before. He had to take responsibility, for it was his error in judgment that had exposed them to such danger. 


He had to help them if he was to make up for his mistakes. 


However, just as he was about to depart, a dark shadow suddenly materialized in front of him. 


“Brother Ye, you can’t possibly leave.” The black shadow turned out to be Gu Li. He arched his brows, a smile tugging at his lips, then snorted, “isn’t it enough to stay here and admire from afar?” 


“Out of my way!” 


Ye Zichen forcefully repressed his fury, yet his gaze was intensely threatening as he glowered at Gu Li. 


“Brother Ye, are you trying to intimidate me?” said Gu Li softly. He shot a glance at Ye Zichen’s right arm. “Given your injuries, don’t you think you’re being a bit overly confident?” 


The instant Gu Li finished his sentence, Ye Zichen sensed Black Dragon appear behind him. They both locked onto him, creating a formless yet powerful feeling of suppression that spread throughout the sky. 


“If you want to live on, or, rather, if you want her to live on,” jeered Gu Li, “you’d better sit tight like a good little boy.” 


Suddenly, a woman appeared in Gu Li’s arms, her eyes closed. 



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