Chapter 906 - Burned Out

“An ambush!”

Luo Wei led the way. He could vaguely discern a shuffling mass of humanoid shapes at the end of the road.


The group came to a sudden stop. Before long, they saw the Zombie Progenitors and the Zhao brothers leading an inestimably vast horde of zombies to block their way. 


“They’re blood zombies,” someone called out. Then they said something that made the group sink even further into despair…..


“Our way back is completely blocked off by demons.” 


They were once more surrounded on both sides but this was different from before. Earlier, they’d been in a large space, so even though they were surrounded, they could at least move freely. 


But now that they were trapped in such a narrow space, they…. 


Could do nothing but wait to die.


This was true despair. Some of them were unable to restrain their emotions. Their wills crumbled as they knelt to the ground, heads in their hands.


They were valiant and hot-blooded. They weren’t afraid to die in battle. 


But just as they’d accepted their fates, they’d received a sliver of hope, only for it to be taken away. Now, they faced despair once more. 


They simply couldn’t take it anymore.


The moment someone knelt to the ground, it seemed to set off a chain-reaction: soldiers knelt to the ground, one after the other.


It almost seemed like they were a field of wheat at harvest time- they fell like wheat to a sickle. 


“Stand up! Hurry and get back up!”


Luo Wei roared in response. In his heart, he fully understood the depths of their despair. Even so, were they supposed to just passively wait to die? 


He was indeed an expert, a peak-level existence within the outer Immortal Region or even the Beast Region.


But he was still just one person. If they wanted to break through the encirclement, their odds of success were minimal. That said, if they couldn’t work together and coordinate their assault, they’d have no chance at all.


“All of you, get up? What are you doing?” he roared from above, “are you really just going to kneel there waiting for death? Cowards! Don’t you remember what you said earlier? Where did that hot-blooded determination go?”


His words had no effect whatsoever. 


You could ignite their hot blood, but once it extinguished, could you re-ignite it? 


It had all burned up already!


It was clear from their gazes that their will had crumbled. They simply knelt to the ground and trembled as if they hadn’t heard him.


Luo Wei sighed despite himself. In truth, he understood their feelings…..


However, although he empathized with them, he couldn’t just let them passively wait to die.


“Think of your sons and daughters, of those you want to protect. If you’re already burned up the last of your hot blood… then, burn your very lives instead.”


His voice was low, his tone was gloomy; Luo Wei truly had no desire to say such things.


Despair? To tell the truth….


He felt it too!


It was Emperor Ye who’d sent the transmission saying he’d create an escape route for them. To tell the truth, they might have been doomed even if he hadn’t sent that transmission, but at least they would have been able to face their deaths bravely.


But he’d ordered them to retreat, rekindling their hope…..


However, this was the result. 


Did he blame Emperor Ye? 


He couldn’t really blame him!


He had nothing but good intentions and his plan was sound, it was just that their enemies’ were better at planning.


You can boost an army’s morale once, even twice, but by the third time….


The soldiers were truly exhausted!


All Luo Wei could do was try to shift the focus to their children in an attempt to raise their spirits. As for the result….


That was up to the heavens!


As expected, bringing up their children had some effect. The soldiers kneeling on the ground rose to their feet and hefted their weapons. Even so, their former fearlessness had vanished without a trace. 


They had nothing more to lose? 


If they could kill an enemy, they would. If they couldn’t, they’d simply die!


“As expected, Gu Li is a brilliant strategist indeed. To think he’d predict their escape route!” said Hanba. She stood before their army, her hideous face twisted into a mocking grin.


“Look at those pitiful worms. It seems they’ve already given up on the future.” 


“Zhao Zizhao!” Suddenly, someone within the crowd shouted. Everyone watched as Lin Xihe stepped forth, her almost eyes filled with inexpressible emotion as she stood before the zombies and berated Zhao Zizhao.


“What’re you yelling about?” said Hanba. “You’re quite pretty, but there’s nothing I hate more than a pretty woman.” 


A sinister glint flashed through Hanba’s eyes, but just as she was about to strike, someone blocked her way.   


“Calm down.”


“Hm?” Hanba turned to face him, then snorted, “who are you to stop me? Right, weren't you with my army?”


“This humble one is called Zhao Zizhao,” he replied with a bow. 


“Zhao Zizhao?” Hanba arched her brows. 


“Gu Li introduced him and gave him a command medallion,” explained Houqing. 


“Oh, so it’s like it,” nodded Hanba. “Just now, it seems that woman was yelling ‘Zhao Zizhao,’ could that be you?”


“Indeed, that’s me,” said Zhao Zizhao with a placating smile. “Please, calm your fury. Let me take care of this.” 


“Go on then.” 


This was someone Gu Li himself had roped in. Hanba didn’t dare attack him lightly. 


He smiled and nodded at Hanba, then turned to look back at Lin Xihe. Seeing her body drenched in blood, he couldn’t help but frown. To tell the truth, deep within his heart, he did love her.




“Are you worthy of calling me that?” Lin Xihe glowered and gnashed her teeth. “I’m truly a fool to have trusted you all this time.  Not only do you consort with demons, now you’re even involved with zombies? Zhao Zizhao, you’re really something!”


“What do you know?” roared Zhao Zizhao. 


“I’ll admit, I know nothing at all,” she nodded. “If I’d known about all this, I wouldn’t have fallen for your schemes.” 


As she spoke, she couldn’t help but frown and rub her lower abdomen.


Seeing this, Zhao Zizhao’s brows shot up despite himself. He couldn’t help but glance over. 




“Hmph, it has nothing to do with you.” 




He let out a long sigh.


“Fine, you can pretend it’s none of my business but I can’t. And don’t say I’ve forgotten about our former relationship, either; I’m here because I’d like to give you an opportunity. If you’re willing, I can get you out of here!”


“Then what about the others? What about my subordinates?”


“They can’t leave,” said Zhao Zizhao, leaving no room for negotiation. His expression tightened. “They have to stay here. You’re the only one who can leave. That’s my bottom line!”


“Bottom line?” Lin Xihe sneered. “Fine then. Zhao Zizhao, what happened to your conscience? Did a dog eat it?” 


“Think what you want!” shouted Zhao Zizhao. “I’ll ask one more time. Will you come with me or not? If not, I’ll kill you too!”    


She took a step back, her complexion pallid as she laughed uproariously. 


“Then…. You’ll just have to kill me!”



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