Chapter 903 - Absolute Suppression



Gu Li felt himself slammed into the ground, his chest in agonizing pain as he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood. 


Gu Li stared up at Ye Zichen, eyes wide. Ye Zichen’s two sets of pure-white wings flapped up and down repeatedly as he crossed his arms and looked down at Gu Li coldly.


Coincidentally, at that very moment the dense, ink-dark clouds floated away, letting in a ray of rosy light and illuminating the entire area. 


An angel.


Ye Zichen stood proudly in the sky radiating brilliant sunlight, just like an angel from a storybook. 


“Wings?” Gu Zichen couldn’t help but arch his brows in surprise. Naturally, he already knew that Ye Zichen had both saint and demon blood, and, furthermore, that Ye Zichen had wings. He even knew that he’d grow more of them in the future




They weren’t supposed to appear until Ye Zichen became a god.


Assuming the course history hadn’t changed, Ye Zichen had grown these wings during his Divine Bestowal. However, his godhead had shattered in the process, taking his newly-sprouted wings with it. 


He wouldn’t reform his wings until undergoing his second Divine Bestowal. 


No, that’s not right!


Up amongst the clouds, Gu Zichen suddenly frowned. Back in that chaotic space, Ye Zichen’s shattered godhead had absorbed all the spiritual energy contained within the seal of the Master of the Three Realms.


Could it be that the power contained within the seal had fully restored his godhead? 


If so, his angel wings would have reformed as well. 


If that were true, everything was about to change. It was just, had he truly reformed his godhead, Ye Zichen shouldn’t have been at a disadvantage against Gu Li in the first place. 


“It’s true,” said Ye Zichen flatly, “if it weren’t for you, I truly might have forgotten all about my wings.”


“I hate these wings,” he continued. “Their appearance proves that demonic blood courses through my veins. I hate demons, so I rarely use my wings - I’ve all but abandoned them. That said, this is no time to worry about that sort of thing, is it?”


Ye Zichen slowly approached Gu Li. With each step he took, ripples coursed through the sky and feathers of pure light fluttered to the ground. 


“Thank you so much for reminding me I still had this card up my sleeves. However… your crimes are still unforgivable.” 


“Ha…..Ha ha ha…….” Gu Li, still lying prone on the ground, suddenly started laughing uproariously. He wiped the blood from the corners of his lips, then flew up into the air, landing about a hundred meters from Ye Zichen. 


Despite the distance, Ye Zichen and Gu Li’s eyes met. Their wings seemed to signify that they were…..


An angel.


And a devil.


You can’t help but admit, the two of them seemed truly destined to oppose each other. From their time in the modern realm to finding out about their respective past lives, all the way to their wings…...


They were black and white, diametrically opposed!


“That punch just now really hurt,” said Gu Li, reaching out to massage his wounded chest. 


He stretched, then continued, “even so, you only won a single exchange. It’s nothing to be proud of. You’re still going to die in the end, aren’t you?”


“Am I?” Ye Zichen said without the barest hint of emotion, neither happy nor sad nor angry nor amused. 


“Try it, then we’ll know for sure.” 


With that, Gu Li instantly disappeared. After a brief pause, Ye Zichen flapped his wings and followed hot on his heels.


Fwoosh. Fwoosh. Fwoosh.


They attacked so rapidly, almost no one present could follow their movements. 


There were only two people present who could: Black Dragon and Gu Zichen. 


In just a few breaths of time, they’d exchanged hundreds of blows. 


Their fists met.




They separated. 


Ye Zichen leaped backward. Gu Li did the same. The only difference is, his right arm was trembling furiously.


As their fists met, Gu Li’s arm snapped.


“I don’t believe it.” 


His wounded arm kept on trembling. Gu Li roared with all his might in an attempt to conceal his injuries and glowered at Ye Zichen, who was still completely cold and emotionless.


Gu Li refused to believe it. It was just another pair of wings. Why was Ye Zichen suddenly so much stronger than him?


He didn’t believe it, so he attacked once more.




The bones of his left arm shattered.


Gu Li’s arms hung limply by his sides. His eyes were completely bloodshot.


“You’re no match for me,” snorted Ye Zichen expressionlessly. “You broke all four of the Great Sage’s limbs, so how about I just… break your entire body?” 


“Ludicrous!” Gu Li let out a sinister laugh as dense purple spoke suddenly drifted out of his body.


He’d transformed into an abyssal.


“I haven’t lost yet!” roared Gu Li, expression sinister. His skin was now dark purple and his body emanated dense, pungent purple smog.


Ye Zichen’s eyes widened in response. He knew full well how strong an abyssal’s healing abilities were.


He gently flapped his wings and shot into the air like a rocket.


  “Hmph,” snorted Gu Li, smiling tightly as he watched Ye Zichen rush towards him. “Come on, then!”


He punched without hesitation, but just as his fist was about to land, Ye Zichen suddenly disappeared.


He instantly reappeared behind Gu Li’s back. He stepped down, pressing Gu Li face-first into the dirt. 




He stomped, shattering Gu Li’s vertebrae.


Before long, though, his broken back recovered, good as new.


“Using your healing powers? Last time, you suffered a lot because of them. Are you sure you still want to use them?”




Amongst opponents of roughly comparable strength, healing powers were ludicrously overpowered. However, facing a vastly superior opponent, they only made it easier for your enemy to torture you. 




He stomped Gu Li’s spine to bits once more.


Before long, Gu Li had fully recovered.


“Ye Zichen!” Gu Li roared darkly. His subordinates, the Zombie Progenitors, sensed that he was in danger and rushed over to help him.


“Stop them! Don’t let them get in Emperor Ye’s way even if it kills you!” 


Seeing that Ye Zichen was at the advantage, the experts of the Three Realms went all out. They knew they were no match for the Zombie Progenitors, but even so…..


So long as Ye Zichen succeeded, they could turn things around!


Ye Zichen’s overwhelming might strongly boosted the bloodied warriors’ morale. They surged forth, more valiant than ever.


“Break the Great Sage’s limbs?”


“Cause Big Sister Liu’er to mourn?” 


“Kill Yuan Hong?” 


With each sentence, Ye Zichen shattered every bone in Gu Li’s body. Afterwards, he’d wait a few moments, then do it again.


Gu Li gnashed his teeth, silently enduring the agony.


“Not going to say anything? You seem a lot tougher than before, huh? Nevermind then, just die already.”


When Ye Zichen grew tired of this game, he lost interest in Gu Li. He raised his foot over Gu Li’s head, then stomped.


“Black Dragon, don’t just stand there!”


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