Chapter 90 Wu Haoyu’s request

Chapter 090 – Wu Haoyu’s request

Lin Ru’s laughter immediately attracted the attention of plenty of people.

These people immediately understood when they saw Ye Zichen, who was in between Bai Yang and Su Yan.

Everybody knew about Bai Yan’s interest in Su Yan during high school, but Su Yan brought a man this time. From their intimate look, that seemed to be her boyfriend.

It would be weird if that Young Master Bai would be happy about it.

This caused many people to surround them in order to watch the show, while a lot of people also mocked Ye Zichen in their hearts for him overestimating himself

Just who was Young Master Bai? A single underwear was worth everything Ye Zichen wore.

He was lucky if Young Master Bai didn’t play him to death.


It seems like Ye Zichen messed with Bai Yang.

Ye Zichen revealed a confused expression and looked at Lin Ru, who was laughing without any care for her image as a lady, and said in a moe manner.

“Hahaha,” Lin Ru laughed uncontrollably as if someone pressed her laughter acupoint.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen maintained his innocent expression and shrugged, “What exactly happened? You upper class introduce yourselves using horoscopes, I also said my horoscope, why are you still laughing like that? Where was I wrong? Tell me, it’s my first time coming in contact with this circle, I don’t know the rules. Sorry.”

With that, Ye Zichen raised his hand apologetically, causing Lin Ru, who had finally stopped her laughter under Wu Haoyu’s help, to laugh once again.

“Hahaha… Susu, your boyfriend is too funny.”

If there was a bed on the floor, Lin Ru might be rolling on the bed as she laughed already.

This time, Ye Zichen was speechless.

Was there a need to laugh like that, was it really that funny?

Bai Yang also looked at the innocent looking Ye Zichen in anger.

This brat definitely did it on purpose.

Bai Yang said silently in his heart.

“Young Master Bai, ignore this retard, it’s making you lower your position.”

A commonly dressed young man pulled on Bai Yang from the side. Hearing that, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and laughed, “You said that I’m a retard?”

“So what? Go and look in the mirror and see what you’re like. You dare to mess with Young Master Bai?”

The young man was certain to use this chance to get into contact with Young Master Bai. The moment he spoke up, the surrounding people all hated themselves for not grabbing the opportunity.

“Bro, you just ate a leek bun, right?” Ye Zichen said calmly.

The young man was stunned, he did eat a leek bun before coming, but how did this brat know?


“I just want to remind you in good will that the leek got stuck in your teeth.”


This caused all of the surrounding classmates to laugh out loud. The young man with leek in his teeth also blushed, then quickly ran through the crowd.

It seems like he should have gone to the bathroom to take care of the leek.


Other people merely laughed a little bit, but Lin Ru’s laughter was magnified by countless times, becoming completely endless.

Ye Zichen looked at Lin Ru caringly and said to Wu Haoyu, “Bro, is she alright?”

“Ye Zichen, why are you so funny? Are you a comedian!?”

Lin Ru laughed so much that she was about to cry, causing Ye Zichen to smile.

If it was so easy to become a comedian, then everyone in the world could be a comedian.

Meanwhile, Bai Yang did hear the name that Lin Ru had accidentally mentioned.

“Brother Ye, I wonder where you work? You actually managed to get our school beauty.”

“Bingcheng Polytechnic University. How is it? It’s a famous university, so don’t be jealous.”

Ye Zichen once again replied without answering the question, causing Lin Ru to explode once again.


It was a demonic laughter.

“Good school, good school,” Seeing that Ye Zichen didn’t reply normally at all, Bai Yang raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Have fun here, I’ll go over there to take a look.”

“Ai, Aries guy, you didn’t tell me your name yet.”


Bai Yang slipped and nearly fell to the floor.


Lin Ru’s laughter was so demonic that Ye Zichen couldn’t endure the damage of her laughter at all. Thus, he raised his hand and pressed down on a point on her body.

Lin Ru immediately found herself unable to laugh.

“Don’t always laugh like that. Laughing is a good thing, but laughing like that is bad for your body.”

Lin Ru touched the spot Ye Zichen pressed her in surprise, then glared at him, “Damn delinquent, you molested me. Wu Haoyu, Susu, are you two going to care about this!”

Lin Ru finally stopped messing around after a long while.

Ye Zichen sweated cold sweat. It was hard to imagine that this girl in front of him was in the same grade as Su Yan, her mentality was no difference from kid of ten-old years old.

“Ye Zichen, don’t mind it too much, Lin Ru just has a child-like temper,” Wu Haoyu apologized honestly for Lin Ru.

Ye Zichen laughed and took out two cigarettes, while handing one to him, “I’m not that sort of petty person, I really was thinking for her just now.”

“Brother Ye is studying to become a doctor?” Wu Haoyu lit the cigarette and asked in a testing manner.

“Kind of,” Ye Zichen answered vaguely.

Wu Haoyu laughed on the side, “Don’t be humble, it is very amazing that you could so accurately find an acupoint in such a short time.”

“Kind of,” for Ye Zichen, who had gotten the knowledge from Lord Taishang’s Special Medical Journal, finding an acupoint was a very simple matter.

“Brother Ye, can I ask you a personal question?” A weird look surfaced on Wu Haoyu’s honest face.

Ye Zichen frowned and nodded, “Go on?”

“When you pressed Lin Ru’s acupoint, did you use qi…”


Ye Zichen remained silent.

Wu Haoyu quickly explained when he noticed Ye Zichen’s weird expression, “Don’t think too much, my family’s old man isn’t that good. We looked for plenty of Chinese and western doctors, but they couldn’t treat his illness. A while ago, a master had said that a master in qigong was needed in order to treat the root of the old man’s sickness, so…”

Wu Haoyu showed an apologetic look and said, “I was too rash just now. Allow me to apologize.”

Ye Zichen sighed when he saw Wu Haoyu’s sincere expression.

It seems like he was a bit too sensitive recently, he would get nervous the moment something small occurred.

Ye ZIchen raised his eyebrows and waved his hands, “I did use qi, but I’m not a qigong master, I don’t know whether you can help your old man.”

Many people with abilities were in this world.

Ye Zichen did not think that this little bit of knowledge would allow him to be called a qigong master.

Hearing that, Wu Haoyu’s eyes brightened, “No worries, it’s okay as long as you’re willing to try. But the old man isn’t in Bingcheng recently, I wonder…”

Ye ZIchen nodded with a smile, “Tell me when the old man is back.”


A round of footsteps suddenly sounded out in the corridor outside the bathroom.

Not long later, a group of people appeared in front of Ye Zichen and Wu Haoyu.

The person in the lead was Bai Yang.

“Oh? You need to go to the toilet in groups? Wow, the upper class is so amazing.”

Ye Zichen shook his head with a sigh. He threw his cigarette onto the ground and stomped it out, then walked out with Wu Haoyu.

Bai Yang, who was in the lead, stopped them with his hand.

“What? You want me to go with you? I’m worried that I’m too big, so it’ll hurt your pride!”

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