Chapter 899 - Extend your Life

The ground shook and mountains trembled.   


The enormous Great Sage fell to the ground with a bang. It was like an earthquake; despite the great distance, Gu Li felt the ground beneath him shake. 


Everyone looked over…..


“Gu Li.”


Black Dragon’s hands clenched into fists. Since Gu Li was Chiyou’s reincarnation, he’d once welcomed him into demon territory. In the end, Gu Li took over their home, leaving the demon race with no place to go. 


Fortunately, Brother Su had carved a new dimension for them. However, he was almost at his limit.


For the sake of the demon race’s future, he’d had no choice but to commit irrevocably to conquering the Three Realms’ territory. In the process, he’d sacrificed hundreds of thousands of his clansmen.


All of this was because of Gu Li. Time alone couldn’t wash away such a deep grudge. 


The Demon Sovereigns reacted in much the same way. They glowered at Gu Li, eyes bloodshot. In particular, Lin Min’e…..


At first, there had been to women amongst the Twelve Demon Sovereigns: Lin Min’e and Hua Kui. 


Since they were both women, Lin Min’e was closer to Hua Kui than to any of the other Demon Sovereigns. Yes, they fought bitterly sometimes, but even so.


In the end, Hua Kui died at Gu Li’s hands. He’d killed her in a single blow….


“Gu Li.”


She clenched her fists and cracked her knuckles. Her eyes burned with fury as she glowered at Gu Li. She didn’t curse or chastise him out loud. There were no words for her hatred; it could only be expressed through silent fury.


“That monkey couldn’t be the Great Sage, could it?” asked Gu Li. He tilted his head and arched his eyebrows in confusion as he examined the fallen monkey. 


“Back in the Modern Realm, I was completely obsessed with the ‘Journey to the West.’ I especially admired the indomitable Great Sage Sun. To think that the Monkey King would wind up like this…. Tch, what a pity.” 


Slowly, the giant ape rose to his feet. Standing before him, Gu Li looked tiny and utterly insignificant.


Despite this, his gaze was compassionate as he watched the Great Sage. He shook his head sadly. 




The Great Sage roared and swiped at him. He was truly furious. How dare mere ants injure him? 


He wanted to kill every last one of them. 


His massive hands stirred up mighty winds, but Gu Li’s compassionate expression remained unchanged. 






Gu Li snapped the Great Sage’s hand. Then, without so much as a moment’s hesitation, he crippled his other three limbs as well. 




The Great Sage roared in agony, but Gu Li simply went on shaking his head. 


“Boss Gu Li.”


The Zombie Progenitors all hurried to Gu Li’s side, their gazes fearful.


The day they’d left the Buddhist Domain, Gu Li had been pitifully weak. How was it that now, not even a day later, he’d become this strong? 


Gu Li turned towards then and snorted, “hmph. No need to thank me. You’re working on my behalf; it’s only natural that I’d guarantee your safety.” 


With that, he ignored them completely, instead turning to look at the demons. 

Or, to be more precise, at Su Yiyun. 


“Brother Su, it’s been a long time! Do you regret recruiting me back then? If so, I’d still be more than willing to welcome you to my side as an honored guest. I can even extend your life!” 


Black Dragon wanted to chastise him but hearing this, he swallowed his words. Extend his life….. 


Everyone valued their own lives. Black Dragon was keenly aware that Su Yiyun didn’t have much time left. Black Dragon had tried countless methods of extending his life but they were all completely ineffective. Now, though, Gu Li seemed confident that he’d succeed where Black Dragon had failed. 


Black Dragon trusted in Su Yiyun’s friendship with the demon race. Even so, faced with the opportunity to extend his life, he wasn’t sure what Su Yiyun would do. 


If he did wind up accepting Gu Li’s offer, Black Dragon wouldn’t blame him.


“You’ve almost reached the end of your lifespan, right? Black Dragon has undoubtedly sought out numerous treasures and divine materials in an attempt to extend your life, but they all failed didn’t they? He simply doesn’t understand how serious the damage to your vitality is. If he did, he wouldn’t just randomly feed you treasures. He doesn’t understand, but I do. I can extend your life… I can give you a thousand years, no problem,” said Gu Li confidently. A smile tugged at his lips.


“Brother Su,” he continued, “I admire your accomplishments in the art of formations. How about we divide the Three Realms equally? Alternatively, I could leave you the entire Three Realms. You ought to know my ambitions aren’t limited to the Lower Realms. Furthermore, you’re the Literati Star while I’m the Emperor Star. So, what do you think?”


The Literati Star!


The Emperor Star?


Most of the demons were completely confused. However, Black Dragon looked at Su Yiyun and Gu Li in astonishment.


The other demons were in the dark, but as their leader, Black Dragon naturally knew the inside story. 


Su Yiyun was the Literati Star? No wonder his formation skills had improved so quickly. But if Gu Li was the Emperor Star….. 


He didn’t dare confirm it. Even so, he knew that if Su Yiyun really was the Literati Star, he’d be able to sense whether Gu Li was the Emperor Star or not.


All he could do now was wait and see what Su Yiyun chose.


From the start, Su Yiyun merely smiled. To tell the truth, when Gu Li offered him increased longevity, he’d been briefly tempted. Soon, though, the moment passed and he got himself back under control.


He’d long since prepared to face death. If he really wanted to live on, he wouldn’t have sacrificed his longevity in the first place; he could’ve cultivated in the usual way instead. Had he done so, he might not have lived forever, but he surely would’ve managed ten thousand years or so. 


All his past choices proved that he didn’t care about that in the slightest!


Su Yiyun smiled and shook his head. “I appreciate your good intentions, but…. Forget it!” 


“Brother Su,” said Black Dragon, startled. “There’s no need for that. Even if you agreed, the demon race wouldn’t blame you. You’ve already sacrificed far too much on our behalf.” 


Lin Min’e felt the same way. She truly loved Su Yiyun and wanted to grow old together….


“Yiyun, you…..” 


“Never mind all that.” Su Yiyun smiled and shook his head. “No thank you. If I wanted to live on, I don’t need to rely on others. I know what I need to do. There’s no need to try and convince me otherwise.” 


The demons were speechless. In response, Gu Li simply smiled. “That’s truly a pity. Even so, I won’t insist. That said, can we at least form an alliance? Before settling our differences, let’s work together to take down these sanctimonious, hypocritical immortals.”


“Sure,” nodded Su Yiyun.


“Wonderful!” With that settled, Gu Li kicked the Great Sage’s body, sending him flying towards the zombie horde. “I have no use for you. Go feed the zombies.”


“Great Sage!”


The people of the Beast Region frowned deeply. They couldn’t help but worry about the Great Sage. Earlier, when the zombies blinded him, they’d felt pain from deep within their hearts.


Even so, for the sake of the bigger picture, they couldn’t rashly intervene.  


Now, the demons and Gu Li had reached an agreement. Even if they ran now, they might not escape. In that case, they might as well….


“Go all out!” 

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