Chapter 898 - A Changed Future

“Tch, how awful.”


Back within that chaotic space, Gu Zichen sat cross-legged watching the Great Sage’s plight play out on the screen-like curtain. 


“It’s about time for that brat Gu Li to show up.” 


Almost immediately after saying this, Gu Li appeared. With one punched, he sent the transformed Great Sage flying.




When he saw this, Gu Zichen knit his brows. He used a figure to swipe left. The reflected image returned to the moment Gu Li first appeared. 




Zoom in. 


“How is this possible?”


There was a longsword strapped to Gu Li’s back. With one look at its markings, Gu Zichen knew beyond a doubt that it was the Chiyou Sword.


“He shouldn’t have the Chiyou Sword now, so why……” 


Gu Zichen frowned deeply, shook his head, and dispersed the reflective curtain. Then he turned to look at Ye Zichen. “Is this the butterfly effect? You don’t have much time left. Whether that monkey lives or dies depends on you.” 


Meanwhile, Ye Zichen was seated on the ground like an old monk. He was completely still; it was almost unclear whether or not he was even breathing. 


Suddenly, a broken sword emerged from Ye Zichen’s forehead. The small golden blade revolved around his head. It was dull at first, but it suddenly started emitting intense light.


The seal merging into Ye Zichen’s body emerged as well. Its vast spiritual power transformed into a vortex and poured into the broken golden sword. Gradually, the damaged sword repaired itself, good as new.


“How is this possible?”


Gu Zichen was stunned once more. He watched the golden sword in utter shock and confusion…..  




Why was the godhead still present? Wasn’t it supposed to have shattered? 


He’d been through it himself; his own godhead had been shattered by heavenly lightning. He’d condensed a replacement only after ascending to the God Realm. 


As he thought of this, a scroll appeared before him. This was Gu Zichen’s second, replacement godhead. 




By now, he was so stunned he couldn’t speak. The Chiyou Sword appeared by Gu Li’s side when it wasn’t supposed to and now Ye Zichen’s supposedly shattered godhead reformed itself? 


 These developments were already completely out of his control. This was completely contrary to the future he was familiar with.  


If things proceeded as they had in the past, after the seal merged with Ye Zichen’s body, his strength would grow to the Supreme level. Then, he’d go attack Gu Li, leaving him with heavy wounds…..




The path to the future had changed!


Gu Zichen didn’t know whether this would be for better or for worse. All he knew was since he hadn’t absorbed the power of the seal, Ye Zichen couldn’t possibly defeat Gu Li. 


Or maybe not.


If his godhead had truly reformed, it might be possible!


Gu Zichen controlled his surprise, then stared intently at the little golden sword. It was still greedily swallowing up the seal’s power.


The formerly dull sword grew brighter and more dazzling. Its two broken halves reconnected together. However, there was still a scar-like line where they’d once been separated.


Gu Zichen prayed inwardly, “fuse! Hurry up and fuse!” 


He could do nothing but pray. If the godhead didn’t fully recover, Ye Zichen had no hope of turning things around. 


“Hm?” Suddenly, Gu Zichen frowned. “He’s already gotten this far. To think you’d discover him now! You people really spared no effort!” 


He snorted, then rapidly formed a series of hand-seals. Soon, a protective bubble formed around Ye Zichen, shielding him. 


Then a smile tugged at his lips as he stared into the chaotic skies and said, “you want to make your move right in front of me? I’m afraid you’d need at least another ten thousand years of training to pull that off.”




Still seated, Gu Zichen suddenly disappeared from the chaotic region.  


Within the protective bubble, the sword floating above Ye Zichen’s head continued absorbing the seal’s power. As time passed, the blade grew brighter and brighter and the crack slowly shrunk. 


After a while…..


The floating seal gradually dimmed as its accumulated spiritual energy ran out. 


As it released its last drops of energy, the seal fell to the ground. Meanwhile, the little sword shook several times, then bored its way back into Ye Zichen’s forehead. 


However, the crack on its surface still hadn’t fully healed. 


The instant it entered his body, Ye Zichen opened his eyes. As he did, a beam of golden light shot out of them. 


That sort of deep, penetrating gaze was just like an emperor from ancient times and carried a sense of unquestionable authority.


Ye Zichen was silent for a while. Then he got up and retrieved the dull, empty seal from the ground.


Then he muttered under his breath, “greedy little guy.” 

Clearly, he was referring to the golden sword. He examined the seal a few times. “It seems you absorbed all its accumulated power. It no longer has any use whatsoever. Even so, it’s the symbol of the Master of the Three Realms. In the future, I can pass it on to my successor. I just hope whoever is next in line won’t blame me.” 


He shook his head and put the seal away, then examined his surroundings. “Where did Gu Zichen go? Isn’t this just delaying things even further?” 


He frowned, then sat atop Gu Zichen’s chair and began to meditate. He had to seize every available second to increase his spiritual power. 

An hour passed…..




Gu Zichen finally reappeared. His breathing was ragged and he looked exhausted. Then he looked over and saw Ye Zichen meditating in his chair. 


It was over. 


“You’re back,” said Ye Zichen, opening his eyes to gaze coldly at Gu Zichen. 


Then, he let out an enraged roar, “hurry up and send me back! Do you know how much time you’ve wasted?”


“......” Gu Zichen was briefly speechless. Then he asked, “did your godhead recover?” 


Ye Zichen glowered at him. “What does that have to do with you? You should know whether it recovered or not better than anyone. Come on, bro, you’ve delayed me for far too long already. If you keep going like this, we might as well just wait for the next Ye Zichen.” 


Gu Zichen frowned. He hadn’t seen the final result and had no idea whether it had recovered or not.


If it hadn’t, then…. 


But there was nothing else he could do for now. It was just as Ye Zichen said: if they waited any longer, they might as well just give up and wait for the next Ye Zichen. The future had already changed.  Who knows? This might be a chance to turn things around.


Gu Zichen no longer hesitated. “Alright, let’s go, then!” 


The future was already out of his control so he might as well leave things to Ye Zichen. 


After all, this was Ye Zichen’s world!

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