Chapter 897 - The Maddened Great Sage's Weak Point

Jiangchen reached out to stop Hanba and Houqing, his gaze fixed on Great Sage Sun. 


The Great Sage stared right back at them. His bloodshot eyes glowed with a terrifying light. The Zombie Progenitors gulped despite themselves. 


Fortunately, the giant ape simply looked them over, then turned away and ignored them, choosing to vent his fury on the blood zombie horde instead. 


Seeing this, Jiangchen sighed in relief. "Phew....." 


Hanba and Houqing did the same. Jiangchen frowned in response. "Hey, for better or worse, you each carry a third of my soul. Did the monkey really scare you that badly?" 


"But you're the main bod and you freaked out too," said Houqing, rolling his eyes at him.


"That's just because I was a bit tired from all that running," said Jiangchen without batting an eye. Houqing and Hanba simply rolled their eyes at his ridiculous excuse then ignored him.


Suddenly, Yinggou trudged over, his footsteps heavy. The others thought him thick-skinned and expected he'd say something foolishly arrogant but to their surprise.....


"This guy's pretty strong," said Yinggou. His expression was nothing like it had been before. Instead, he focused intently on the humongous ape. The Great Sage's body was so large, it blotted out the sun. 


"Just now, I caught him by surprise and hit him twice. I've always had a fair amount of confidence in my strength. It's completely possible that I could take out a human peak Sky Immortal expert in one punch. Even though beasts generally have stronger defenses, an early Sky Immortal level beast, too, would crumble in a single blow. However, when I hit him just now, he didn't react in the slightest. I barely even tickled him. Furthermore, his strength.... To tell the truth, even though I've always been proud of my strength, he's stronger by an enormous margin." 


No one expected Yinggou to provide such a detailed analysis. The other Zombie Progenitors looked at each other in shock, then frowned. 


Provoking such a response from Yinggou.... Exactly how strong was he? 


"But just now, I'm absolutely certain that I saw the blood zombies damage him," said Jiangchen. He himself had witnessed the zombies tear into the monkey's back. He didn't understand why the monkey hadn't become a zombie. Even so, his agonized howls were unmistakable. 


Seeing this, he'd assumed that the monkey's defenses hadn't changed much after his transformation. According to Yinggou, though, his defenses were astonishing. 


"Could it be that Yinggou attacked a spot with relatively strong defenses?" asked Houqing, who had always been the smartest of the bunch. " If we think of him as an ordinary beast, it's a given that his hands and feet would be relatively durable. But the rest of him, his back, abdomen, face, and eyes..... Nevermind the rest, eyes are a weak spot for any species. Even if he's transformed, that can't possibly have changed." 


"Houqing's right," nodded Hanba. 


Jiangchen nodded as well. The Zombie Progenitors' eyes were their weak points as well. 


"Let's do as Houqing suggests and attack his eyes. If we can damage them, we'll be halfway to victory. The pouring rain will work to our advantage!"


"Sounds good." 




The giant ape stomped once more. By now, who knew how many blood zombies had been crushed beneath his fur-covered feet? He was surrounded by a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. The smell of blood and gore permeated the air, stimulating both his and the Blood Zombies' bestial instincts. 




His gigantic hands crushed a group of zombies to pulp. Blood dripped from his fur as he tossed the flattened zombie to the ground.  It was then that he noticed Yinggou approaching from the side.




He stared at Yinggou. Hadn't he just sent that little ant flying? 




A fist slammed into his cheek. Yinggou didn't try for a second attack. Instead, he leaped to the ground and shook his rear tauntingly.


"Hey, monkey! Come and get me!"




Houqing was right; his face lacked a protective coat of fur and wasn't as durable as his leg. Yinggou's full-strength attack hurt. Worse, now Yinggou was taunting him!


To think a mere ant would dare provoke him!


The Great Sage didn't hesitate - he chased after him.


"It really worked," said Yinggou after seeing the giant ape following him. He turned and fled. 




The Great Sage ran after him. Although his enormous size meant his movements were somewhat slow, one step of his equaled more than a hundred of Yinggou's. Yinggou ran with all his might but even so, he sensed the giant tailing him drawing closer and closer. 




Yinggou's heart clenched in terror as the ground behind him shook. Before long, the monkey would catch up to him.....


He turned to look at an ancient tree. If he could make it in time, he might have a chance to turn things around. 


Almost there... almost there!


The instant he reached the tree, Yinggou roared, "attack!"




Hanba, Jiangchen, and Houqing had been lying in ambush. Now, they surged forward. They had only one goal: to blind the giant ape's eyes. 


The infuriated Great Sage noticed three little ants but paid them no heed. All he wanted was to crush the ant who dared cause him pain. 




They each had a clearly defined role. Houqing landed on the Great Sage’s neck. His hands sprouted sharp nails which pierced into monkey’s neck.




The Great Sage roared and chased after Houqing. He clawed at him, but then…. 


“Go blind!” 


Suddenly, Jiangchen seized the chance to dig his sharp nails into the Great Sage’s left eye.




Unable to bear the pain, the Great Sage leaped up and roared. He reached up and sent Jiangchen flying. Hanba, who was just about to blind his right eye, was sent flying as well. 




He let out roar after roar as blood dripped from his wounded eye. 






His fur had turned completely blood-red. His breathing was ragged, each breath stirring up fierce winds. At the same time, he shook his neck, sending Houqing flying as well. 


“Ungh!” Each of the three zombies couldn’t help but groan. What really caused them to despair wasn’t the pain, though, but rather the way the world around them grew dark as the Great Sage stood over them and raised his foot.


“Hmm? It seems I got here just in time!” Suddenly, they heard laughter from above. Before long, they saw Gu Li grinning.


He looked at the maddened Great Sage…..


“Those are my subordinates. A beast like you’d better not touch them.” 


He threw a punch, slamming the Great Sage into the ground!

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