Chapter 896 - A Berserk Giant


The Great Sage was completely berserk, seeming just like a rampaging giant as he crushed and tore the ant-like zombies to bits. 


Faced with his fury, even the Zombie Progenitors had to choice but to flee, scurrying away until they were out of range. 


“Where are they?” Su Yiyun scanned the sky intently. Suddenly, he stopped to stare intently at a spot in the clouds. His gaze was so intense, it seemed as if he would bore a hole right through the cloud. 


“Oh?” the youth in ornamental robes arched his brows playfully, then fixed his gaze on Su Yiyun. “He found us.” 




Suddenly, a ray of light shot towards them. The youth frowned sinisterly.  “He even dared attack us?” 


With that, he scowled and started to retaliate, only for the other youth to hold him back. He waved his hand, disintegrating Su Yiyun’s attack. 


“Don’t cause any trouble,” he said. “Our trip here is already in violation of my family’s rules.” 


“Your family rules are really a hassle,” snorted the youth in ornamental robes contemptuously. “Nevermind, I only came here for the monkey. No need to bother with that guy.” 

“I’m glad you feel that way.” The other youth knit his brows and nodded. Suddenly, the jade pendant on his waist lit up. 


“Little Sister.” 


He held the pendant in his hands.  


“Third Brother, where are you?” 


“I’m out drinking with some of my friends. What’s up?” asked the youth indifferently. 


“Drinking?” the voice transmitted through the pendant seemed somewhat suspicious. “Can you show me where you’re drinking?” 


“I feel as if that’s not quite appropriate. They’ve all drunk a lot and their clothes aren’t quite in order. You’ve never left the women’s quarters, so if you see this, it’ll damage your purity, especially since you’re getting engaged in just a few days…. How about this? I’ll head back now. If you have something to say, we can talk when I get back.” 




He returned the pendant to his waist, then turned to the other youth and said, “she’s already somewhat suspicious of us. We shouldn’t dilly-dally any longer. Let’s hurry back.” 


“No problem.” The youth in ornate robes shrugged, only to see that his companion had already turned to leave. His gaze fell upon the Great Sage. 


He flicked his finger, piercing a hole right through the rampaging Great Sage’s right leg. Blood spurted out of the wound. 




The giant ape knelt to the ground. 


The surrounding blood zombies watched him fall. Stimulated by the smell of fresh blood, they charged in without reservation. 


The sinister youth smirked contemptuously. “Hmph. You think you can steal my woman? Who the hell do you think you are?”  


“Let’s go,” called the other youth from up ahead. The ornamented youth sneered at the Great Sage once more, then hurried after his companion. They disappeared in a flash of light. Shortly after, Lin Ru appeared in their former location. 


“Dammit!” Su Yiyun’s face was grave. He’d located them successfully. As expected, they’d been hiding deep within the clouds. Even so, there was nothing he could do against them.


The Great Sage’s leg was grievously injured, but Black Dragon was still nearby. If Su Yiyun tried to help him, he’d inevitably be discovered. 


“For now, you’ve got to fend for yourself,” muttered Su Yiyun. Then he looked away and closed his eyes in concentration.


He had to preserve his strength. Who knows? Before long, he might be needed.


Within the blood zombie horde...


The Great Sage’s sudden injury knocked him to the ground. The pain in his leg was so great, he roared in agony. The zombies charged at him, one after the other. In just a few breaths of time, his entire body was covered.




The zombies grinned ghoulishly, sticky saliva dripping from their jaws. Their gaze shifted, then they….


Took a bite. 




The Great Sage let out an enraged, agonized roar. Eyes bloodshot, he stood, shaking himself free of the zombies. Tufts of his fur stuck in the scattered zombies' mouths and their teeth dripped with his flesh blood. 


“Roar…,” he roared again, then glowered hatefully at the ant-like zombies. 


When he saw this, Jiangchen couldn’t help but arch his brows. “Here’s our chance.” 


The other Zombie Progenitors gathered by his side as he continued, “the monkey has gone mad and has no rationality to speak of. Everything he does is bestial and instinctive. His strength increased manifold after his transformation, but it’s clear from his past exchange with the zombies that his defense hasn’t changed much. Although I’m not sure what happened to his leg, his injury is an opportunity for us.”


“Boss, what should we do?”  said the gaunt, emaciated Houqing. 


“Isn’t it obvious? We’re going to kill him,” said Yinggou viciously.


“Should we get the demons to help?” asked Hanba. She knew that both sides had agreed to cooperate.


“Them?” Jiangchen snorted coldly. “They’d love nothing more than for that monkey to wipe us out. Do you really want them to help us? Our alliance is in name only; when it comes to our own benefits, our agreement is worthless.”


“Then we….”


“What else can we do? Let’s just attack directly,” said Yinggou, clearly not in the mood to discuss the matter any further. Then he turned and charged at the Great Sage.


“Yinggou!” Jiangchen roared, but Houqing waved it off. 


“Let him be,” said Houqing. “That’s just how he is. He’s admittedly not too bright, but he’s strong and has keen battle instincts. He’ll be fine. Go on then. What’s your plan?” 


“.....” Jiangchen’s face for a while before continuing. “Actually, I don’t have any particular plan in mind. He transformed so recently, I haven’t gotten a sense of his abilities yet. Even so, we can’t let things go on like this. Let’s go, we can learn more as we attack.”


The other Zombie Progenitors bumped fists. “Let’s do this.” 


Meanwhile, Yinggou had already snuck up behind the Great Sage. 


“Hey, big guy. Take my fist!”



He slammed his fist into the Great Sage’s shin. Even a sky immortal would’ve shattered into bits under the force of this blow, but it didn’t affect the Great Sage at all.  


The Great Sage barely noticed; he kept on chasing Blood Zombies. 

Yinggou frowned. “Don’t look down on others.” 




Yinggou punched him again. 


However, this time, his fist drew the Great Sage’s attention. The giant ape turned slowly to look at him. His eyes alone were bigger than Yinggou’s head. 


“Come on then!” shouted Yinggou, his eyes alight with desire for battle, only to see the Great Sage squat.




A powerful breath of air shot of his nostrils, practically sending him flying. Then he reached out and flicked his fingers.




Yinggou was unable to resist in the slightest as he was sent flying. Seeing this, Jiangchen came to a sudden stop.


“Change of plans!” 

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