Chapter 890 - The Enraged Great Sage



It was as if some cut a hole into the sky - rain poured down in buckets.


The dense wall of ink-dark clouds rumbled with thunder as it bore down on people below. 


Then, directly below the mass of storm-clouds…..


“Is that Great Sage Sun?” 


The Beast Region experts watched in astonishment. The weakest of them was still a peak Sky Immortal, yet facing the Great Sage’s newly unleashed power, they felt as if they might be sent flying at any moment. 


The demon horde and Zombie Progenitors also noticed that something strange was happening. 


The Great Sage glowed with golden light like a god descended to Earth, then glowered coldly at Hanba. 


“It was you?”


His tone was cold and utterly emotionless. He waved his staff about, stirring up gust after gust of terrifying wind…….


No, it was more than just wind. 


As he waved his Jingu Bang, he also released wave after wave of energy.




Ancient trees snapped in two and massive boulders crumbled into dust. All of this, simply due to him waving his weapon. 


“Monkey.” Hanba’s felt a sudden chill. She didn’t know why, but his current state somewhat intimidated her. 


“You’re the one who hurt my third brother, aren’t you?”




Suddenly, Hanba let out a resonant shriek. Before long, a horde of blood zombies responded to her call and rushed over. 


Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of zombies gathered before the Great Sage. 


“Bite him to death!” Hanba roared in that cutesy voice of hers, feeling increasingly nervous. When she first noticed the Great Sage’s golden eyes, terror rose up inside her, becoming more intense with each passing second


She retreated, moving further and further back. She didn’t feel safe until there were tens of thousands of zombies between them.


Jaws wide, the zombies lunged at the Great Sage without any hesitation. Suddenly, the Great Sage, still bathed in golden light, stopped waving his staff. 


“I asked you a question. Why are you trying to run? Do you want me to come closer and ask more directly?” 


The Great Sage’s tone was shockingly formal. He tended to speak in an extremely casual way, so for him to speak so formally all of a sudden…..


He had to be truly furious!


His golden eyes narrowed as he raised his staff into the air.  “Then I’ll get closer and ask again.”


One step…..


Then another.


The Great Sage slowly advanced, his Ruyi Jingu Bang dragging against the ground, cutting a long gash into the earth. 


Curiously, the pit also emitted golden light. 


No, golden flames. 


The golden flames burned so intensely, not even the torrential rain could extinguish them


The zombies ambled over, but when they got within a few meters of the Great Sage, their emotionless faces twisted, becoming savage and hideous…..


Then they all charged. 


The Great Sake glanced at the blood zombies coldly. Before long, they started piling on top of him.


“Great Sage!” The Beast Region experts’ hearts trembled. 


Nearby, Hanba watched. Her lips twisted into a sneer. “So you were just acting tough!” 


These blood zombies were extremely bloodthirsty, comparable to man-eating ants. Since the monkey to let them get close, hmph, he’d soon be nothing but clean white bones. 


Eat him up!


Eat him alive! Then take his bones and crush them too!


Hanba muttered inwardly, her gaze fixed on the Great Sage as he was enveloped in a mass of zombies. 


Eat him!


Eat him!


Just as Hanba was busy muttering curses, golden light pierced through the pile of walking corpses. 


The light expanded. 




The zombies were sent flying. He stood there, completely unharmed, his body bathed in radiant golden light. 


Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.


He waved his staff emotionlessly, stirring up ear-splitting gusts of wind.




Their bodies dripped with blood.


As the zombies flew through the air, the winds sliced them to bits. Soon, pieces of their flesh fell to the ground. 


Blood mixed with the torrential downpour, showering the world below. 


Fresh blood stained the Great Sage’s face, dirtying his fur. Before long, the rain washed him clean. His fur was still pure gold, his face still utterly expressionless. 




Hanba froze, then a sinister light flashed through her eyes. “Bite him to death!” 


Zombies had no feelings or emotions, so they felt no fear. They wouldn’t shrink back in terror just because they’d seen what the Great Sage had done to their allies. They heeded her command, charging at him like moths to the flame…..








The Great Sage swung his staff freely. The zombies fell to pieces before the staff even touched them.




The Great Sage suddenly raised his head and gazed into the storm-clouds. The rain was wonderful; no matter how much blood stained his fur, the rain would soon cleanse him.


“It seems the heavens themselves are on my side. Truly excellent.” 


After muttering to himself, he withdrew his gaze. He ceased his slow, ambling gait, instead fixing both his gaze and spiritual awareness on Hanba. 




He charged like a beam of golden light. 


The onlookers saw nothing but a beam of light as the zombies guarding Hanba were sent flying.


Illusory staves filled the air. They flew at the zombies, slicing them into bits. 


  Fresh blood soaked into the earth, splattering all over the Great Sage, but everything was quickly swept away by rain. Before long, his fur was just as golden as before.


Bloody rain-water flowed in streams over the crowd’s feet….


“Is this… really the Great Sage?” 


The Beast Region experts were stunned despite themselves. They looked down at the bloody water, then back at the Great Sage fighting amongst the zombie horde.


The Great Sage was a stubborn fool, but he was no ruthless killer. Yes, he would periodically kill evildoers, but……


This was too much. 


“Be patient, I’ll be there soon.”


After slicing thousands of zombies to bits, then looked into the distance. Blood and gore splashed onto him, but he didn't seem to notice. 


He smiled calmly, then there was a burst of golden light. 




The light swept through them, chopping the foremost zombies in half. This was Hanba's last line of defense.


Tens of thousands of zombies instantly turned to ash!




Hanba's eyes brimmed over with terror. This was no mere act; tens of thousands of zombies perished. 


She scrambled backward, blood training from her face. 


The Great Sage watched coldly. He raised his staff high into the air, letting the rain wash it clean. Then he waved it, grasped it firmly, and....




A line of golden light cut off Hanba's escape route. Hanba sensed the threat and came to a stop.


Then she heard him say.....


“It was you, wasn’t it?”

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