Chapter 89 Reunion

Chapter 89 – Reunion

Su Yan sat in the front passenger seat. The phrase of “people relied on their clothes and horses relied on their saddles” applied to anyone.

Su Yan always dressed very casually in school.

For this reunion, she intentionally dressed herself up and put on a faint bit of makeup.

All of a sudden, the goddess was promoted to the level of an angel.

Actually, the reason she put on makeup wasn’t the reunion, it was purely for Ye Zichen.

Girls dress themselves up for the people they like.

She didn’t put too much importance on this reunion, she merely wanted Ye Zichen to pay more attention to her.

Fortunately, her wish had been granted.

From the moment Su Yan called out to Ye Zichen, his sights had been fixed on her visage.

Su Yan was very happy when she felt the gaze of the man beside her.

“What did my grandpa and you talk about, you guys started chatting the moment you came over.”

Su Yan tucked her hair behind her ear, causing Ye Zichen to swallow hard and laugh, “What else? He just said that he wanted to get a grandson quicker. Do you think that Old Man Su is implying that I should take you quickly?”

“Tsk, grandpa wouldn’t say that,” Su Yan snorted.

“You’re still not believing me? You, the granddaughter, should know what Old Man Su is like so much more than I, the grandson-in-law,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

“I’m going to ignore you,” Su Yan lowered her head with a blush then played with the corner of her clothes.

According to her understanding of Old Man Su, he might actually say something like that.

Could grandpa really have said that to Ye Zichen?


All of a sudden, Su Yan was beyond embarrassed.

The location of Su Yan’s reunion with her classmates was in a high-class business club. Apparently that Young Master Bai had booked the whole venue.

Ye Zichen looked at the cars parked outside.

There were several Audi and BMWs. There was even a Ferrari.

So these people were pretty rich.

Ye Zichen didn’t think that mockingly, it was sincere.

It was already considered very amazing for university students to own an Audi A or BMW X.

Ye Zichen randomly found a place to park, then noticed that his car was unusually eye-catching.

Ye Zichen silently commented that he shouldn’t listen to the shitty advice from Xiao Hai. At the same time, he walked over to Su Yan’s car door and opened it.

“Let’s go, my princess.”

At that moment, a lot of people were already standing within the club, the reunion was rather similar to a cocktail party. Everyone held a glass of red wine or champagne, while they chatted about some sort of high-end topic.

Plenty of these people brought male or female partners, while there were quite a few outstanding-looking girls within these female partners.

However, everyone inside instantly turned plain when Su Yan entered.

All the men in the club were awestruck by Su Yan, while the surrounding girls frowned in displeasure.

Her arrival had stolen all of the gazes they were enjoing.

“Oh, Su Yan came.”

A path opened within the crowd at the center of the room. Not long later, an extremely cute looking girl holding hands with an extremely honest looking young man ran towards Ye Zichen and Su Yan.

“Su Yan.”

At this moment, Su Yan also looked up, and her beautiful eyes were filled with joy.

“Lin Ru.”

The two girls instantly held hands and started chatting, leaving their male partners to the side.

Ye Zichen and the young man looked at each other with an awkward smile, then he walked in front of the young man and stretched out his hand with a smile, “Ye Zichen.”

The young man politely wiped his hands with a handkerchief when he saw Ye Zichen reach out his hand, then shook it.

“Wu Haoyu.

After the two introduced themselves, Ye Zichen immediately used his natural talent for getting familiar with people and put his arm on the other person’s shoulder.

“That’s your girlfriend?”

“Kind of, I’m still pursuing her,” Wu Haoyu scratched his head honestly. At that moment, Su Yan and Lin Ru suddenly thought of their male partners, but when they saw the two men, they couldn’t help but giggle.

“The two of them sure know how to get along.”

Lin Ru giggled. When she noticed the way Su Yan looked towards Ye Zichen, she raised her hand and tickled Su Yan with a naughty smile, “Susu, that’s your boyfriend, right?”

“Mhmm,” Su Yan blushed.

Lin Ru immediately showed an expression of shock, “Wow, the school beauty actually found a boyfriend!”

Su Yan didn’t continue down that topic trail. She looked towards the young man beside Ye Zichen, “That one’s your boyfriend, right?”

Lin Ru blushed and pouted, “No way. That person’s such an idiot, I wouldn’t like someone like him.”

While she spoke, she waved her fist towards Wu Haoyu.

Coincidentally, Wu Haoyu also looked over. When Lin Ru saw him, he immediately honestly laughed and scratched his head.

“Look at him, he looks so dumb,” Lin Ru stomped her foot in anger.

Su Yan couldn’t help but giggle, “He’s rather suited to you.”

When the four of them got together again, Su Yan kept holding Ye Zichens’ arm like a little woman.

In contrast, on Lin Ru and Wu Haoyu’s side.

Wu Haoyu stayed right by Lin Ru’s side without daring to say anything, but his gaze never left her side.

“Su Yan, you came.”

A loud voice sounded out while Ye Zichen and co. chatted.

Ye Zichen and co. looked around and saw a young man in a suit with really waxed hair, walk towards them.

Gao Chang, who had invited Su Yan to the reunion the other day, was also by his side.

“Bai Yang, he’s still so disgusting,” Lin Ru twitched her mouth.

Meanwhile, Su Yan’s expression also turned dark.

“He’s that Young Master Bai?”

“Mmm, Su Yan confirmed."

“Su Yan, why didn’t you say anything when you came. I…”

Bai Yan’s smile instantly tensed when he saw Su Yan wrap her arms around Ye Zichen’s arm.

Lin Ru snickered, “Young Master Bai, what happened. Your expression seems terrible, do you need me to call an ambulance for you?”

Wu Haoyu pulled on Lin Ru, signaling her to save some face for him.

This caused Lin Ru to hide her mocking expression and stand beside Su Yan.

Ye Zichen merely looked at the changes on Bai Yan’s face without saying anything.

After a long time, Bai Yan calmed himself down, checked out Ye Zichen and reach out his hand in a look of disdain.

“Bai Yan, Su Yan’s pursuer.”

“Bai Yan, don’t say that.”

Su Yan was instantly annoyed. Ye Zichen patted her hands and reached his hand over with a nod.

“Aries[1]? Do the upper class introduce themselves with their horoscopes now? Hello, I’m Cancer, Su Yan’s current boyfriend. It seems like our horoscopes oppose each other quite a bit, no wonder we’re rivals in love.”


Lin Ru couldn’t hold it in and laughed again.

“Susu, your boyfriend is so funny.”

  1. Bai Yan (白洋) is homophonic with Aries (白羊).

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