Chapter 889 - True Fury

He could no longer recall the specific time; the memory was simply too distant. The details had faded. 


He only vaguely remembered that when he’d first emerged from the rocks that birthed him and he felt endless loneliness…..


He’d encountered Yuan Hong and the others.


“How about we become sworn brothers?”


It was Yuan Hong’s idea. At the time, he wasn’t an awe-inspiring figure yet. He was still youthful and hadn’t even learned to take on human form.


The other spiritual monkeys thought it over, then agreed. 


They were simply far too lonely. Gaining a couple of brothers didn’t sound so bad. At the time, the Great Sage felt the same away, so he agreed as well.


After countless years of cultivation, their hierarchy was determined purely by strength.


The Great Sage, the strongest, became the eldest brother and the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey became the second brother. In truth, Yuan Hong was the weakest of the group, but after spouting a whole bunch of bullshit, he managed to persuade Big Sister Six-eared Macaque to replace him as their youngest sibling. 


Just like that, they became like family. 


At first, the Great Sage was still unsociable and struggled with speech. Although he was lonely, he longed for the peace of solitude. 


It was Yuan Hong who trailed after him, chattering nonstop. It was really irritating, but the Great Sage found he didn’t really mind.


Gradually, as time passed, Yuan Hong’s warmth melted his heart. 


The Great Sage became less solitary and less eccentric. 


As before, the specific date was lost to memory, but once, Yuan Hong ran over excitedly shouting, “Big Bro, look! I took on human form!”


He’d always been crafty, yet after taking human form, he became tall and stalwart. 


In the past, his siblings had joked that, after taking on human form, he’d definitely be cute but silly-looking. 


But his current form was completely different from what they'd expected.


“Why’d you take on this sort of shape? It doesn’t suit you,” the Great Sage laughed and shook his head. 


Yuan Hong scratched his head boyishly. “I thought the head of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, Su Liu’er, might prefer this sort of look. Bro, if I were to pursue her, do you think I'd have a shot?"


“You fell for the empress of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan? That sounds like something I might do!” The Great Sage teased him, then patted his shoulder. 


“No need to worry about whether you 'have a shot.'  There are no cowards on our Mount Huaguo. Now go, let everyone in the Beast Region know that she’s your woman! If anyone else dares pursue her, pick up your staff and whack him. If you can’t beat him, come back and find me. I’ll help you get revenge!"


“Will that work?” worried Yuan Hong. 


“Why wouldn’t it? There won’t be any problems at all. But never mind all that, I’ve got to go out….."


“Are you looking for that woman?" Yuan Hong covered his mouth and laughed. "Bro, why not use the strategy you just taught me on her?"


“What the hell do you know?” 


He smacked Yuan Hong's head, then somersaulted away.


The Great Sage didn't actually expect Yuan Hong to follow his advice, but that's exactly what happened. 


He caused a huge commotion in the Beast Region. Su Liu'er had even led an attack on Mount Huaguo. The sworn brothers had to work together to calm things down. 


Even so, the Great Sage deeply understand Yuan Hong's feelings, so he sent out a message. Anyone who touched his little bro's woman would eat his staff!


Eventually, the Beast Region calmed down, and even Su Liu'er decided to simply ignore him.


“Bro, I love you.” 




The Great Sage was teaching the younger monkeys to use a staff when Yuan Hong, red-faced, suddenly leaned in and kissed him. His face glistened with saliva right in front of all those members of the younger generation.....






He kicked Yuan Hong to the neighboring mountain. The force of the blow carved a hole into the mountainside. Even so, Yuan Hong climbed out of the hole with a grin. 


"That rascal," laughed the Great Sage. He shook his head. He didn't know why he was so happy. Although they weren't related by blood, maybe this was an older brother's love for his younger siblings?






The Great Sage held a gourd of monkey wine, his face as red as a monkey's posterior. He hiccupped over and over again, his hands moving in accordance with the 'drunken fist'. 


Just as he was about to take another sip of wine, Yuan Hong snatched away the gourd. 


Gulp, gulp. 


"Here you go." 


The Great Sage's reached out to take it, his eyes glinting fiercely. Yuan Hong shrunk back but still passed it over.


The gourd was already empty.    


"You want a beating? Fine. Where's my staff?" 


"It's here." 


Yuan Hong smoothly passed him the Ruyi Jingu Bang. He'd carried it all the way here.


"You dare give it to me? Aren't you afraid I'll beat you to death?" roared the red-faced Great Sage.


"Bro, if it'll make you happy, just hit me," said Yuan Hong sincerely.


The Great Sage waved the staff, but in the end, set it down. 


"Damn kid."




He collapsed to the ground. Yuan Hong sized up the situation, then stealthily approached. 


"Did that big sister leave?" 


"Yup, she left. She said she'd wait for me in heaven, but when I finally got there.... I realized that she was talking about a different 'heaven.'" 


The Great Sage was clearly devastated. Suddenly, another gourd appeared in Yuan Hong's hands. 


"Have a drink?" 


The Great Sage didn't hesitate and poured it down his throat. Yuan Hong didn't stop him. He simply sat by his side.


At that moment, they became extremely close, and they stayed that way ever since. You could say that they spent their lives together, but now he.....


Su Liu'er. 


To save her. 


The Great Sage didn't blame her; he knew how important she was to Yuan Hong. If the woman he loved was in peril.....


The Great Sage would've given his all to save her, too. 


Even if it cost him his life.




He let out a burst of self-mocking laughter. Then, for some reason, the sky grew thick with clouds. Rain fell from above, cleansing his body. 


The Jingu Bang appeared in his hands. Su Liu'er was still weeping as she embraced Yuan Hong. 


The other major powers of the Beast Region stood nearby, expressions mournful. 


It even seemed like those vast rainclouds.... 


Were crying on his behalf. 


The two most important people in his life had left him!


The rain came out of nowhere. Perhaps the heavens sent him these clouds because they sensed his sorrow? 


"Ha!" He left out another burst of soft laughter, then swung his staff in a circle. 


Then he took a step forward. 




Ferocious waves rolled off him, his mighty spiritual power stirring up fierce winds. They were so intense, they sent a nearby boulder flying, shattering it....


Golden light enveloped his body, and his human shape gradually fading as he returned to monkey form.


Golden fur and golden eyes!


He waved about the Ruyi Jingu Bang repeatedly, stirring up winds, then....


Staff in hand, he pointed at someone. "Accompany my third brother to the grave!"

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