Chapter 887 - The Detestable Great Sage Sun

“Please send out the troops!” urged practically every immortal present, even some who’d previously sided with the Count of Wind.


Gu Li had pushed them too far. 


Killing all the immortals from the Heavenly Court, leaving just a single survivor to spread the word? 


This was blatantly disrespecting the Heavenly Court! They couldn’t possibly bear this sort of insult!


The North Pole Emperor didn’t think of himself as particularly hot-blooded, yet after hearing the minor immortal’s story, his body started shaking imperceptibly. Even if the others hadn’t exhorted him...


He had to send troops!


“God of Thunder, Heavenly King Li, Third Prince Nezha, Count of Wind, Lord of Rain…….”


“Yes, sir!” 


More than half of immortals present in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches stepped forward. 


“Each of you is to lead a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers to reinforce Maple City. As for Chiyou…. If possible, bring him back alive!”




The God of Thunder, Heavenly King Li, and Third Prince Nezha didn’t hesitate. They took their command medallions and went to prepare their soldiers. 


But the Count of Wind and Lord of Rain remained behind, frowning. “Emperor. If we proceed, the Heavenly Court’s defenses will be unacceptably weakened.”


“I’ve already made up my mind. We attack! If you object, you can give your command medallions to me. I’ll lead the troops personally!


From his expression, the Count of Wind and Lord of Rain knew he wouldn’t change his mind.


The sighed, then assented. “As you command.” 

It wasn’t just the Heavenly Court. Similar scenes played out in the Underworld and Immortal Region as well. They all reacted essentially the same way: they sent all their troops to reinforce Maple City. 


A three-way battle. 


To tell the truth, the Great Sage was having a great time. He held the Ruyi Jingu Bang in hand, smacking anyone he didn’t like the look of. If anyone chased him, he used his Body-freezing Technique, then speedily dashed away. 


“Take Ol’ Sun’s staff, you villains!” His staff suddenly crashed down. As soon as it landed, the Great Sage immediately dashed away. 


Although he was having a great time, that didn’t imply that the situation was optimistic. From the way the Great Sage fled after delivering a single blow, you could tell they were at a huge disadvantage. 


Why did he strike once, then flee?


It was because, with just his strength, he had no way to compete. All he could do was whack them once and run away.


He was able to pull it off, but the others weren’t so lucky. 


Although it was called a “three-way battle,” the demons and zombies seemed to have reached some sort of mutual understanding. They focused their efforts on attacking the warriors of the Three Realms. 


The armies of the Three Realms had sharply diminished, the plight of their strongest warriors indescribably wretched. 


In just the past few hours, the Three Realms had sent out three separate calls for reinforcements. This did not bode well for them. 




As the Great Sage frolicked, his staff collided with Hanba’s skull. 


“Damned monkey!” 


The instant his staff landed, a huge lump appeared on her head. Her face had been hideous from the start but now, combined with a head swollen just like the God of Longevity’s, she looked utterly ridiculous. 


“I want you dead!”


Hanba leaped into the air, then charged at him. When he saw someone chasing him, he grinned and bared his teeth. 




His staff landed another blow, taking Hanba by surprise and slamming her into the ground.


“Hey hey, take Ol’ Sun’s staff!” 




His staff struck yet another yet. 


“Argh! Damned monkey!” 


“Come and get me!”


The Great Sage stood on her head, shaking his booty. From time to time, he prodded her with his staff. Although he hadn’t done her any lasting harm, it was at least gross and humiliating. 


The Great Sage flew away on his magic cloud. Hanba gnashed her teeth hatefully, but there was nothing she could do; she couldn’t catch up to him. 


There’s no need to even discuss how gleeful this made the Great Sage. Even so, he wasn’t as relaxed as he appeared. 


The situation on the battlefield was dire!


He could provoke his enemies, mock them, make himself the sole target of their hatred, but at the end of the day, this wouldn’t defeat them. 


Whether it was the Zombie Progenitors or the Triumphant Black Dragon, no one present could handle them.


This was absolutely terrible news!


The Great Saint was currently messing with them, but that couldn’t go on forever. If they focused their efforts on the others….


The results were painful to even think about!


Even so, he couldn’t think of a solution. Those guys from the Heavenly Court were all off at some “struggle.” All he could do was drag things out as long as possible and wait for them to come back.


On that note….




His staff slammed down once more.




Hanba’s angry screech reverberated far and wide. The Great Saint shrunk back in response but nevertheless kept on shaking his rear. 


He put on an exaggerated, terrified expression, then…..


Hit her again!


“Damned Monkey, I’ll kill you!” 


Hanba was overcome with hatred. Sensing this, the Great Saint flew off on his cloud in search of his next target…..


“It can’t go on like this.” The head of the Tiangou Clan, Jail King, frowned. His clan had come later than the others, but even after only ten minutes or so on the battlefield, this was his conclusion. 


“Indeed. If things go on like this, we can’t hold out much longer,” frowned an elder of the Xuanwu Turtle Divine Beast Clan. “If we really can’t help Maple City, we’d best give up. There’s no advantage to staying here. Furthermore, our warriors are exhausted. We should retreat, then plan our counter-attack.” 


“I second the notion.” 


“I do too.” 


”So do I!”


After a short, crude debate, the experts of the Beast Region, including Su Liu’er, reached a consensus.


No, she didn’t want to retreat. Even so, under the circumstances, they had no other choice!




The forces of the Three Realms transmitted orders and the soldiers on the front lines started to withdraw. 


The Great Saint was still out whacking people with his staff. When he saw this, he was stunned. He hadn’t been involved in the deliberations. 


Yuan Hong sent him a transmission “Bro, we’re retreating.”


The Great Saint scratched his face, then stuck out his lips. “You go on, I’ll stay back and play with them a little longer.” 


With that, the Great Saint hefted his staff again. This time, his target was Yinggou.


Yuan Hong wasn’t worried; he knew full well how strong his bro was. He simply hurried back to Su Liu’er. Although Lin Ru had treated her wounds, she was still extremely weak. Yuan Hong didn’t dare leave her side.


“They’re trying to retreat!” 


“Don’t let them get away.”


Black Dragon and Jiangchen spoke at almost the same time. The Great Saint was busy looking for someone else to provoke when suddenly he realized: Yinggou and Hanba, who’d been chasing him this whole time, were no longer behind him….


Instead, they were heading towards….




Yuan Hong, who was on his way back to Su Liu’er’s side, saw that Hanba was closing in on Su Liu’er, but Su Liu’er still hadn’t realized she was in danger!

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