Chapter 886 - A Brazen Attack


Gu Li attacked!


Gu Zichen was no longer watching over the white space and the various major powers, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas had already left. There was no one left capable of threatening Gu Li. 


He specifically chose this moment to strike, seizing the instant they let down their guards. If these immortals left, it would be to his disadvantage.


Now was an absolutely perfect opportunity to reduce the enemy’s strength!




His hand pierced an immortal’s chest. This sudden act of violence filled the onlookers’ hearts with terror.


They desperately rushed towards the exit, practically falling over each other,but….


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Gu Li was like a wolf amongst sheep. He cut through the crowd, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in his wake.


Suddenly, someone called out. “Brothers, our spiritual power is back!” 


“Hmph, so what? You’ll all die anyway.” Gu Li cracked his neck, expression brimming over with contempt. 


Now that they knew they’d recovered their spiritual power, the immortals calmed down. Now that their strength was back….

What was there to be afraid of?


Their frantic terror gradually vanished. Soon, they looked at Gu Li with bloodshot eyes. 


Some of the murdered immortals had once been their dear friends. They chose to flee at first since they’d subconsciously assumed they had no spiritual power. As mere mortals, they couldn’t possibly fight back. 


But they were different now. 


“Not bad! Want revenge? Come on, then!” Gu Li beckoned contemptuously. The immortals frowned in response.


“Brothers…. Attack!” 


Fifteen minutes passed. 


Gu Li snapped a fleeing immortals neck. By now, he was already surrounded by a mountain of bloody corpses. 


Within seconds of attacking Gu Li, the immortals realized the vast gulf in their abilities. 


They wanted to flee, but couldn’t. 




Gu Li tossed the broken-necked immortal to the ground. Only three immortals remained alive.  Gu Li narrowed his eyes at them, then walked over…..


They collapsed to the ground in terror, then inched backwards. 


It’s worth repeating that most of the participants were here for the first time. They were comparatively inexperienced. The current situation had long since left them paralyzed with fear.


Suddenly, Gu Li spoke. “Don’t be nervous.” His body was drenched in blood and a smile tugged at his lips.


He licked his bloody fingers clean, then arched his brows. 


“How about I give you a chance? I’ll turn around and count to ten. While I’m counting, you can run. How far you get depends on you, though.”


With that, he really did turn around.






The terrified trio looked at each other. After a moment’s hesitation….


They ran.


They activated their spiritual power and fled with all their might. Meanwhile, Gu Li just kept on counting, ignoring them completely.






“They’re already gone.”


Suddenly, a man appeared by Gu Li’s side, then looked at him in confusion. “Why did you intentionally let them get away?” 


Gu Li turned around and watched the immortals scamper into the distance. He clearly had no plans to pursue them. “Isn’t it rather interesting? I’ll let them go back and spread the word. That’ll surely piss those old bastards off.” 


“Is deliberately provoking them really to our advantage?”


“Who knows?” Gu Li shrugged as if it didn’t matter in the slightest. “I simply thought it would be more interesting this way.” 


Then he looked at the man curiously. “How are things going over there? Are they obediently carrying out my orders?”


“You thoroughly deceived them,” said the man. “The Zombie Progenitors brought an army with them. By chance, they collided with the demon horde and the armies of the Three Realms. By now, all three sides are locked in a furious, non-stop battle.” 


“A free-for-all?” Gu Li narrowed his eyes like a poisonous snake, then grinned. “It’s best if it’s a little chaotic. Come on then, we should head over as well and shake things up some more.” 


The Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.


After returning to the Heavenly Court, the North Pole Emperor immediately called a meeting at the palace. 


“The Demons are attacking. Our Heavenly Court can no longer watch from the sidelines. In truth, Emperor Ye should be the one to deal with this, but he isn’t here right now. Everyone, how do you think we should handle this?”


“Send out the troops!” The God of Thunder didn’t hesitate. “The situation out there is extremely dangerous. There aren’t just demons; those blasted blood zombies are there too! The Beast Region has already stepped in; our Heavenly Court should do the same.”


“I disagree.”A white-whiskered elder stepped forth. “In my opinion, the Heavenly Court should bide its time. The main battlefield is on the outskirts of the Immortal Region. This is the Immortal Region’s problem, not ours. Recklessly sending out troops will only weaken us.”


“Count of Wind, you’re thinking of your own interests even at a time like this?” roared the God of Thunder.


“Hmph, your devotion to righteousness is inspiring, but there’s no guarantee the other two realms would be so magnanimous. As the old saying goes, ‘refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you.’” 


“I agree with the God of Thunder.” 


“I agree with the Count of Wind.” 


The immortals started taking sides. The North Pole Emperor frowned deeply. In truth, both groups had valid points. As their commander, he had to carefully consider the matter. 




Suddenly, a blood-soaked minor immortal appeared at the palace gates. The instant he reached the palace, he crumpled to the ground as if all the strength drained out of him. 


“Who is it? Don’t they know we’re having a meeting? Bring him here!” chastised the Count of Wind. 


“Count of Wind, are you sick in the head?” roared the God of Thunder. “Can’t you see he’s covered in blood?”

Then he rushed to the immortal’s side. “Brother, what happened to you?”


“They’re dead! They’re all dead!” muttered the minor immortal.


“Who’s dead?” 


The God of Thunder frowned. If the demons were attacking the Heavenly Court, someone would surely have reported it by now. They’d received no such news; clearly they hadn’t been attacked.


“Everyone who participated in the Struggle is dead.”




The North Pole Emperor could no longer sit still.


Due to his overwhelming concern about the situation in the outside world, he left by himself the moment the struggle ended. When he got back, he immediately called a meeting; he’d never once considered the immortals he’d left behind. 


He approached the wounded immortal and frowned. “You’re saying everyone who went to the Struggle died? How the hell did that happen?”


“It was Chiyou.” 


The minor immortal feebly recounted everything that had happened. 




“He’s gone too far!” The God of Thunder bellowed in fury, then turned to the North Pole Emperor and cupped his hands respectfully.


“Emperor, please send out the troops!” 

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Kneecapybara's Thoughts

I gotta say, this whole mess seems like it should've been really... avoidable. I mean, come on man, what did you think would happen if they left them behind with a known psychopath?