Chapter 881 - A Tie

“Big Brother, are you really planning on working with these undead freaks?” 


Zhao Ziming stood behind the battlefield and watched the mindless zombie horde. He couldn’t help but gulp nervously. What even were these things? In the past, you could only see stuff like this on television!


And now he was expected to join forces with these monsters? He was afraid they’d turn around and bite him!


Zhao Zizhao stood by his side, hands grasping a jade slip. His smile was sinister as he gave the zombies a non-stop stream of commands.


He simply smiled tightly in response to Zhao Ziming’s nervousness. “That’s right, we’ll be cooperating with them.”


“No way! Working with zombies?” Zhao Ziming was so surprised, he almost bit his tongue. He was careful to avoid the surrounding zombies.  “Why do I feel like this is even worse than collaborating with demons? At least they were alive!”




Zhao Zizhao simultaneously arranged his troops and scolded Zhao Ziming. “Don’t you remember our goal? There is no longer any place left for us in the Three Realms. The demons are wild with ambition; I don’t believe they’ll keep their promises. If we work with the zombies and have all three groups fight amongst each other, we can just sit back and reap the rewards. Isn’t that best?” 


“But… will we really be able to profit from their conflict?” 


“Do you see what I have in my hand?” He shook the jade slip. “So long as I have this, the zombies will obey my every word. We have tens of thousands of zombies under our control. Given all that, how could we fail to reap the benefits?”


“Is that a command medallion?”


“Something like that,” said Zhao Zizhao, examining the jade slip. “Don’t overthink things. Just sit back and watch the show.”




The sound of arrogant laughter emanated from above.


In response, Black Dragon’s scaly face shifted and the Great Sage blinked up at the sky.


He activated his Fiery Eyes of Truth.


A beam of golden line burst out of his eyes. As it hit the misty clouds, they grew clear and bright, revealing the four Zombie Progenitors. 


“It’s them.” The Great Sage’s expression grew serious for the first time. He knew how powerful they were. Even though he’d achieved some enlightenment lately, there was no guarantee that he could handle those guys. 


The others from the Beast Region were equally grim. 


As for Black Dragon, the moment he saw the four Zombie Progenitors, his facial muscles twitched violently.


It was them...


It was their fault the demons no longer had a home to return to. The Demon Sovereigns’ eyes reddened with fury.


Suddenly, Li Min’e, who’d been in back looking after Su Yi Yun, hurried over.


When she saw the Zombie Progenitors she was struck dumb. She couldn’t help but recall her dear friend Hua Kui’s death. 


Her body trembled slightly. Then she took a deep breath and approached Black Dragon. “Su Yiyun sent me to tell you that the Zhao brothers disappeared.” 




Black Dragon’s expression was terrifyingly dark. How dare those two mortals pull this sort of trick?


“Gu Li, I’m surprised you dared come here.” 


Black Dragon roared out in fury. No, he hadn’t actually seen Gu Li, but Black Dragon knew full well that he was connected to the Zombie Progenitors.


“Boss Gu Li still has some business to take care of; he couldn’t be here,” laughed the hideously ugly Hanba in her cutesy voice. Then she arched her brows. “But he did order us to kill every last one of you.” 


“Great!” said Black Dragon. “What perfect timing; I was planning to go looking for you after settling things here. Now you’ve come here to throw your lives away. That saves me some trouble.” 


Then his expression darkened as he snorted, “kill them!”


Instantly, all three sides charged into battle!




“In order to ensure that everything is fair, impartial, and open, I’ve decided to directly display the results of the election for everyone to see.” Gu Zichen smiled as a heavy curtain appeared right before their eyes.


The election results were displayed on its surface.


Almost everyone present fixed their eyes upon it. They soon noticed that almost thirty people had abstained and furthermore, that lots of minor immortals only got one vote each.


It was immediately obvious that they’d simply written their own names on their ballots. To be fair, there hadn’t been any rule against voting for yourself. 


The seated major powers looked over in great interest as well. Even though most of them didn’t care too much about getting elected, this was about the next Master of the Three Realms! Of course they paid attention. 


It had to be said that the most nervous person there was the North Pole Emperor. The instant the results appeared, his eyes widened as he carefully searched for his own name and vote count, trying to calculate his ranking. 


In comparison, there were two people within the crowd on the opposite extreme. 


Ye Zichen and Gu Li. 


From the start, neither of them paid any attention to the list. Gu Li was fixated on Ye ZIchen, while Ye Zichen’s head was lowered. No one knew what he was thinking. 


“Where exactly is it?” The North Pole Emperor muttered repeatedly to himself as he frantically scanned the list. Finally, he found his name right in the center.


North Pole Emperor, 27 votes.” 




If he wasn’t mistaken, he’d yet to see anyone who surpassed 27 votes.


Could it be…..


When his thoughts reached this point, he hurriedly continued down the list. 


“I wouldn’t have thought I’d get ten whole votes.” 


Everyone present, even those who didn’t care much about the results, naturally paid attention to their own scores. Fuxi was no exception. When he saw that he’d only gotten ten votes, he knew he could kiss the position of Master of the Three Realms goodbye. 


Earlier, he’d seen that the Flame Emperor got 15 votes. 


Suddenly, the Flame Emperor pointed at the list.


“Everyone, look!” he called out. The other major powers glanced over at the designated spot.


“A tie!” One of the immortals below the platform called out. Everyone else turned to look.


The Yellow Emperor, 28 votes.


Chiyou, 28 votes. 


“How could that have happened? Also, it seems that they’re both tied for first place?” 


“The highest scorers are tied. What do we do now?” 


“Hey, did you notice? The North Pole Emperor got 27 votes. He’s only one vote off. How pitiful!”


“You still haven’t noticed the most important part,” said an elderly immortal. “Didn’t you notice? The top scorers are the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou. Our Emperor Ye is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, but who is Chiyou? Also, haven’t any of you questioned how Chiyou managed to snag a full 28 votes?” 

“Yellow Emperor, Chiyou.” The major powers frowned. Meanwhile, the North Pole Emperor saw their scores. 


To tell the truth, he’d scanned the entire list and hadn’t seen anyone with more than 27 votes. The highest was the Flame Emperor at 15.


The North Pole Emperor naturally assumed he’d become the next Master of the Three Realms. 


But the last two names on the list…..


  28 votes!


The greater your hope, the greater your disappointment!


He sighed dejectedly, then suddenly noticed…..




“Hey, I’m surprised to see that I got so many votes!” Gu Li narrowed his eyes as he stepped out of the crowd, expression flippant. “But you really crossed the line, telling everybody I’m Chiyou just like that. Doesn’t that put me in an awkward situation? More importantly, though… how should we deal with this tie?” 

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