Chapter 880 - Take my Staff!

A little too harsh?


As the full weight of these words sunk in, they stung sharply. 


The suppressed rage burning in their hearts instantly disappeared, replaced by a profound feeling of helplessness.


The elder of the Phoenix Clan had been a half-step Immortal King. Black Dragon instantly killed this sort of expert? 


Even if all of them attacked at once, they’d struggle to leave a single mark on Black Dragon’s body. 


“But you can’t blame it all on me,” said Black Dragon. He smiled playfully and arched his brows. “There are always people who foolishly overestimate their own strength and try to provoke me. Like that geezer just now and that pretty little lady over there, for instance.”


“I have to say, that pretty little thing is quite capable. She forced me to use seventy percent of my power.”


Seventy percent!


That hadn’t even been his full strength? 


After he said that, they no longer felt mere helplessness. Instead, they felt despair.


“Don’t look so down. Come on, brighten up! I like nothing more than watching you struggle on in despair. Hey, where did that little beauty go? Could it be that I punched her to bits? She was such a beauty, too. What a shame.” Black Dragon kept on jeering. He was thoroughly enjoying this feeling.


Utter bliss. 


The others were briefly stunned, then turned and looked behind them. 


Su Liu’er had been lying there earlier. They didn’t know when, but she really had disappeared. 


“I might have to disappoint you,” said a mocking voice from above. A gate manifested right before everyone’s eyes. Lin Ru walked out, supporting Su Liu’er. 


Su Liu’er’s face was white as paper and her breathing was extremely shallow.


Lin Ru wanted Su Liu’er to rest and recover inside, but Su Liu’er had insisted on returning. Unable to refuse her, she had no choice but to lead her back here.


“So you aren’t dead. That’s great news.” Black Dragon sneered playfully, then looked over Su Liu’er’s body. “Little beauty, do you have any interest in becoming my woman? If you do, I can guarantee your clan’s survival.”


“Hah…..” Su Liu’er laughed contemptuously.


“You seem to have rejected me,” said Black Dragon, feigning distress. Then his gaze fell on Lin Ru.


During his fight with Su Liu’er, he’d noticed Lin Ru watching from afar. Judging from her behavior, it seemed that she was most likely the Master of the Laws. 


That’s why he’d gone out of his way to avoid using spiritual energy and relied instead on pure physical strength. 


“It seems you’re the Master of the Laws here,” he said. “You aren’t supposed to get involved in these sorts of mortal trifles, right? Aren’t you breaking the Laws a bit?”


“Shut up!” Lin Ru frowned at Black Dragon, her expression grim.


He found a loophole. 


This jerk found a gap in the Laws, so there was nothing she could do.


It was so frustrating!


“Tch, the Master of the Laws is angry. Could it be that you’re going to attack me? But I haven’t once used spiritual energy past the Immortal King level. 


“Hm?” Lin Ru narrowed her eyes. “Are you trying to provoke me?”


“Oh no, I wouldn’t dare.” Black Dragon hurriedly waved his hands. “How could this humble one dare provoke you, the glorious Master of the Laws? You embody the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Isn’t provoking you tantamount to seeking death? That said…. So long as I haven’t violated the Laws, what can you even do?” 


With that, Black Dragon’s expression darkened. “You enforce the rules, so you’d better follow them. Don’t get involved. I tried being polite, but manners aside, what even are you?”




“Hmph, you just watch from the sidelines like a good little girl, Miss Master of the Laws.” 


Black Dragon waved contemptuously. Lin Ru clenched her fists but there was nothing she could do. Yes, she was Master of the Laws, a transcendent figure, yet….


Unless Black Dragon violated the rules, there was nothing she could do.


“Nevermind, I’m in no mood to waste time with you people. Do you want to kill yourselves, or should I do it for you?” After teasing Lin Ru, Black Dragon narrowed his eyes and looked over the crowd; in his eyes, they nothing but ants. 


Luo Wei and the others froze. 


“Hey, why aren’t you saying anything? Should I take your silence to mean you want me to do if for you? That’s fine, that’s the more honorable way to do things anyway.” Black Dragon nodded slightly, then slowly raised his hand. 


The warriors of Maple City prepared for battle. Even if they were no match for Black Dragon, they wanted to at least try. 


“Come on, then!” 


Just as Black Dragon spoke, an angry roar cut through the sky. “Take my staff!” 


Before long, countless illusory staves filled the sky above Black Dragon’s head.    


“The Great Sage!”


The experts of the Beast Region had prepared themselves to accept death, but now the light in their eyes suddenly rekindled. 


The Great Sage, Sun Wukong!


No matter whether it was the Heavenly Court or the Immortal Region, he was the undisputed number one war god! 


His appearance was like the light of the sun rising over an abyss.


“Hmph.”  Black Dragon frowned. His scaly arms lashed out at the incoming illusory staves.


The Great Sage’s staves contained enormous force as they slammed into Black Dragon. The blow was so intense, the very ground beneath his feet cracked and split.  




Fierce winds mingled with the dirt as the Beast Region experts hurriedly placed a barrier.


“Da da da da da da…..” 


His staff, the Ruyi Jingu Bang, grew thicker and thicker as it slammed into Black Dragon, pushing his legs further and further into the earth.


The Demon Sovereigns saw what was happening, but before they could go to his aid…..


“Wither.” They suddenly heard a deep chanting as a wave of wilted flower petals rained down from above. 


The petals were dark as ink. As the Demon Sovereigns watched their descent, they felt a terrifying sense of crisis and hurriedly retreated. 


When the petals landed, they instantly corroded deep pits into the earth.


“Hundred Flowers Sect Master!” Luo Wei arched his brows. 


“Damned ants!” Black Dragon, who’d been pushed deep into the ground, suddenly roared, then forcefully pushed the staff away. 


“Hah…….” The Great Sage gasped as he felt Black Dragon’s might transmitted through the staff. He somersaulted back, joining Luo Wei and the others. At the same time, the Hundred Flowers Sect Master floated down.


Yuan Hong and Li Jiayi followed hot on his heels, leading a group of monkeys from Mount Huaguo and the disciples of the Hundred Flowers sect.  


They joined up.


“Liu’er.” Seeing her pallid appearance, Yuan Hong hurried to her side in concern.


Great Sage Sun and the Hundred Flowers Sect Master stood in front like two uncrossable mountains and faced the demons. 


“Two more have come seeking death. Fine, I’ll take you all on!” As he said this, dense demonic energy appeared around Black Dragon. 


The Great Sage blinked repeatedly and tightly clenched his staff. “Hey hey, your words are so sharp! Aren’t you afraid you’ll cut your tongue?”


Suddenly, they heard a shriek from behind the demon army.


“Not bad, just about everyone’s here. That actually saves me a lot of trouble.” 

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