Chapter 88 Ye Zichen? Gu Family?

Chapter 88 – Ye Zichen? Gu Family?

Su Family home, Bingcheng.

“Lil’ Ye, come and have a cup of tea.”

Old Man Su personally poured a glass of Da Hong Pao [1. An expensive type of tea.] for Ye Zichen, completely shocking Ye Zichen.

He quickly stood up and received the tea, “Old Man Su, don’t be so courteous.”

“Lil’ Ye, you’re this old man’s savior, it’s not much to pour you a glass of tea.”

Old Man Su revealed a slightly unhappy expression. No matter what, ever since Ye Zichen brought the old man from the brink of death, the old man’s health became much better and he looked a lot better than before.

His entire person seemed extremely energetic. Ye Zichen could tell from that the Peach of Immortality was truly a miraculous item.

I have to get a few more Peaches of Immortality from the Heavenly Court when I have the chance.

Ye Zichen thought to himself.

What was the most important thing for a person?

Their life!

This sort of thing that can increase how long a person has to live might be able to sell for an astronomical amount in the circle of rich people.

For people of their level, money was just a number.

They were definitely very willing to use a bunch of useless numbers to exchange for ten-odd or twenty years of life.

Of course, the requirement would be…

That they believe this thing can increase how long a person has to live.

“Lil’ Ye, you came here to find my granddaughter?” Old Man Su revealed a faint smile after Ye Zichen finished the cup of tea.

Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, “Su Yan said that there’s a reunion, and wanted me to go with her.”

“Is that so? It seems like you and my granddaughter are developing pretty well!” Old Man Su smiled and held his chin with his right hand. “I definitely support you being with my granddaughter. You have to work hard, there are plenty of people pursuing my granddaughter.”

Ye Zichen nodded after hearing that, but couldn’t help but muttering in his heart.

I already got your darling granddaughter.

The affability level of 500 on the marriage string won’t lie.

The lover relationship is confirmed.

So, we are lovers!

“Oh yeah, Old Man Su, I heard that you gave the Monkey Wine to someone else? I’ll give you another gourd.”

Old Man Su’s eyes immediately brightened after hearing that, causing him to push the Da Hong Pao on the table aside.

“Hurry, hurry.”

Ye Zichen signaled Old Man Su to not be so anxious, then withdrew a gourd of Monkey Wine from the Treasure Chest.


Ye ZIchen placed the gourd onto the table. Since Old Man Su had already known about how mysterious Ye Zichen was while he was in ghost form, Ye Zichen felt like there wasn’t anything to hide from him.

Old Man Su raised his eyebrows silently. Even though he had seen this before, he was still kind of shocked in his heart.

However, his attention was quickly diverted by the Monkey Wine.

He pulled open the cork and took a sip.

“After so long, this wine still feels the best to drink.”

Old Man Su leaned back on the chair, while the scent of the Monkey Wine spread through the entire courtyard.

Su Qihu followed the scent over and saw Old Man Su, who was drinking.

“Dad, why are you drinking again?”

However, his expression turned rather unnatural when he saw Ye Zichen, who sat opposite Old Man Su.

He truly didn’t think much of Ye Zichen in his heart.

Delinquent-like, ruffian-like and opportunistic.

Ye Zichen had all the characteristics that a loser would have.

He could not accept handing his darling daughter into the hands of this sort of person, but yet it was this person that he didn’t think much of…

When the old man was near-death, and when the experts he invited, and all the other doctors in the hospital were unable to save the old man.

It was him that stood up and saved Old Man Su.

He had also made a bet.

A bet for his daughter’s happiness.

All of a sudden, a hint of complexity appeared in the way Su Qihu looked at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen laughed and stood up.

“Uncle Su.”

Su Qihu clearly did not expect Ye Zichen to greet him. He revealed a rare forceful smile on his expressionless face as a sign of good will.

At the same time, Old Man Su also spoke up, “Stop watching me, okay? It’s not like the military region is not busy. What’s more, even if anything happens to me when I drink, isn’t Lil’ Ye here? Also, Lil’ Ye’s wine is truly different from normal wine.”

Oh yeah.

This wine is different from other wine.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Old Man Su might indeed be old, and his bodily functions did worsen, but he had the wine Ye Zichen gave him.

As long as Old Man Su drank his wine, then Old Man Su’s body would only get better with age.

Then why did Old Man Su suddenly enter the hospital, and caused the doctor to say that they couldn’t save him?

Most importantly, Old Man Su had told him to pass along a message to Su Qigu.

The light in Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed, while his heart turned sullen.

“Ye Zichen, let’s go.”

At that moment, Su Yan, who had gotten ready, stood outside the pavilion and waved to him.

Old Man Su smiled when he saw this, “Lil’ Ye, go.”

“Okay, Old Man Su, Uncle Su, I’ll be off.”

Su Qihu only sat down in Ye Zichen’s position when Ye Zichen and Su Yan disappeared from the courtyard and looked at Elder Su with a frown.

“Dad, you can’t really be trying to get Lil’ Yan and that brat together, right?”

“What’s so bad about that?” A light flashed across Old Man Su’s eyes. “Lil’ Ye saved my life. What’s more, Su Yan also likes Lil’ Ye a lot, isn’t it great for them to be together?”

“You say that, but…”

“I know what you want to say,” Old Man Su interrupted Su Qigu and sighed meaningfully. “Qihu, don’t you feel like Lil’ Ye is a lot like someone from a certain family?”

Su Qihu was stunned for a moment. A family that Old Man Su would mention was definitely someone from the capital…

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t think of which family a little poor kid like Ye Zichen could be related to.

“Heh, the Gu family,” Old Man Su scolded in disappointment when he saw Su Qihu not speak up.

“The Gu family,” Su Qihu, who was sitting, opened his eyes wide.

With his identity, there were very few things that could cause him to be surprised.

But the Gu family was not just a surprise.

It was a total shock.

“I told you very long ago that you have to learn to observe people. Say, after being in the military for so long, even though I never stuck a hand into your career, I’m still there, so they would still give me a bit of face. Then why are you still only a colonel now?”

Su Qihu remained silent.

He was indeed like Old Man Su had said, he didn’t deal with relationships that well.

He feels like just looking at the surface was fine. It was fine if he thought it was fine, if he thinks its not, then it’s not.

This caused him to offend quite a lot of people in the military. If it wasn’t for Old Man Su, he might not be able to retain his position of a colonel.

“Then you think that brat is someone from the Gu family?”

Su Qihu licked his dry lips and said after a long time.

The Gu family was definitely a powerful existence in the capital, and it was different from other renowned families.

It was very mysterious.

It was above any family in the capital.

“I’m only guessing, even if Lil’ Ye isn’t someone from the Gu family, I still support Lil’ Yan being with Lil’ Ye. Just don’t care about their matters in the future. The young people have their own ways of living.”

Old Man Su took another sip from the wine gourd, while Su Qihu couldn’t help but nod after remaining silent for a while.

He really didn’t think much of Ye Zichen, but there are some things that couldn’t help but improve his impression of Ye Zichen.

“I understand.”

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