Chapter 879 Defeat

An experiment. 


Anyone who heard what she’d just said would surely be astonished. Such a fierce attack, yet she was only testing the waters? 


Facing her attack just now, even a peak Sky Immortal would almost certainly perish.


Especially her “Three Feet of Ice.” Even Hanba, who was born of the primordial savage beast Denglong, had been helpless against it, yet now Su Liu’er called it a mere “experiment?” 


In that case, exactly how strong was she?


Even more unexpectedly, Black Dragon smiled despite his injuries. His hands, which dripped with blood, were suddenly enveloped in a dense purple smog. Before long, they fully recovered without leaving so much as a single scar behind.


“You really are an opponent worth taking seriously. I wouldn’t have guessed that the Three Realms possessed such a distinguished character. Given your strength, shouldn’t you have ascended to the higher realms long ago? Why are you still here?”


“That…..” Su Liu’er narrowed her eyes and laughed. “Why should I tell you?”


Black Dragon’s face suddenly froze, but he quickly got his emotions under control and nodded. “You’re right, there’s no need for you to tell me. That said, even if you were stronger than you already are, you have no choice but to kneel obediently before me.”



A powerful wave of energy rolled off him. Su Liu’er’s indifferent expression vanished instantly, replaced by a deep frown. The moment she sensed his aura, she knew that he was completely different from before. 


Lines of black scales climbed up his face, arms, and neck. 




He vanished. 


Black Dragon silently disappeared, but Su Liu’er knew he hadn’t really vanished. Instead, he’d…




Just as she raised her right hand to produce a wall of ice, Black Dragon lashed out with his fists. 


The wall cracked, then shattered. 


Earlier, he hadn’t disappeared at all. Rather, he’d just been so fast you couldn’t see him with the naked eye.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The sky rumbled incessantly. Looking up, all you could see was the light produced whenever their attacks collided; you couldn’t discern anything else. 




There was another rumble, then they both suddenly came to a stop. 


All of this happened in just a breath of time. Even so, Su Liu’er and Black Dragon had crossed blows no less than a hundred times.


Su Liu’er retreated, creating a distance between them. Her chest heaved. One look at her face and you could see she was utterly exhausted. 


Black Dragon was in no position to pursue her- he, too, was breathing raggedly. Even so, anyone who examined carefully would see that Black Dragon was in better shape


 “This is somewhat interesting.” Black Dragon’s curled his lips, then disappeared again. 


Su Liu’er was only about half recovered. Her pupils constricted. She gritted her teeth and went to meet the blow. Under the current circumstances, she couldn’t retreat; if she did, everyone present was doomed.


Rumble. Rumble. Rumble. 


Another series of deep rumbles cut through the sky, so intense even the surrounding mountains shook. 


After a brief but violent exchange, the two separated.


Su Liu’er’s exhaustion was even more obvious than before. She breathed rapidly, each breath ragged. A sheen of sweat covered her neck and forehead. Mist rose off her body as it evaporated. 


This kind of close, intense combat didn’t just tire her out physically. It also took a toll on her mental and spiritual energy. 


At first, she’d been on par with Black Dragon. However, in this past exchange, she’d found she could no longer quite keep up with his speed.


As for Black Dragon…..


His breathing had been ragged after their first combat, but this time, when Su Liu’er looked into his eyes, all she saw was excitement. 


He didn’t look tired at all. To the contrary, he was practically brimming over with excitement. 




Why was Black Dragon so excited? It was because of his infatuation with power. This was his first time actually using the strength he’d obtained by sacrificing so many of his clansmen, 


Since this power was so new and unfamiliar, it overloaded his body at first, leaving him exhausted. However, as they fought on, his body gradually adjusted to the strain and his movements naturally become smoother and more proficient. 


His eyes narrowed into slits as he watched Su Liu’er struggling to catch her breath.


She was a good opponent and also a very beautiful woman….


Even so, she had to die.




He disappeared.


Noticing that Black Dragon had vanished again, Su Liu’er forced herself to extend her spiritual awareness again.


“Behind me.” She rapidly placed a defensive wall of ice, but….




She was too slow. 


Black Dragon’s fist slammed into her back. 



She hacked up a spurt of fresh blood.


But she didn’t even have time to wipe her mouth clean. Instead, she hurriedly placed another ice wall, then dashed away. 


She kept increasing the distance between her and Black Dragon. By now, she already knew that she could no longer keep up with his speed.






As blow after blow rained down upon Su Liu’er, her injuries piled up.


Although he faced a beautiful woman, Black Dragon didn’t hold back in the slightest; he didn’t even give her time to catch her breath






Using all of his power, he slammed his fist into Su Liu’er’s chest. She coughed up blood, then collapsed to the ground as if she were a kite and someone had cut her strings.




Luo Wei and the masters of the Beast Domain all cried out in alarm. In a burst of energy, they pushed back their enemies and dashed to Su Liu’er’s side. 


 They caught her. 


A Beast Region expert hurriedly placed a medicinal pill into her mouth. The soldiers currently fighting the demons warriors assembled and hurried away from the front lines. 


The onlookers called out, “Empress, Empress…..” 


Meanwhile, Lin Ru hurried over.  “Let me take care of her.” 


 Pure spiritual energy poured into Su Liu’er’s body. In truth, Lin Ru had been watching their fight fright from the start. 


She could vaguely sense that Black Dragon’s power had definitely exceeded the Immortal King level, but…


This whole time, he’d only used the power of his physical body. 


If he didn’t use spiritual power exceeding the Immortal King level, she could do nothing but watch, no matter how tense she was. 


The Beast Region experts encircled Su Liu’er, each of them frowning as they watched her. She was still coughing up a constant stream of blood. Suddenly, they sensed someone descend from above.


“I already told you that I’m determined to take this territory. Cease your futile struggling. If you submit, I might very well spare your lives.” 

 Black Dragon’s smile was cruel, yet he had the capital to say all this. He’d already beaten the strongest of the bunch, Su Liu’er, so badly it was unclear whether or not she’d pull through. There was no one left to stop him. 


“Demon scum! Die!” The elder of the Phoenix Clan charged at him.


Black Dragon sneered contemptuously and flicked his finger. 




He pierced a hole right between the phoenix elder’s eyes.


Dead, in one blow.


Just one blow. 


Everyone on Su Liu’er’s side watched in utter astonishment.




The corners of Black Dragon’s lips curled upwards as he smiled apologetically.


“I’m sorry, that was a bit too harsh.” 

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