Chapter 878 - A Tentative Exchange of Blows

As Gu Zichen’s voice rang out within that pure white space, everyone instinctively tensed up. 


The results of this election would determine who became the Master of the Three Realms, yet they had never even considered why they were obeying Gu Zichen like this, nor why the selection method was so childish. 


All the seated major powers had a chance of being elected, although those of the Buddhist Domain looked completely indifferent. They obviously had little interest in the position. 


Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens wasn’t present, so the immortals from the Underworld were at a complete loss. Who should they choose? Ksitigarbha? That was no good; everyone from the Underworld knew he had absolutely no interest in such things. 


Some of the people from the Immortal Region felt the same way. Suiren had never particularly valued power or prestige. Fuxi had been to the God Realm, yet decided to return. The only one who was even somewhat concerned was the Flame Emperor, but compared to the North Pole Emperor….


Even he seemed ridiculously relaxed. 


The North Pole Emperor clutched his satin robes despite himself. He tried his best to control his expression, but from his constant nervous gulping, it was clear how much he cared about this election. 


He stared intently at Gu Zichen, all his nerves completely on edge. 


The only one who paid absolutely no attention to any of this was Ye Zichen. From the very start, he’d had no interest in the election. After voting, he simply returned to his chair and waited. 


By now, he didn’t care in the slightest who exactly became Lord of the Three Realms. All he wanted was for this to hurry up and end so he could get out of this place. 


There were far too many people he cared about in the outside world. He couldn’t help but worry.


For now, all he could do was silently pray that they’d get through this unharmed. 


“World of Ice and Snow!”


Feather-like flurries of snow drifted from above as Su Liu’er raised her hands into the air. 


Those peaceful, slow-moving flurries of snow instantly transformed into a ferocious blizzard. The wind howled, and before long, Black Dragon was covered in a dense layer of snow.


It wasn’t just him: his warriors all felt the rapid decrease in temperature as well. 


When they exhaled, their breath came out white.


It was bone-chillingly cold.


The frigid snowflakes covering Black Dragon’s body caused him piercing pain. He narrowed his eyes as his spiritual energy burst outward, scattering the accumulated snow.


”Not bad at all.” As he spoke, hot steam rose out of his body. As the vapor rose into the sky, he reached out and rubbed his purple lips. “Yet that’s all it is.” 




Su Liu’er snorted lightly, her red eyes glinting. Black Dragon saw her fingers tapping rhythmically in the air,  followed immediately by a sudden, unusual fluctuation.


Before long, the snowflakes formed a cyclone, then solidified into ice. 


The ice statue looked just like a roaring, reclining lion. The only difference between it and the real thing was that it lacked a certain charm. 




Su Liu’er suddenly pointed forward and two beams of blue light shot out of her fingers. The light landed on the lion’s eyes - this was her finishing touch. 




The lion formed of ice and snow shook its neck and roared. Su Liu’er called out simultaneously, “Icy Roar!”


The lion roared and charged. Black Dragon narrowed his eyes, a smile tugging at his lips. “You got the shape just right and even gave rise to a soul, not bad!”


Black Dragon was referring to Su Liu’er’s “Icy Roar.” After forming the lion’s body, she’d given it a soul. 


As for the resulting creature’s attack power, that all depended on the strength of the caster’s soul.


Just then, the lion lashed out with its claws. 


Black Dragon stepped aside, just barely dodging the blow. However, its paws stirred up cyclones as they passed, cutting bloody lines into Black Dragon’s face. 


He wiped his face clean, then licked his bloody fingers clean. 


In just that short time, Black Dragon had already ascertained that the roaring lion’s strength surpassed the Immortal King level. 


“It seems that I can’t play around any longer.” Black Dragon cracked his neck, then stretched lazily. 


“Roar!” The lion charged at him again, but this time Black Dragon didn’t retreat. Instead, he drew closer, dodging its attack then firmly grasping its paw. Then he forcefully tossed it into the air.




The lion couldn’t resist at all. It flew through the air, slammed into the mountainside, then crumbled into a pile of ice crystals. 


Black Dragon cocked his head at Su Liu’er. He said nothing, yet his eyes seemed to be saying, “is that all you have, pretty little girl?” 


He looked at her inquisitively only for her to smile back fearlessly. 


She had a back-up plan!


Nerves taut, he examined his surroundings intently, but nothing in the sky seemed at all threatening.




He looked down. 


His feet were already covered in a thin crust of ice.


“Three Feet of Ice.” 


Su Liu’er shouted daintily and the firm ice encasing Black Dragon’s feet rapidly spread up his body. His face was awash in panic, but despite his struggles, he soon became an ice statue.


She reached out and snapped her fingers.


The statue shattered into bits. 


Black Dragon fell to pieces right before Su Liu’er’s yes. The light reflected off the shards of shattered ice dazzled the eyes, then gradually dissipated. 


“You died because you talk too much.” A contemptuous smirk flashed across Su Liu’er’s face as her eyes and tail returned to their usual color. 


However, she didn’t seem particularly excited. She slowly turned and faced Luo Wei and the others, looking just as frigid as always, then…. walked towards them. 


One step. 


Two steps.


Three Steps. 


She suddenly turned around, her hands rapidly forming hand-seals. 


“Bone-chilling Ice!” An icy thorn suddenly shot out of the space about half a meter in front of her. It was covered in spikes so sharp, they were terrifying to even look at it. 


Purple blood flowed down its surface before it shattered into pieces. 


“Hmph.” Su Liu’er’s lips twitched into a confident smile. She narrowed her eyes, then retreated, creating a space of a few dozen meters between them. Before long, someone appeared in the exact spot the ice crystal had formed. 


Black Dragon.


He was supposed to be an ice statue, yet here he was. The thorn had pierced a hole in his hand, which now bled profusely.  


Black Dragon frowned. “How did you sense me?” 


“Could it possibly be so easy to take out the lord of the Demon Realm? Who would believe such a thing? I’m not too fond of Ye Zichen, but I can at least affirm his methods,” said Su Liu’er, expressing approval of him for the first time. 


Then her face darkened. “My experiment is now complete. In that case… shall we get serious?”

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