Chapter 876 - A Battle for the Future

Maple City. 


Gradually, reinforcements from part of Three Realms started pouring in. The demon soldiers floating in the sky landed to meet them. 


The battlefield was enormous. The sky within the surrounding million square miles was filled to the brim with cavalry, blotting out the sun.


As the leader of the demon race, Black Dragon stood at the front of the demon army. 


The Twelve Demon Sovereigns stood in a row directly behind him. They’d taken some losses before, but that didn’t imply there was no one within the demon race with sufficient strength to take over their positions. 


“I’m surprised. Has the Beast Region become the Three Realm’s lackey?” 


Black Dragon’s expression was grave. The situation had changed; the incoming Beast Region reinforcements were enough that he had to take them seriously. 


Even so, he didn’t fault Su Yiyun for delaying things. From his point of view, Su Yiyun had only their best interests in mind. 


Besides, he probably would have waited anyway. 




Faint, jeering laughter floated through the sky. It came from Su Liu’er, who was clad in blue, fur-lined robes. 


All of the demon elites had come. Although most of the higher-ups of the Three Realms had gone to participate in the Struggle, that didn’t impact a certain part of the Three Realms. 


The Beast Region. Their defenses were strong as ever. 


It wasn’t subordinate to any of the Three Realms, yet it was too powerful to overlook. Now, they had come to join the fray. 


Su Liu’er didn’t face Black Dragon on her own. Several highly-ranked figures from the various beast clans stood by her side.


“What? Am I wrong, pretty young lady?” Black Dragon smiled, but Su Liu’er just looked at him icily and said nothing. 


“Demon, stop talking nonsense.” Just then, Luo Wei, the city lord of Maple City, strode forth. He was clad in red armor, and his thick eyebrows frowned gravely as he pointed his sword at Black Dragon. “This is no place for you. If you retreat now, we can still spare your lives. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.” 


“Ha ha ha……” Black Dragon couldn’t help but laugh in response. 


“Do you think I called up all these troops just to play around with you?” 


“It seems you’ve forgotten your prior defeat,” chided Luo Wei darkly. 


“Failure is a natural part of warfare,” said Black Dragon. “Is there any need to bring that up here? 


After being reminded of their defeat, Black Dragon no longer smiled. “Given what you said earlier, I’ll say this in turn: if you lay down your weapons, I might be lenient with you.” 


“Insolent!” Before Luo Wei had a chance to speak, Su Liu’er raised a hand to cut him off. Beneath her pale blue eyelashes, her eyes were terrifyingly cold. 


Medusa could turn people to stone just by looking at them. The current Su Liu’er….


She was almost at that level. When she looked directly at you, it was as if you’d been sealed in ice. 


Seeing Su Liu’er step forth, black dragon arched his brows, expression frivolous. “Pretty little lady, do you have something to say?” 


“You really do talk too much.” 


Black Dragon picked at his nails and said noncommittally, “perhaps. I’ve always liked chatting with pretty girls. If we chatted alone for a bit, I might be even happier.”


“Oh really?” Su Liu’er narrowed her eyes at him. Suddenly, nine snow-white tails spread out behind her. 


Instantly, her eyes turned from black to red. Her snow-white tails were also dyed a bloody red. 


“But I dislike wasting words. 


With that, Su Liu’er no longer bothered talking to him. Without any hesitation, she rose high into the air. 


She pulled at the air in front of her and a layer of ink-dark clouds appeared above her. 


The surrounding temperature lowered rapidly. Sensing the change, Black Dragon couldn’t help but arch his brows. “You’re being awfully unfriendly.” 


With that, his face darkened. He turned and signaled to the Demon Sovereigns, whose expressions turned grim. 


Those by Luo Wei’s side were the same way, but they weren’t looking at Black Dragon, but rather the Twelve Demon Sovereigns.


Just before Su Liu’er arrived, she’d sent them a transmission.


Leave Black Dragon to her. 


Of those present, Su Liu’er could be considered the strongest, so none of them objected to her plan. 


Although lots of people had come from the Beast Regions, the elders remained behind to protect their respective clans. They worried that the demons would use unscrupulous methods and target their clans. To prevent this sort of problem from occurring, someone had to stay behind to protect them.


Even though Su Liu’er had come, she was only willing to do because Yin Shang had stayed behind to protect the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. 


As for why they hadn’t attacked in full force: the battlefield was so close to their territory that there was no need. Even if their initial assault was insufficient, they’d have plenty of time to send for more reinforcements. 


Furthermore, the more people they sent, the greater the losses they would sustain.


More people weren’t necessarily an advantage!


“It seems that this pretty little lady’s achievements in the ice arts are quite extraordinary,” said Black Dragon. “I’d like to experience them for myself!”




Black Dragon stepped fiercely into the sky. As his foot landed, the space below instantly exploded, transforming him into a beam of light that shot towards Su Liu’er. 


He used the force of the blow to propel himself forward! 


Su Liu’er and Black Dragon’s fight seemed to signify the start of the battle!




Luo Wei and the others charged forth, meeting them head on. The Demon Sovereigns understood that these were their opponents and charged forward without hesitation. 


It wasn’t just them. The soldiers to their rear received the same signal.




There was a series of deafening roars as the two armies collided. 


Clink! Clink! Clink!


The soldiers locked blades, and their killing intent reached the heavens. It seemed that the region outside Maple City had become the primary battleground for the fight against the demons. 


Within a million square miles, the two armies formed a dense mass. Their bodies were bathed in blood, but even when they found themselves covered in countless gashes, none of them retreated so much as a single step. 


At that moment, they all felt a strong sense of honor. Embracing their own sense of justice, they charged forth to find their own glory. 




A warrior of the Three Realms beheaded a demon, but before he could even catch his breath or win anyone’s approval, he was greeted by a demon’s spear piercing into his side. 


Eyes wide, he coughed up blood and fell to the ground with no one to mourn his death. 


Similar scenes played out repeatedly across the battlefield. Under such relentless slaughter, the air of the Immortal region changed. It was no longer clean and fresh.  


The smell of blood assaulted the nostrils and the air was stained red with blood. 


Even so, no one even considered retreating. The people of the Three Realms wanted to hold their territory and protect their futures. The soldiers of the Demon Race wanted to take their territory and create a future of their own.


They both had good reasons not to retreat. Both armies were overcome by killing intent. 


They each only had one goal in mind: to slaughter the enemy before them.


For the sake of….

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