Chapter 875 Provocation

Dense killing intent emanated from Gu Li’s body. Everyone who felt its touch trembled; it was obvious he truly intended to commit murder. 


Indeed, Gu Li was truly murderous. 


In this place, there was nothing for him to worry about. Those moralistic monks of the Buddhist Domain couldn’t access their normally all-powerful techniques. 


As for the major powers of the Underworld and Immortal Region, they had become nothing but mortals, so weak they couldn’t even truss a chicken. 


This space was wonderful! For Gu Li, this place was like paradise.


When enemies met, their hackles raised. 


Ye Zichen had been placid this whole time, but the instant he saw Gu Li, his emotions surged. When he sensed Gu Li’s murderous desires, he stepped forth. 


His murderous intent was no weaker than Gu Li’s. 


“This is no place for your squabbling.” 


The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, but just as they were about to draw their swords, Gu Zichen spoke. He glared at them, expression grave. “Behave yourselves.” 


A smile. 


Seeing his serious expression, Gu Li, who’d been just about to unleash an attack, grinned. His chilling murderous intent instantly vanished without a trace. 


The immortals couldn’t quite keep up with all these sudden changes. Gu Li’s expression was now placid and aloof as if he’d never intended to hurt anyone. 


Gu Li arched his brow and shrugged. “You still want to protect him even now? This doesn’t quite match what you said earlier. It seems you’ve decided to keep walking the same old failed path as before?”


You could tell from Gu Li’s words that he’d spoken with Gu Zichen before.


After a brief pause, Ye Zichen understood. When Gu Zichen discussed his choice back in his sea of consciousness, he’d assumed that Gu Li was his back-up plan, that Gu Zichen wouldn’t support him unless he’d abandoned Ye Zichen first. 


But now it seemed that he’d already prepared paths for both of them. Although this didn’t mean too much to Ye Zichen, he still felt somewhat strange about it. 


The other immortals were stunned; that guy actually knew this expert? 


Could it be that this expert Gu Li approved of Gu Li’s behavior? And that when the Buddha took him back to the Buddhist Domain only for him to reappear here now was all on his orders? 


The monks of the Buddhist Domain looked on as if nothing were out of the ordinary. The immortals gleaned nothing at all from their expressions. To them, this was all just one big riddle. 


“You failed countless times yet still insist on walking down that same path to inevitable failure. Do you really think that this Ye Zichen will be the one to turn things around?” Gu Li smiled inquisitively before jeering, “but that makes sense. At the end of the day, you’re still a collective. There’s nothing I can say. I never planned on taking advantage of your help anyway. To tell the truth, the moment you revealed your true identity, I internally rejected the idea.”


“Are you finished?” Gu Zichen arched his brows, his emotions unreadable. 


”Don’t talk to me like that. The heavens chose twin emperors. I’m the one who illuminated the Emperor Star. My existence is your opportunity to change the fate of the universe. You aren’t going to do anything to me.” 


Why hadn’t Gu Zichen immediately implemented his second plan? Rather, why hadn’t any of “them” ever walked down Gu Li’s path? 


The main reason was that Gu Li was too wildly arrogant. He always believed he had some trump card and others were helpless against him. The second biggest reason was that his thought process was intrinsically opposed to theirs.


Even facing this sort of provocation, Gu ZIchen wasn’t moved in the slightest. “Are you finished?” 


Gu Li shrugged unconcernedly, then cast his provocative gaze at Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen’s face brimmed over with distaste.


But when he looked back at Gu Zichen, his demeanor was just as cool as before. In terms of temperament, there was still a vast gulf between the two of them. 


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh. Sometimes he simply couldn’t control his emotions; they threw him into disarray. You could say Gu Zichen was a failure, but in many ways, he was far Ye Zichen’s superior. 


On the other hand, if he’d been through all that Gu ZIchen had, all those ups and downs, all those joys and sorrows, he would be the same way. It wasn’t even worth questioning. 


He shot a view veiled glances at Gu Zichen. When Gu Li realized Gu Zichen was ignoring all his attempts to provoke him, he frowned and lost interest. 


The immortals were still racking their brains trying to figure out how they were related. 


“I never said whose side I’d stand by. That hasn’t changed even now.” Gu Zichen had been quiet this whole time but suddenly spoke up. The immortals were completely baffled by this inscrutable declaration, but Gu Li and Ye Zichen understand exactly what he was trying to say. 


“Just say what you want,” Gu Li shrugged playfully. “This is your space; naturally, the rules are up to you. If you think voting is the fairest method, let’s vote. I have no objections, it’s just….”


Before he finished his sentence, he turned and looked curiously at Ye Zichen. 


“Let’s get the voting over with, then quickly give the victor the seal of the Master of the Three Realms. If we delay too long, I’m afraid that when Brother Zichen leaves….” 


Gu Li said no more. He simply laughed intermittently. 


Ye Zichen had picked up some hints from his words. He frowned at him, heart shaking. “What will happen when I leave? 


“Why would I tell you?” Gu Li cracked his neck, then smiled playfully. “We’re competitors. I don’t think there’s any need for me to share this sort of information with you.”


“Tell me!”


Shaking with fury, Ye Zichen’s imperial authority surfaced. Seeing his outraged look, Gu Li was internally gleeful. 


He loved watching his enemies on edge. If he said nothing, perhaps Ye Zichen might get so irritable, he’d ignore Gu Zichen and directly attack him.


It would be just wonderful if that happened. That said, although Gu Zichen said he wouldn’t intervene, Gu Li didn’t have too much faith in his words. 


This imperial fate was already his. It wasn’t urgent, so there was no harm in messing with Ye Zichen a little. 


Even if Gu Li pIssed him off or made him desperately nervous, Ye Zichen couldn’t leave. Didn’t watching Ye Zichen become frantic and anxious sound rather interesting? 


Thinking of his, Gu Li feigned terror and said, “don’t threaten me! I’m a bit cowardly and when I get nervous, I forget things.” 


“I said, tell me!” Ye ZIchen roared, so furious veins bulged on his forehead. 


By now, Gu Li had seen just about enough. “The situation in the Immortal Region isn’t looking good!” 

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