Chapter 874 - The Two Emperors Meet

The youth was clad in Buddhist robes, a string of sandalwood beads tied around his wrists. He smiled calmly and strode leisurely up to the voting booth. 


His hands clenched a strip of paper with a few marks on it. The name written on its surface was none other than Gu Li. He tossed it into the ballot box, then took a few steps back. His smile was pleasantly warm but slightly playful smile as he looked over at both Gu Zichen and Ye Zichen. 


The immortals were all surprised by the monk’s sudden appearance.


 “It’s him,” muttered Fuxi, brows tightly knit. 


The North Pole Emperor heard him and asked, “Brother Fuxi, do you know him?”


The Buddhist Domain was closest to the Heavenly Court, followed by the Underworld, but they practically never interacted with the Immortal Region. 


The North Pole Emperor was unsure of whether he’d seen this monk before, but it judging from Fuxi’s tone, it seemed that Fuxi knew him. 


“North Pole, take a good look and you’ll see who that is.” 


Fuxi watched the monk and said no more to the North Pole Emperor. Before long, his gaze fell onto the Amitabha Buddha.


“Buddha, shouldn’t you explain yourself?” asked Fuxi with a deep frown. 


Hearing his accusatory tone, the surrounding immortals’ eyes widened in shock. In the entire Three Realms, no one dared talk to the Buddha like that. 


Of course, that’s not counting knuckleheads like Yang Jian. He was still a hotheaded youth and would snipe and pick fights with anyone. 


But Fuxi was different. As the representative of the Immortal Region, he always handled matters with a strong sense of propriety. He must have a reason for suddenly saying such a thing. 


The Amitabha Buddha said nothing. The Flame Emperor evaluated the situation, saying, “Fuxi.” 


“Buddha, I have always held your Buddhist Domain in the highest regard. That’s why I let you take that boy and vicious beast back with you. So why has he reappeared here now? Shouldn’t you explain yourself?” 


Fuxi’s expression gradually darkened. What had the Great Strength Bodhisattva said as he took those criminals away?


He said they’d recite sutras for thirty Years.


But now it had only been a month. Just a month, and here he was. 


The bystanders were all completely baffled, but when the seated major powers examined the youth closely, confusion and disbelief flashed across their faces.


They’d all been present back then and knew exactly where this youth had come from. 


“Buddha.” Even the North Pole Emperor couldn’t help but press for an explanation. 


Suddenly, the monk turned around. “You mustn’t blame the Buddha. You perhaps don’t fully understand the Buddhist Domain,” he said, smiling at Fuxi and the others. “Before I went to the Buddhist Domain I had always wondered how those Buddhists could be so strong. Now I understand: time moves at a vastly different rate there. One day in the Buddhist Domain is a year in the Three Realms. I recited sutras for thirty years there, but only thirty days passed here.” 


The immortals were astonished. Not even the Heavenly Court, who had a comparatively deep relationship with the Buddhist Domain, had known about this. 


In the past, humans had a saying: one day in Heaven, a year on Earth.


But now Gu Li was telling them that one day in the Buddhist Realm was equivalent to a year in the Three Realms? 




Their gazes fell on the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, only to see them silently lower their heads. Gu Li chuckled, then grinned. 


“Buddha, please don’t blame for spilling your Buddhist Domain’s deepest secrets.” 


Although he bowed as he spoke, they all saw that he was utterly fearless. 


And he was. 


If they were back in the outside world, he might fear the Buddha, but in here… Everyone’s spiritual power was sealed. You could only use the power of the stars. 


Yang Jian was the only person here who could use it, but Gu Zichen had already sent him away. In that case, there was no one left who could threaten him.


Furthermore, he himself was capable of using star power. 


Since he was the man who illuminated the Emperor Star!


“Gu Li!” Ye Zichen frowned at him. Although Gu Li had shaved his head and looked completely different, given the depth of their animosity, he’d recognize Gu Li even if he turned to ash. 


After his angry shout, countless questions floated into Ye Zichen’s head. 


Why was he wearing Buddhist robes? Why was he here as a monk? Also, why was he here in the first place? 


Could it be that Gu Zichen…..


He shot Gu Zichen a veiled glance, only for Gu Li to turn and smile at him. “Brother Ye, what a surprise! We’ve met again. Well? How have you been?”


“Hah…. I’ve been fine. At least, I was until I saw you.” Ye Zichen’s face instantly darkened. His right hand clenched into a fist that glowed faintly. 


The profound might of an emperor gradually radiated out of his body. Up in the distant sky, the North Star suddenly burst into light. 


Suddenly, an imperial throne manifested behind him, a man in imperial robes seated atop it, his eyes looking down on all creation. 


Everything in existence submitted before an emperor’s authority. 


All the immortals present sensed this wave of power and felt a subconscious urge to submit. Some of the weaker ones couldn’t stop it; they fell directly to their knees. 


The more powerful figures could resist the call of authority and looked at Ye Zichen in utter astonishment. 


As the other immortals resisted his imperial aura, a smile tugged at Gu Li’s lips.  “So it was you?” 


Back when he’d been reciting sutras in the Buddhist Domain, he’d lit up the Emperor Star.


At first, he’d been certain that he was the Lord of All Creation, the Emperor of both land and sea. However, after perusing the ancient texts of the Buddhist Domain, he realized that he wasn’t the only Chosen Emperor of Heaven. 


He’d only inherited half of the North Star’s imperial destiny. 


From then on, he’d wondered who exactly had inherited the other half. As he thought about it, Ye Zichen’s face kept popping into his head. 


Add that to the current situation and he was absolutely certain: Ye Zichen received the other half of the star’s imperial destiny.   


They were evenly matched. 


They’d always been at odds, even back in the Modern Realm. Also, he’d always held an absolute advantage in terms of plotting, it was just….


Someone would always inexplicably appear to help Ye Zichen. In terms of craftiness, Ye Zichen simply wasn’t his opponent. 


The way Gu Li saw it, Ye Zichen was only able to compete with him due to his good luck, nothing more. 


But now, after all that work, he’d finally illuminated the Emperor Star and become the Chosen of Heaven. Now Ye Zichen wanted to share his bounty?

That was absolutely unacceptable!


The Lord of All Creation could only be him, Gu Li. All others were worthless in comparison. 


As for that Ye Zichen, he was nothing but a dancing clown!


Since Ye Zichen took some of his fortune, he…. 


Would simply kill him and take it back. 

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