Chapter 868 - Battle Intent of the Stars


The instant Yang Jiang muttered that incantation to himself, fierce, sharp winds rose up and enveloped his body.


The wind was obviously comparable to an attack. Even the uninvolved immortal bystanders soon found their clothes sliced and torn by gust after gust of wind. 


But don't think for a minute that this was all Yang Jian was capable of. He was just warming up!


Battle Intent of the Stars: Assassinate.


As the name suggested, this was an assassination skill. 


The violent gusts gradually grew stronger. Soon, they started slicing into the immortals' bodies, leaving behind lines of blood. The immortals, who still couldn't use spiritual energy, had no way of blocking it. All they could do was retreat and leave the platform, out of the sharp winds' range.


"What's going on with Yang Jian?"


”Does anyone know why he can use spiritual techniques here? Also, why does his aura suddenly seem much stronger than anyone else here? Except for the Buddhas, that is." 


"North Pole, he's one of yours, do you...."


"How would I know?" 


Facing the crowd's questions, the North Pole Emperor frowned. "You all sat it too: Yang Jian suddenly transformed. I have no way of knowing what happened to him either!"


"Earlier, the Buddha mentioned that, before long, he would ascend to godhood. Could this be...." asked one of the immortals. The crowd immediately looked toward the Buddhas.


One of the immortals asked. Everyone's gaze landed on the Buddha


"That's right," said Shakyamuni with a broad smile. "Yang Jian is no longer an immortal."


"Are you serious?" The immortals were astonished, but Fuxi instead watched the wind blades surrounding Yang Jian, seemingly deep in thought.


"In that case," said Fuxi, "Buddha, do you know why Yang Jian can use spiritual power? The rest of us still can't, not even you." 


"He isn't using spiritual power," said Shakyamuni. 


"Then is he using divine power?" asked Suiren with a tremor in his voice.


"No." Shakyamuni shook his head. 




The immortals were all completely dumbfounded. It was neither immortal power nor divine power. What else could it be? They looked at Shakyamuni in confusion, but the old monk simply smiled and said nothing. The immortals itched for an explanation.


Only Fuxi seemed to understand something. His expression shifted as he watched Yang Jian.


"Then could it be.... is he using the power of the stars?"


Fuxi had been to the God Realm, and his perspective was broader than the others. He knew that there were some people in the God Realm who could use the power of the stars and associated had associated them with Yang Jian's recent changes.


"He is indeed using the power of the stars," said the Amitabha Buddha.


"The power of the stars?" 

Almost all of the immortals looked completely befuddled. The power of the stars? They'd been cultivating for so long, yet had never even heard of such a thing. 


The Buddhas enjoyed pretending to be deep and mysterious, so Fuxi explained on their behalf.


"The 'power of the stars' is obtained by using the might of the starry sky and turning it into your own strength. This sort of energy is at a higher level than an immortal's spiritual power or a god's divine power." 


"Using the power of the stars?"


All of this far exceeded the bounds of the immortals' understanding. They watched Yang Jina's wind blades in utter astonishment. Only Fuxi frowned inexplicably, then turned to the Buddhas and cupped his hands respectfully. 


"Buddha," said Fuxi, "there's something I still don't understand. Using the power of the stars requires resonance with the starry sky, but this is obviously a sealed dimension. How can Yang Jian still use the stars' power?"


"Battle intent," said Shakyamuni. "He's using the Battle Intent of the Stars. Also, what you said earlier is quite right, but there's just one little thing I'd like to add. Yes, using a star's power requires a connection with it, but what if the star directly descends into your body? Then you obviously wouldn't need the night sky anymore, right? 


"A star descending into your body... are you saying..."


"He's one of the Emperor Star's Auxiliary Stars," smiled Shakyamuni. 


The fierce winds roared, encircling the space. They soon sliced all the chairs on the platform into bits. 


Ye Zichen nimbly evaded the blades, jumping around like a monkey......


"Yang Jian, it's me, Ye Zichen. Hurry up and stop!


As he dodged the blades, Ye Zichen called out over and over. However, Yang Jian stood directly in the gusts' center and could hear nothing but the wind. He couldn't hear Ye Zichen's calls at all.


All he could do was try and read his lips......


"Bastard, you dare insult me? Fine, I'll crush you to bits!"


"Yang Jian, stop!" pleaded Ye Zichen.


"You're still insulting me? Die!"


Yang Jian's eyes widened. Then he roared, shut his eyes, and clenched his hands into fists.    


"The power of the stars is surging through me. I'm so strong now! Bastard, running into me is your misfortune!"


Suddenly, the fierce gales encircling the arena compressed around him, forming a wall of wind. Outsiders couldn't see inside it at all.




The raging winds vanished. 


The onlookers watched in complete confusion as the shattered remnants of the chairs fell the ground. 


Where did he go? Did he ascend to the god realm?" muttered one of the immortals, but the major powers frowned. 


"He hasn't left, he's just hidden himself."




The immortals seemed to understand. To them, invisibility techniques couldn't be considered anything special. 


"It's not as simple as you think," said Shakyamuni with a hint of a smile. "I hadn't realized that Yang Jian was lucky enough to win the good graces of the Star of Slaughter. It's just, given his temperament, I'm afraid he won't be able to use even a tenth of its power. What a pity!"


"Star of Slaughter?" the North Pole Emperor asked, frowning in confusion. "Is there such a star?"


"Within the Milky Way, the Star of Slaughter is the only star without a name. You could call it 'the Nameless Star,' but in truth, its original name was the Star of Slaughter. It's always hidden in dark places, under the cover of other stars. It catches its targets unaware and assassinates them: that's the purpose of its existence."


Shakyamuni pointed to the place where Yang Jian had disappeared and smiled, "this star's power can only be fully utilized when it's hidden. Its inheritor must have a heart suited to hiding in the darkness. But Yang Jian is too honest and outspoken. He's suited to inherit brave, honorable warrior stars, yet it was the Star of Slaughter that chose him.... I feel that the result won't be especially...." started the Buddha, but before he'd finished talking, he heard....




Someone kicked the shattered remnants of a chair. 




The immortals' faces darkened, even Ye Zichen, Yang Jian's target. 


Ye Zichen was directly involved. Naturally, he knew Yang Jian hadn't ascended to the God Realm. He could sense the presence of someone targeting him. 


It was just... 

What the hell was he doing? 


He couldn't even hide properly? 


"See? It's just like I said. Yang Jian doesn't suit the Star of Slaughter," said one of the Buddhas. Not even he could resist complaining about it. 


After accidentally kicked the chair, Yang Jian's face reddened. He decided he might as well stop hiding and revealed himself completely.




Without any hesitation, he swung his lance downward, but then....




He slammed into the ground.


“Star of Slaughter, an heir like this is a waste of your power!"

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