Chapter 860 - I Chose You, You Decided on Me

The star floating before Yang Jian wasn’t especially eye-catching. It glittered brilliantly, but within the Milky Way, it didn’t stand out much.


It’s existence seemed almost unnecessary, yet without it, the Milky Way seemed to be missing a certain something.


In short, this star seemed utterly unexceptional.


If the star hadn’t explicitly stated that it was right in front of him, Yang Jian might not have even noticed it. 


He glanced at the brilliant, pale-purple star to its side. It was immediately obvious that it was chief amongst all stars; the other stars light yielded before it.


It would always be the brightest and most dazzling. 


“Are you disappointed?” a voice whispered within his consciousness. It sounded as if the star was lonely. 


Internally, Yang Jian still had some misgivings, but he hurriedly got his emotions back under control. 


“No way, why would I be disappointed? You saved my life. I ought to thank you! How could I possibly be disappointed?”


“Oh? What if I were to tell you that, in truth, I represent you? Would you still be able to reply so calmly then?”


The star flashed brightly, almost like it was blinking. Yang Jian blinked in sync with its bursts of light, eyes wide.


“You… represent me?”


“The Emperor Star has illuminated, the Auxiliary Stars have descended. If you are chosen to follow the Emperor Star, a star will descend for you, and your future will be determined by which star you receive. You…. I have descended to Earth for you. You could say that you’re the one I’ve chosen.” 


The star kept glowing brightly. Meanwhile, Yang Jian was completely dumbfounded as he struggled to process all of this. 


The Emperor Star has illuminated, the Auxiliary Stars have descended. 


The followers of the Emperor Star? Those chosen by the stars? 


Yang Jian’s brain could only handle so much at once; he couldn’t process all this in such a short time. He couldn’t even speak. All he could do was internally repeat everything the star had just told him. 


After a long pause….


“Senior, are you trying to say…” Yang Jian seemed to have thought things through and began to speak, only to sense that something was a little off. He waved his hands and frowned, obviously weighing the star’s words. 


“No, that can’t be right….. I’m still somewhat confused. Please allow me a little time to mull this over.”


“If anything is unclear to you, just say so.” 


“Then this junior won’t be polite,” said Yang Jian. He knew full well that, if he kept on thinking like this, he’d just wind up more and more confused. If this senior had offered to clear up his doubts, he wouldn’t refuse. 


“What is that ‘Emperor Star’ you just mentioned?”


“Take a look at that star.” 


He didn’t know why, but although the star didn’t specify which star it was referring to, Yang Jian immediately looked at the brilliant purple star.


“That’s the Emperor Star. It is chief amongst all stars.” 


“I can tell,” nodded Yang Jian dazedly. He’d long since noticed that there was something special about that star. When it shone, other stars dared not shine. It was obviously their boss. 


“It corresponds to the Chosen of Heaven. The person chosen by the Emperor Star shall be the future Lord of All Creation.” 


“It’s that amazing?” 


Yang Jian’s eyes widened, but internally his mind was racing. Why hadn’t that star chosen him instead? If it had, then he could do whatever he wanted.


He might become the future leader of the Heavenly Court and call meetings in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches every morning, just for fun. 


And then there was that monkey. He’d definitely trap him under Wuzhi Mountain for five hundred years…. No, no, no! Five million years!




Meanwhile, on mount Huaguo, an armored monkey was looking ahead when he suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose but paid it no further need. 


Instead, he called out, “Children, follow me into battle! Let’s go slay some demons!”




As his imagination ran wild, Yang Jian failed to suppress a laugh. In particular, the image of that monkey Sun trapped beneath Wuzhi Mountain for five million years was immensely satisfying. 


“Are you listening to me?” 


“Senior, please go on,” said Yang Jian seriously, wiping the drool from his lips. 


“I’ve already told you about the Emperor Star, so now let’s talk about Auxiliary stars. Take a look at those four stars!” 


Yang Jian fixed his gaze on the stars closest to the Emperor Star, as well as the two stars directly above the seven stars of the Big Dipper. 


“The Deputy of the Left, the Deputy of the Right, the Literati Star, and the Martial Star! These are the four major auxiliary stars. They’re roughly comparable to an emperor’s generals and chancellors back in ancient times. Those chosen by these four stars are destined to be the Emperor Star’s closest and most trusted subordinates.” 




Yang Jian’s expression darkened.


He could accept not being the Emperor Star, but now it seemed that he wasn’t even a first-class retainer. 


Jeez. At this point, if he couldn’t win the emperor’s favor, how would he get by in the future? He’d have no chance at rising up the ranks. In that case, what was the point?


“Are you disappointed?” the star asked again in the same desolate tone as before. “I am not one of the four main Auxiliary Stars, yet I have chosen you. Are you disappointed?”


“Hmm ... maybe a little?” Yang Jian mulled it over then nodded, “Senior, I have always been a terrible liar. Please don’t take it personally, but I am indeed a little bit disappointed.”


“Oh?” transmitted that lonely voice, the star’s light dimming. Yang Jian’s eyebrows shot up. He couldn’t let this esteemed elder leave or he’d die without even finding out what killed him. 




“What is it?”


“This junior said he’s a little disappointed, but that absolutely doesn’t mean…. How do I put this? I don’t know how to organize my thoughts, but I definitely don’t look down on you, senior,” said Yang Jian, expression earnest. 


 “Is that so?” The star grew brighter and brighter. 


Seeing this, Yang Jian laughed thoughtlessly. “Senior, you’re really acting like a child. The moment I hinted that I disliked you, you dimmed your light. As soon as I told you that wasn’t the case, you lit right back up. Look how bright you are! You’ve practically overtaken the Emperor Star.”


“My light is not under my control,” said the star suddenly. “I told you right from the start. I am you, and you are me. I chose to place my entire destiny upon your shoulders. From that moment on, you were in control of my brightness, not I.”




Yang Jian’s perplexed expression proved…. He hadn’t understood at all.


“Everything depends on your faith in me. If you accept and trust in me…. I’ll be dazzlingly bright. Conversely, if you resist and reject me…. I’ll disappear. The instant I descended into your body, we merged into one inseparable entity. It is true that I chose you, but you also decided on me!” 


Yang Jian pondered the star’s words. This time, he seemed to understand some of it.


Looking back, it was true that, whenever he’d resisted the star, its light had dimmed. Conversely, just now, when he’d been desperate to prevent the star from living, its light had grown abnormally bright. 


They were… truly one entity now. 


“I’ve said all I needed to say. It’s true, I am but one tiny and insignificant star within the vast Milky Way. Now, however, all I need to ask you is this…. Will you choose to accept my everything? My glory and my sins?” 

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