Chapter 859 - A Consciousness like the Milky Way

“Young man, can you hear my call?”


Still sprawled on the floor, overcome with unwillingness, Yang Jian’s heart trembled as a voice suddenly called out from deep within his consciousness. 


“Who said that?” 


“You can hear my call! That’s wonderful.” 


That faint calling reappeared within his consciousness, but this time it seemed nearer than before.


“Who are you?” Yang Jian asked. He sensed the joy in the other party’s tone. “Hurry up and tell me your name. Don’t you dare haunt my sea of consciousness. I, Yang Jian, am the number one War God of the Heavenly Court. If I catch you, it won’t end well for you.” 


He was so fixated on trying to figure out where the call was coming from, he didn’t even notice that the weight bearing down on his body had vanished. 


“Young man…..”


“Are you trying to impress me?“ Yang Jian interrupted the voice in exasperation. “Who’s a ‘young man?’ I’ve been famous for thousands of years. Quit it with all this ‘young man,’ ‘young man’ nonsense, and quit haunting my consciousness. Hurry and get the hell out.” 


Time passed, and the voice no longer appeared. Shortly after, Yang Jian found himself in heart-rending agony as the burden of the immense, unrelenting weight bore down on him. 


“Imbecile,” Gu Zichen, who was watching from within Ye Zichen’s consciousness, couldn’t help but berate him. 


“What’s going on?” Ye Zichen noticed that Yang Jian’s pain had subsided earlier, but then before long, it suddenly reappeared. He was deeply concerned on his friend’s behalf. 


“Hmph, just now, he was about to succeed, but he stubbornly threw the opportunity away,” chided Gu ZIchen in frustration.


Then he raised his eyebrows and said, “do I really need to answer your questions?” 


“Quit acting like a child,” said ye Zichen, rolling his eyes at him. “You said Yang Jian threw an opportunity away. Did you mean his opportunity to become a god? “ 


Acting like a child? 


Hearing this, Gu Zichen’s expression shifted violently. Over and over again, he reminded himself to control his temper. 


Finally, he got his emotions back under control and said, “that’s right, this is the path he must take to become a god.” 


“So, does he still have a chance? If not, hurry up and dispel the weight on him,” said Ye Zichen worriedly. 


Gu Zichen glanced at him. “There’s no need for you to tell me that. As for whether he still has a chance or not, that depends on him.”




Yang Jian’s body was veiled in a bloody mist. His blood vessels had burst under the overwhelming pressure.


All the immortals present were visibly anxious. Normally, burst blood vessels didn’t mean much of anything to them. 


However, that was under the condition that they had an immortal’s power. 


Now that their strength was sealed, they were no different from ordinary mortals. Under these conditions, burst blood vessels could easily cause fatal damage. 


 “Who has healing medicine on hand?” shouted the Flame Emperor. The immortals all looked through their belongings, but… 


No one had any. 


They’d grown accustomed to keeping everything in the spatial artifacts until they needed it. Then, they’d simply open their artifacts and take out whatever they needed.


Who would go out of their way to carry medicine on their person? 




They were restless as ants on a hot pan. Meanwhile, Yang Jian, who was bearing the brunt of it all, felt his vision blur and his awareness fade. 


Yang Jian was on the verge of death, desperate to cling to any hope of survival


He suddenly recalled the one who’d called out to him earlier. He berated them and they vanished from his consciousness, but the instant his pain returned, he realized…..


He’d missed a great opportunity. It had been placed right in front of him, but he hadn’t appreciated it until he’d lost it. Now he deeply regretted it. 


If the chance reappeared, he absolutely wouldn’t…. Give up on it again! 


If only it would come back. Then everything would be much better.


“Young man…….”


Just as his consciousness began to fade, that faintly discernible call reappeared. Yang Jian didn’t hesitate; he used all his remaining awareness to shout into his sea of consciousness


“Senior, save me!”


“Then.… Come on in.”




Just as the immortals started panicking, a sudden commotion swept through the pure-white sky.


The immortals on the platform instinctively moved to protect Yang Jian, but before they get close to him, they felt a force mercilessly push them away. 


The image of a six-pointed star appeared on his back. It was blue and dazzlingly bright. 




The star whirred and rotated like a gear, then split in two. Each of the two new stars rotated rapidly in opposite directions. 




There was a loud boom. 


Eye-catching light burst forth from the star-marks. The immortals all covered their eyes, not daring to confront it head-on. As the light exploded outward, the two stars once more merged into one, then sunk into Yang Jian’s body. 


Yang Jian’s spiritual body stood within his sea of consciousness. As he stepped into the pitch-black void, he saw nothing but an endless starry sky. 


He didn’t know why, but as he gazed into the stars, he could vaguely discern the presence of the Laws. 


He soon found himself enchanted by the sea of stars, staring at them as if he’d gone mad.


As he immersed himself in the marvels of the starry sky, a call startled him awake. 


“Young man.”


It was the same voice that had called out to him earlier. He didn’t dare neglect the voice, so he opened his eyes to search for its origin.  


The Milky Way was still the Milky Way, the void was still the void. He didn’t see a single trace of that senior. 


“Senior,” said Yang Jian with a polite bow. If anyone on the outside had seen this, their eyes would have jumped right out of their heads. Yang Jian had never been this polite to anyone.


He repeatedly examined his surroundings, then asked, “senior, why did I appear here, in this vast sea of stars? Wasn’t this supposed to be in my sea of consciousness?”  

“This is your sea of consciousness.” 


  The voice called out again, leaving Yang Jian utterly astonished.


This was his sea of consciousness?


He’d once looked into his consciousness. It should’ve been a chaotic landscape. Why had it transformed into the milky way? 


He didn’t understand, but he couldn’t refute his senior’s words. 


“Senior, could you possibly appear and let me see your face? I’ll engrave your image on my heart and remember your kindness in saving my life forever. In the future, this junior will definitely repay you many times over.”


Yang Jian bowed towards the starry sky. He didn’t dare let his gaze wander for fear of antagonizing this esteemed senior. 


“Am I not right in front of you?”


The voice reappeared. Yang Jian raised his head….


There was no one there. 


“Senior, are you truly in front of me?” Yang Jian asked carefully. 


“That’s right, I’m right in front of you.” 


The voice spoke with complete certainty. Yang Jian looked ahead, but the only things he saw in the vast void of space were brightly-lit stars. 


His gaze fell onto the star directly in front of him. 


“Senior, is that you?” 


“That’s right, that’s me. You finally found me!”

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