Chapter 854 - Yang Jian is going to Ascend

War God Yang was utterly incapable of sitting still, so when he saw the others fall silent, he felt extremely out of sorts. As the sort of person who simply couldn’t bear silence, he couldn’t stop himself from finding some sort of topic to break the silence with. 


The other immortals glowered at him angrily. Even those from Heavenly Court who usually got along with him couldn’t help but sigh at him. 


“What are you looking at me like that for?” asked Yang Jian, sensing the strained atmosphere “Could it be that none of you noticed that chair?” 


All he got in response was silence as the group rolled their eyes at him.


They weren’t blind! Even if they were, they would still have sensed the chair through their spiritual awareness. Was it even possible for them not to have noticed it? 


“You’re still looking at me?” he frowned at them, then scanned the crowd of immortals below the platform. They stood in lines based on their rank. 


“Come on then, just try looking at me like that again. Just try it; I’ll remember who you are and we can settle the score after we leave.” 




Those who weren’t from the Heavenly court looked away, cursing and slandering him inwardly. They truly didn’t have to guts to pick a fight with this sort mighty war god. 


As for the immortals from the Heavenly Court, they were all trying to pretend they didn’t know him. They wished they didn’t have to do that, but Yang Jian was really losing face for them. 


Atop the third seat, the North Pole Emperor’s face darkened. That Yang Jian had to be doing this on purpose to mess with him. 


“War God Yang, you haven’t changed at all,” said Shakyamuni with a faint and kindly smile reminiscent of Maitreya, the Laughing Buddha.


“Thanks for the compliment,” said Yang Jian, cupping his hands at Shakyamuni. “Buddhas, you’re both men of great character and status. You know far more than humble figures such as ourselves. Could you possibly clear up our confusion and tell us what exactly that chair is for?”


“The last few times I came here, it’s true that I never saw that chair,” chimed in the Flame Emperor.


Everyone suddenly looked at the two Buddhas. Shakyamuni smiled but said nothing.


Ye Zichen was completely on edge, but now he too glanced at the chair. Judging from appearances, that chair seemed far better than theirs.


Furthermore, it was placed directly in the center, above his and the Amitabha Buddha’s chairs. 


Then the owner of that chair was obviously higher-ranked than them. But they were in first and second place on the Reputation Leaderboards…. 


Instantly, he grew curious about the chair as well. 


“Buddha, can you tell us what that chair is for?


“I can not reveal secret heavenly truths. Perhaps the Buddha of the Western Buddhist Domain can explain?” said Shakyamuni with a benevolent smile. 


From his spot atop the first seat, the Amitabha Buddha glanced back at him before saying, “I can’t say, I can’t possibly say.”


“And that’s why I said you Buddhist types are really freakin’ irritating!” Yang Jian’s heart practically burst with curiosity as he leaped from his seat and pointed at the Buddhas without reservation.


“Look at you two, you definitely know something right?” he said, then shrugged wordlessly. “Come on, I’m right, aren’t I? What’s all that ‘can’t reveal secret heavenly truths’ nonsense? If you know, you know. If you don’t know, just be honest and say so. You people are always saying ‘I can’t say, I can’t say.’ Then tell me, what exactly can you say?”


With that, he turned to the group of unseated immortals and urged them on. “Brothers, am I right or am I right?”


Absolute silence. 


How could minor little immortals like them get involved in a dispute between such mighty figures? 


The Three Pure Ones and other highly ranked immortals often gave lesser immortals reputation points before the meeting so they had a chance to broaden their horizons.


It was completely fair to say that, not counting the ten seated figures, over ninety percent of them were here for the first time. 


Yang Jian calling out the two Buddhas of the Buddhist Domain? Even if they had ten times the guts, they wouldn’t dare intervene!


“War God Yang, calm your fury. Heaven and Earth are bound by laws that our Buddhist Realm cannot defy. However, I can share some news that pertains to you.” 


“What news?” Yang Jian’s brows shot up. 


“Before long, War God Yang will ascend to the God Realm. Those of us who shall remain here should congratulate you in advance,” said Shakyamuni with a faint smile.




The immortals were thrown into uproar. 


Even the seated major powers couldn’t help but be visibly stunned. 


Yang Jian was ascending to the God Realm? 


You could say this news was simply too incredible. At first, no one said anything to congratulate him. They instead examined the two Buddhas’ faces in baffled astonishment…..


There was a long pause. 


“Congratulations, War God Yang.”


Fuxi was the first to stand and congratulate him. Normally, the person ascending had no way of finding out about it in advance. However, legend had it that the Buddhist Realm possessed a vast library of divine scriptures and abstruse texts. 


Furthermore, the Buddha himself had said it, so it must be true.


Monks did not lie. 


“Congratulations, War God Yang.”


“Congratulations, War God Yang.”


“Congratulations, War God Yang.”


The immortals all started congratulating him. However, the news had hit Yang Jian like a ton of bricks, leaving him stunned and speechless as the sound of their congratulations washed over him. 


“Ascend to godhood? Me?”


After a while, Yang Jian recovered from his astonishment and tugged on his nose. Then his expression shifted and he roared, “You say I’m going to ascend to the God Realm? Buddhas, when did you monks learn to tell jokes? Do you know my current strength? I’m merely a peak sky immortal, not even an immortal king, yet you say I’m going to ascend? Quit talking nonsense!”


As soon as he finished, he realized he’d said too much and said apologetically, “what was that? No, I wasn’t talking about you, don’t get too upset. It’s just, I know my own strength better than anyone, so I know I can't possibly ascend to the God Realm.


“Monks don’t lie,” said the Amitabha Buddha with a faint smile. “Yang Jian, you will indeed ascend to godhood, and you will do so during this very meeting. Shakyamuni spoke no untruths.”


“How is this possible?” Yang Jian shook his head repeatedly.


“Who cares if it’s possible for not? This is good news for you either way,” said Ye Zichen with a grin. “Bro, don’t freak out. Let’s just take note of everything they said. If you can ascend, that’s definitely great news. If you can’t, then we can go tell everyone that they lied and dirty the venerable Buddhas’ reputation. This has no downsides and can only work to our advantage, don’t you think?” 


Yang Jian and Ye Zichen hadn’t become brothers for nothing. As Ye Zichen finished speaking, the pair high-fived. 


“Bro, you’re absolutely right!” 


“Aren’t I?” Ye Zichen’s lips curled into a smile. “Right now, I’m most concerned about that chair. Also, why hasn’t the Struggle started yet? Given the current time….”


Then he grinned inquisitively at the chair and said, “could it be that it won’t start until someone sits in that chair? It seems that none of you are interested, so how about I act on your behalf?”


With that, he got up and walked up the steps, then used both hands to lower himself into the chair. The instant he sat down, he spoke as if under someone else’s control. 


“Then…. Let’s get started.” 


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