Chapter 850 - Forced Teleportation

The Immortal Region!


The group fixed their gazes on Fuxi and the others.


"Ksitigarbha, please think before you speak," frowned Suiren, directly refuting his words. He was so flustered, his whiskers twitched incessantly. 


"Tch, what was all that talk about a 'defensive alliance' for? And what's all this nonsense about it 'not being someone from the Immortal Region'?" said Yang Jian, shrinking back and curling his lips contemptuously. "The cat's out of the bag. Ksitigarbha himself said it was one of you guys." 


"But that's...."


"Don't deny it," he laughed through narrowed eyes. "The Flame Emperor brought up the empty second seat of his own volition. It seems you wanted us to guess, only to discover that in the end, it was one of you. I bet you thought that'd make the Immortal Region look real good, huh?"


With that, he reached out, creating a barrier between himself and the people from the Immortal Region. "Crafty, very crafty." 


On the other side of the barrier, those from the Heavenly Court and Underworld nodded in agreement. This ploy really was quite crafty. 


"War-god Yang, you've really misunderstood us," said the Flame Emperor. He started to explain himself before it occurred to him that, at a time like this, the more he tried to justify himself the guiltier he'd seem. 


Instead, he turned to Kisitigarbha and said, "Please, Boddhisattva, hurry up and explain what you meant. What you said just damaged the peace between our Three Realms." 


The Flame Emperor's words were fairly impassioned. He'd worked so hard to improve relations between the three major powers. He didn't want to cause lingering ill-will over something so trivial. 


Even though the odds of this were small, people's hearts were unpredictable....


To avoid unnecessary consequences, it was better to deal with this situation carefully. 


"Flame Emperor, calm down," said Ksitigarbha in his usual slow, unhurried manner, seeming just as if he were lying lazily in his chair. 


By now, the Flame Emperor really wanted to "like" Yang Jian's earlier comments, truly! 


He was at the heart of the struggle and was somewhat angry. What was the Boddhisatva doing, causing this sort of confusion, then letting it fester? 


If it really went on like this, the North Pole Emperor himself might get upset. 


Ksitigarbha had been scritching his mount, but now stopped and said, "let me explain myself, then. Actually, the person I'm talking about can't really be considered someone of the Immortal Region. The Flame Emperor wasn't mistaken; they truly don't know who he is. At the same time, he truly is someone from the Immortal Region. I imagine you all have guessed who I'm talking about by now?"




Yang Jian was completely baffled. Honestly, given his IQ, he simply couldn't figure it out.


Someone from the Immortal Region, but the Immortal Region didn't know it?


What on earth? 


"What are you talking about?" he pressed. He really had no idea who it was, but when he saw the others, they all seemed to be contemplating something. Before long, their faces lit up with a sudden flash of understanding. 


Obviously, they'd all figured it out.


"Hey, who exactly is it? Can't you just tell me?"


"That's all I have to say. I can't say any more," said Ksitigarbha. He smiled but said no more. Yang Jian blinked incessantly and looked over the others. 


"I suppose I'm the only one who didn't figure it out?" asked Yang Jian. "You people from the Buddhist Realm are truly a pain in the rear. Since they all know, just say it already!"


Suddenly, a deep and tranquil voice echoed through their ears. "Yang Jian, how have we offended you?"


In response, they stood and saw two beams of light manifest within the flawlessly white sky, a group of monks hot on their heels. 




The immortals bowed in greeting as the two beams of light landed, one onto the first seat, the other onto the eighth. 


The Amitabha Buddha of the Western Buddhist Domain sat on the first seat, Shakyamuni from the Central World of Endurance on the eighth. 


"Judging from what I just heard, Yang Jian seems to have a complaint about our Buddhist Realm," said the Amitabha Buddha, "what seems to be the problem?" 


"Just now, we were discussing who was going to sit in the second seat," said Yang Jian fearlessly. "But Ksitigarbha only told half the story. I was just saying that you people from the Buddhist Domain are always like that." 


"Oh?" the Buddha nodded calmly but asked no further questions. Instead, he glanced at the fourth seat and said,"it seems that Great Emperor Equaling Heavens is about to break through. I'm afraid he won't be able to make it this time." 


"No way...."


Yang Jian had assumed the Buddha would tell him who was going to occupy the second seat. To his surprise, the Buddha simply ignored his question. 


"You're doing this to help him bully me, aren't you?"


"War-god Yang, please calm down." 


Ksitigarbha, Shakyamuni, and the Amitabha Buddha lived up to their reputation as members of the Buddhist Doman; they all spoke in almost exactly the same way.     


“They shall be here momentarily. At that time, their identity will be made clear, so what need is there to fret? Wait patiently." 




After getting this sort of response, Yang Jian gave in. He simply collapsed into his chair and shrugged.


"Forget it. Even if you wanted to say it, I don't want to hear it anymore."


"That's for the best. Let's just wait." 




"I really figured them out," Ye Zichen snorted contemptuously to himself as he watched


the endless stream of demon warriors flood into the sky. Even so, he didn't dare let down his guard in the slightest. The incoming demon horde was of a much higher quality than last time.


It seemed that they were planning to rely on a small but elite force.




The phone in his pocket vibrated suddenly. He frowned but ignored it, instead turning to Lin Ru.


"Send out the signal I prepared."


"Hey, I'm not your subordinate. Quit putting me to work, okay? Didn't we talk about this earlier? I won't intervene in your affairs," said Lin Ru with a scowl.


"I just asked you to send out a signal, not to do any real work."


"You.... Fine, I'll do it." 


She pouted her lips, but nevertheless dashed to a spot not far away and released a seven-colored beam of light into the sky. 


Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s phone was still vibrating non-stop inside his pocket. He had no choice but to fish it out of his pocket and glance at the screen…..


"The Struggle for the Three Realms is about to begin. Would you like to teleport there?"


In response to this news, Ye Zichen rolled his eyes irritably. Even at a time like this, it wouldn’t shut up. It was all “struggle” this and “struggle” that… He hit “cancel” and put it back in his pocket. Shortly after, he started worrying that it would suddenly vibrate again, so he simply turned it off. 


In the sky, Black Dragon stood at the head of the army, followed by a seemingly endless line of flag-bearing demon warriors. 


He smiled calmly as he looked down upon Ye Zichen. 


Then, spiritually energy mixed into his voice, he transmitted, “Emperor Ye." 


"Emperor Ye, what do you think we should do?" frowned Luo Wei, the city lord of Maple City. There were just too many demon warriors; with just the people they had on hand, they'd be helpless against them. 


"Don't worry, Lin Ru already sent out the signal," said Ye Zichen, giving him a reassuring look. "It won't be long before reinforcements arrive." With that, his deep-red battle horse leaped into the air.     


However, at that very moment, the cell phone in his spatial artifact suddenly turned himself on and started... 


The countdown to the Struggle for the Three Realms.....












“This time, you...." but before Ye Zichen could finish his sentence.... 







Forced teleportation!

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