Chapter 842 - A Crowd of Mirror Images

Fwoosh. Fwoosh. Fwoosh. 


The guests’ bodies distorted as they vanished from the city lord’s manor. In the blink of an eye, only Li Jiayi, chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Gate, and Lin Xiyue remained, Zhao Ziming’s knife still pressed against her throat.


Everyone was astonished. 


After a long while, Black Dragon stood up straight and applauded. 


“Well done, Emperor Ye.” 


“You’re too kind,” said Ye Zichen with a modest smile. 


Meanwhile, Zhao Zizhao’s expression was thoroughly grim as he turned to Lin Xihe and bellowed, “you’ve been toying with me!”


His chest heaved violently; clearly, he was truly upset. 


For this day, he’d plotted for a full six months. Then, just when it seemed everything was proceeding according to plan, just as he was about to take the next step….


“General Zhao, don’t be so short-tempered. This isn’t a shouting competition,” said Ye Zichen with a calm smile. “Look at her expression. Can’t you tell that City Lord Lin knew nothing of this? Don’t blame others for your own mistakes, okay?"






The moment Zhao Zizhao moved to vent his fury, Ye Zichen reached out, tapped lightly on his shoulder, then pressed him into the ground.




This was an absolute instakill. 


It all happened so fast, none of the onlookers caught Ye Zichen’s movements. 


Then they came to their senses, they discovered that Zhao Zizhao was already trapped beneath Ye Zichen’s foot, unable to move a muscle. 


“Want to fight me? It seems as if you’ve chosen the wrong opponent,” said Ye Zichen, eyes glinting arrogantly. 


He pressed his feet into Zhao Zizhao’s back and turned to Black Dragon, saying, “this pawn you left behind is somewhat ill-tempered. He needs to learn the error of his ways.”




Ye Zichen sent Zhao Zizhao flying with a single kick. As he collided with the walls, they crumbled to the ground. 


“Emperor Ye, you’re right to chide him.” 


Black Dragon didn’t know why, but he could no longer maintain his earlier indifference. Not even he had managed to see Ye Zichen’s movements clearly. 


Of course, he didn’t think that meant Ye Zichen was stronger than him.


His strength was derived from hundreds of thousands of his clansmen; it was the result of fresh blood and ritual sacrifice. 


If even that weren’t enough, then...


There was no need to even discuss striving for supremacy. 


He didn’t think Ye Zichen was stronger than him, but at the very least he could no longer afford to be arrogant. 


“Emperor Ye, you were truly one step ahead of me. That said, there’s something I’m uncertain about.” 


“You want to know where everyone disappeared to?” said Ye Zichen, lips curling into a smile. “They went somewhere you’ll never, ever find them.” 




“Yin Shang, how about you go rest for a while?” Su Zhu said in concern as she watched Yin Shang. He stared intently at a spiritual formation, not relaxing in the slightest. “You’ve been here for three days and three nights. If you keep going like this, your body won’t be able to take it.”


“Stop making me sound so delicate,” said Yin Shang, smiling helplessly. “I’m still a supreme, after all. Enduring for a few days is no problem at all. Didn’t Su Yan just leave to go welcome our two new guests? Then, unless something unexpected happens, it will be time to execute Emperor Ye’s plans.” 


“But you’re still injured.”


“A little injury like this is nothing. Emperor Ye’s orders are much more important,” said Yin Sheng, still focusing on the formation without so much as the slightest hint of negligence. 


Ye Zichen had asked him to place this formation three days before. Its purpose was simple. 




Another fifteen minutes or so passed. 




Suddenly, intense light flooded out of the formation. Fatty Yin immediately tossed the Eight Formation Origin Chart into the air above it.




Fwoosh. Fwoosh. Fwoosh.


Countless figures appeared within the formation. As they arrived on the Nine-tailed Fox Clan’s back mountain, they all dazedly examined their surroundings.


They were the guests who’d just been attending Lin Xihe’s wedding. 


“Where… Where is this?”


As soon as all the guests had safely arrived, they glanced at each other, eyes brimming over with astonishment. Weren’t they supposed to be at the city lord’s manor now? And then there were demons…. 



Could it be that the demons had taken them…..


They looked ahead, then noticed Yin Shang and Su Zhu standing not far away. By unfortunate coincidence, Fatty Yin’s clothes, in particular, looked quite similar to the demons’.




Some of the weaker-willed merchants knelt to the ground without any hesitation at all. 


“Your excellency, I am but a humble merchant. I truly have no intent to rebel. You demons lack the supplies to attack the Immortal Region, right? Then I can help provide you with resources. All I ask is that you spare my little life.” 


“That’s right! Me too!”


“And me as well!”


In the blink of an eye, dozens of merchants knelt to the ground and begged for mercy. They had no principles or loyalty to mankind whatsoever.


Seeing them act like this, many of the guests frowned. However, there were also some who seemed to hesitate: should they adapt to the circumstances and do the same thing?


“Those bastards.”


As the weak-willed merchants spoke, Fatty Yin’s expression grew unsightly. Emperor Ye had given his all to save them, but they were shockingly just a group of worthless cowards!

They deserved to reap what they sow. At least, that’s what he thought internally. However, the cowards didn’t know his true thoughts. When they saw him frown, they gulped nervously and bowed even more frantically. 


Some of the guests couldn’t bear to watch anymore, and berated them, “do you have any integrity at all?”


“Heh,” laughed one of the kneeling cowards coldly. The way he saw it, their current behavior was simply adapting to their circumstances.


Some of the other cowards followed suit and called out, “Your Excellency, if you want to kill them, please do so. They want to rebel against you even now!”


The guest who’d spoken up earlier was truly courageous. He looked directly at Fatty Yin and snorted coldly, “filthy demon, feh, if you have guts, come here and kill me. If I scream, I’m not a man.”


“That’s right. Demon scum, if you have guts, come and kill us!”


It was obvious that only a small portion of the guests were cowards. Most were hot-blooded and had a sense of honor. After they called out, the guests who’d been hesitated grit their teeth and called out insults as well.     


As they hurled insults, the formation lit up a second time and Zuo Mo stepped out from within.


As Zuo Mo walked out of the formation, she was totally confused. Some of the guests were intensely agitated, others were kneeling and pleading for mercy. 


Weren’t they just at a wedding? 


Then why were they...


They were addressing a “demon,” so could this be the Demon Realm? 


It was just, she’d learn from various ancient texts that the Demon Realm should have demonic energy, but this place…. It felt quite comfortable.


She frowned, then glanced in front of her.


Fatty Yin.


Su Zhu. 


And all that familiar greenery.


Wasn’t this….


The Nine-tailed Fox Clan? 

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