Chapter 84 Affability Level that flew up

Chapter 84 – Affability Level that flew up

Huang Shengmei bit her lips in annoyance as she looked at Ye Zichen, who was looking down and playing with her phone, just now…

She was just about to ask that.

He actually told her to wait in order to go on WeChat?

Ye Zichen didn’t care about that much. He opened WeChat, then saw Nezha looking for him.

Third Prince Nezha:  Hey.

Third Prince Nezha: Say something. Hey.

Ye Zichen could imagine just how cute his expression was as he looked at the third prince’s moe shota profile pic.

“What is the third prince seeking this little deity for?”

Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner.

“Did you send red packets when I was dragon slaying? Don’t try to lie to me, Immortality Peach Fairy-jiejie told me everything.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when a moe shota profile pic user used such a moe tone.

“This little deity did send it.”

“Make it up to me. I also want to drink that, but I won’t make you do it for free. I can exchange with you.”


Ye Zichen’s eyes sparkled.

Don’t just think that the Third Prince Nezha is moe, he was a top existence in the Heavenly Court. If he wanted to exchange for it, then it definitely wouldn’t be anything that bad.

“What is the Third Prince saying, it’s just a red packet. I’ll just make it up to you.”

Coincidentally, there was an unopened bottle of Nutri-Express on Huang Shengmei’s table. He directly scanned it and sent it over.

“Ye Zichen…”

Huang Shengmei looked at what happened in shock.

“F*ck, crap.”

Ye Zichen silenly exclaimed.

He was too concentrated on making up to Nezha with a red packet, he forgot about there being someone else that didn’t know anything in the room.

Ye Zichen knew that she definitely saw it from Huang Shengmei’s expression.

He had to turn her into one of them.

That was Ye Zichen’s only thought.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you later,” Ye Zichen wasn’t too anxious even in this situation. No matter what, Huang Shengmei was someone he had a marriage string with.

If he can’t explain it properly later, he’ll just take her.

As for how he’ll explain it to the other women at his side, that’ll have to wait!

Ye Zichen looked at his WeChat and saw that the Third Prince Nezha had already received his third packet.

“What is Nutri-Express? What you gave Immortality Peach Fairy-jiejie doesn’t seem to be this,” The moe third prince expressed his confusion.

“Third Prince might not know, this is of a much higher class than what I sent them. This would sell for 400 cultivation experience per bottle, theirs was only 300 cultivation experience.

“Oh, oh, oh.”

Since the third prince was innocent, he didn’t seem to mind what Ye Zichen said just now.

Not long later, Ye Zichen received the system’s notification.

Your intimacy level with Third Prince Nezha increased by 50. Current intimacy level: 150.

“Wow, that was good. You really didn’t lie to me. Since you were so nice to me, I can’t treat you shabbily.”


A red packet immediately appeared on the sscreen.

Ye Zichen clicked and received the red packet.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan x1

It was another fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

He already has 4 fragments now.

“I heard from Immortality Peach Fairy-jiejie that you got three fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan. I coincidentally found one while I was dragon slaying in the dragon’s nest, so I’ll give it to you. I’m telling you, this Soul Pearl Yiyuan is an ancient spiritual item, you can definitely be super powerful in the Heavenly Court if you manage to get it.

So moved.

The Third Prince is such a good deity.

He actually gave such an important treasure to him, but…

The hell?

Even if Nezha gave him the fragment, Ye Zichen still required two more.

Ye Zichen had looked around the Treasure Shop when he got these fragments, but he didn’t find any sign of fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

Perhaps the Soul Pearl Yiyuan was spiritual item that would invoke the deities’ envy, but isn’t it useless if he doesn’t manage to gather all of them?

“Thank you, Third Prince.”

No matter what, the Third Prince Nezha did it out of good will. After Ye Zichen thanked him, the Third Prince sent him a smiley face, then disappeared.

“You seemed to be chatting with Nezha?” Huang Shengmei asked in a testing manner.

She suddenly felt like she might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, that’s why she got into all sorts of weird situation.

The Nutri-Express on her table randomly disappeared, and she saw someone chatting with Nezha.

“Ye Zichen, what to do. She seems to know it all.”

Liu Qing also spoke up. Ye Zichen licked his lips, then put his phone onto Huang Shengmei’s table.

“Have a look.”

“Is that okay?” Although Huang Shengmei said that, her hands still moved towards the phone uncontrollably.

She really was just too curious about how the drink disappeared.

Also, what’s with the Third Prince Nezha.

The moment she looked at the phone, she saw that the person Ye Zichen was chatting with just now was really Nezha. More importantly, he was also in a group, where everyone in the group had the name of a deity.

“You can’t tell anyone what you saw today, understood?” Ye Zichen walked in front of Huang Shengmei and said, while his nose almost touched hers.

Huang Shengmei immediately blushed, while her heart also started to beat erratically.


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 50. Current affability level: 60.


Your affability level with Huang Shengmei increased by 50. Current affability level: 110.


The indication of their affability level popped up several more times, and only stopped when it reached their affability level reached 490.

“I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone,” Huang Shengmei’s eyes were filled with determination.

Although she still didn’t get what was going on, Ye Zichen showed her his phone due to him trusting her. She definitely can’t betray his trust for her.

“Good,” Ye Zichen reached out to caress Huang Shengmei’s hair.

Meanwhile, Liu Qing twitched her mouth on the side, “Flagrant, brazen, shameless.”

Ye Zichen ignored that mistress’s mockery. He also understood that this sort of method wasn’t good, but he had no other choice.

If the secret was actually leaked, don’t talk about other people, it was already unknown if that Taibai Jinxing would let him off.

As for feelings, that can be developed later.

Isn’t there a lot of situations where people did things first, then got to know each other?

He didn’t do anything yet, so there was no rush to develop their feelings.

“Uhm, just now, someone called the Canopy Marshal sent you a friend request on your phone.”

Liu Qing pointed at the phone on the table. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then quickly picked it up, sat back on the chair and crossed his legs.

Indeed, the Canopy Marshal had sent him a friend request.

But this profile pic was truly worthy of retorts. He was looking amazing in a golden armor.

This isn’t f*cking like the Zhu Bajie from what he knows, okay!

Never mind, he couldn’t care about so much. So many people used fake profile pics on the internet, who said the people in the Heavenly Court can’t use them.

What’s more, the Canopy Marshal might have used a photo editing app!


Ye Zichen immediately looked at their intimacy level.



It seems like the ones that send friend requests would all have at least a Friendly intimacy level. Only Erlang Shen was different, but they somehow managed to become sworn brothers.


Without knowing the other person’s purpose, Ye Zichen could only send a question mark in a testing manner.

“Sky Sovereign, you finally add I, Old Pig.”

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