Chapter 837 - Don’t Let Them Down

In a certain small sub-dimension, Lin Ru sat, legs crossed, munching on sunflower seeds. Suddenly, her brows lifted in surprise.




She uncrossed her legs, and reached out and gently tapped the air, creating ripples in space. As she looked into them, she frowned.


“Why do people always cross by bottom line?” she muttered impatiently and vanished from the sub-dimension. 


When she reappeared, she was already at the Moon Palace. 




She squinted. 


The light was so bright, not even she could look directly at it. Even so, she sensed that the light wasn’t the entity that had broken her laws.


Still, she’d locked onto the offender’s position earlier, and was certain they were within the Moon Palace. 


She frowned and examined her surroundings. 


“Ee?” Lin Ru gazed downward in astonishment. “Could I be hallucinating? Tiantian shouldn’t look like that, should she?”


Earlier, when she’d examined her surroundings, she’d caught a vague glimpse of Tiantian. But when she tried to look more closely, there was no longer any trace of her. 


“Nevermind, no need to worry about all that. There’s nothing I hate more than trouble,” muttered Lin Ru. Since she’d failed to find the rule-breaker, she naturally wouldn’t pursue them further. 


Then she turned her gaze to that beam of white light and pouted her lips. 




She snapped her fingers. 


The space surrounding Xiao Yumei and Chang’e suddenly split open, and that eye-searing light was completely sealed within.


“That’s enough for now,” said Lin Ru. Then, she vanished once more. 


As the radiant light in the sky suddenly dimmed, the earth below grew darker as well.  




The torches that the group had prepared earlier were finally put into use, their flames illuminating the surrounding area. 


“The sky got dark awfully suddenly,” laughed Zhao Zizhao. “It’s fortunate that we prepared torches in advance.”


Ye Zichen frowned. It was bizarre. 


Mere moments ago the moon was still unnaturally bright, but then its light disappeared just like that. The sudden change made Ye Zichen suspicious. 

The moment the moon suddenly darkened, his heart skipped a beat. 


He thought the demons had arrived. 


However,  judging from Zhao Zizhao’s expression, he determined that the demons had yet to arrive. 


So that moon…..


“Emperor Ye.” Just as Ye Zichen was pondering the situation, Zhao Zizhao interrupted his thoughts. “It’s about time. The moon you’ve been admiring this whole time is no longer bright. What do you think? Is it about time to enter the city?”




Hearing this, Ye Zichen was stunned. 


“General Zhao,” he said, “This is your and City Lord Lin’s wedding. You get to decide the timing; I’m just a groomsman. Enter the city whenever you want and I’ll follow you.” 


“That’s fair,” said Zhao Zizhao as if suddenly enlightened. Then he sat up straight, turned to the guards and musicians, and called out, “let’s go inside.”


The moment he moved, the musicians started to play.  


A ten-mile wedding procession.


“General Zhao is here, General Zhao is here, are you all ready…..” 


Atop the city walls, a sentry cried out. The soldiers stationed outside the city arranged themselves into two parallel lines, each a hundred meters long. They crossed their spears and stood completely straight as if this were a military parade.  


“General Zhao and City Lord Lin, Congratulations on your wedding! March!”


As Zhao Zizhao reached the front of the line, the foremost guards withdrew their spears. After that, each pair withdrew their spears rhythmically, all the way until the very last of the honor guard passed through the line. Then, they recrossed their spears. 


The procession entered the city. 


The horses’ hooves stepped atop a bed of rose petals. At the same time, more flower petals fluttered down from above.


Hundred Flowers City wasn’t called “the Flower Capital” for nothing. Colorful flower petals rained down from above, making the wedding even more romantic. 


As for where the flowers came from….


If you looked up, you could see that the citizens of Hundred Flowers City carried baskets of flower petals. They stood up high and spread flowers throughout the city. 


It was clear that all of this was for the wedding. 


The people had clearly put a lot of effort into it. 


Sitting astride his horse, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh in response. “It’s quite impressive. General Zhao, was this your idea?”


“Emperor Ye, you think too highly of me. I am but a humble warrior, how could I think of something like this?” replied Zhao Zizhao dully. “This is most likely something the people organized themselves.” 


“So that’s how it is! Then the common people have really put an enormous amount of effort into your wedding,” said Ye Zichen, gazing at the festive lights and flower petals drifting down from above. 


“General Zhao, you mustn’t let them down.”


Zhao Zizhao suddenly froze in his saddle. After a long while, he came to his senses and said, “Emperor Ye, what did you just say? I could barely hear you.” 


“That’s unlikely. Given your cultivation, is it really possible that you didn’t hear me properly?” said Ye Zichen inquisitively. “Is it truly that you didn’t hear it, or that you didn’t want to hear it? 


“Emperor Ye, please don’t overthink things. I truly didn’t hear it. Whenever I remember that I’m about to marry Xihe, I feel such happiness in my heart that it’s hard to focus on anything else.”


“Oh really?” Ye Zichen smiled tightly, “then I’ll say it again. General Zhao, you must not let the people of Hundred Flowers City down.” 


“So that’s what you said,” said Zhao Zizhao, “but I don’t quite understand. Where did that come from?” 


“Look at the people of this city. Do you see how they poured their hearts into your wedding with City Lord Lin? Only Hundred Flowers City could have citizens like this. You must treat them well,” replied Ye Zichen.


“That’s only natural,” said Zhao Zizhao without any change in expression, “I was a general of Hundred Flowers City to begin with. Protecting the people of this city is my duty. Furthermore, Xihe is about to become my wife. Whether for personal or private reasons, I will live alongside the people of Hundred Flowers city and protect them.”




Internally, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but laugh contemptuously. This guy really knew how to act. 


However, he couldn’t express his inner disdain on the surface. 


“It would be truly wonderful if that were true.”


“Emperor Ye, it seems you have something to say?” asked Zhao Zizhao probingly. 


“General Zhao, don’t overthink it,” said Ye Zichen. “If I have something to say, I am absolutely the sort of person who will just come out and say it. I hate beating around the bush. Since you said you’d protect the people of this city, I shall naturally believe your words, and express thanks on the people’s behalf. 


“It’s my duty,” smiled Zhao Zizhao. Then he no longer paid attention to Ye Zichen. Instead, he focused on the road ahead, driving the horses forward. 


After about ten minutes, Zhao Zizhao came to a stop. 


They had reached the city lord’s manor!


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