Chapter 836 -The Goddess of War


“Tian…. Tiantian?”


When Xiao Yumei looked back and saw Tiantian, she almost didn’t recognize her.


She still had that adorable, almost chibified face, but her hair…..


Was white. 


It wasn’t the sickly white of old age, though. Rather, her hair glittered like gemstones. 


“What, you don’t recognize me?” asked Tiantian, her tone extremely cold. Her long white hair touched the ground, and her bare feet stop atop the Moon Palace. Her lips curled into a calm smile. 


Xiao Yumei couldn’t bear hearing that cold voice. She shook her head and leaped from her chair. 


“Are you Tiantian?” Now Chang’e looked around too, and when she saw Tiantian’s current appearance, her pupils constricted.


“It’s me, Tiantian!” she replied, squinting until her eyes were mere slits. Then she stopped smiling and cocked her head. “Of course, you can also address me as the Goddess of War…. Chi Tian.”




The current situation left Xiao Yumei and Chang’e speechless.


Internally, they were both wondering the same thing: why had Tiantian become like this? 


“Judging from your expressions, you’re quite surprised.”


A sweet smile flashed across Chi Tian’s adorable face as she batted her eyes at them, but while she did so, a powerful aura slowly emanated out of her body. 




Xiao Yumei bit her lip, and after a moment’s hesitation charged at Tiantian. 


“Who the hell are you? Hurry up and get out of Tiantian’s body!”


Her mighty aura was utterly terrifying. 


Xiao Yumei was merely a sky immortal. It was already impressive that she hadn’t collapsed to the floor in a quivering heap. Not only did she face this terrifying identity head-on, she even charged directly towards her. 


This was a mother’s love for her daughter. 


Right now, she wasn’t a small-fry trembling before a far more powerful figure, but rather a mother worried about her daughter. 


Chi Tian smiled. 


That smile was no different from Tiantian’s usual smile. Her gaze was gentle as she looked at the crazed Xiao Yumei. 


“I am Tiantian,” she said. “Didn’t I say so earlier? It’s me, Tiantian. However, I have to apologize, I’ve deceived you this whole time. I’ve hidden my true identity as Chi Tian.”


“No, you aren’t.” 


“Why do you say that? Should I retell the story of the day you took me from the orphanage?”




Xiao Yumei looked at the figure before her in astonishment. After hearing the word “orphanage” she no longer knew what to say. 


“Do you know why I’ve never been much of a talker? You thought it was autism, right? But the truth is, after my godhead shattered and I fell from the God Realm down to the Modern Realm you were living in, I disdained and rejected my new environment. It was unfamiliar to me, so I decided to silence myself to disguise my true identity and ensure my safety.” 


“How is it possible,” muttered Xiao Yumei in despair. “Tiantian, how is it possible….”


“Then, later one, when you ran into Ye Zichen, I immediately saw that he was the High Father’s Chosen Son of Destiny, and furthermore, I divined that you were one of his Fated Stars. Because of this, I intentionally feigned closeness to him to give you two opportunities to interact.”


Chi Tian smiled calmly. Looking at it now, Xiao Yumei saw that her smile had lost its former childish innocence. 


The current Tiantian was utterly foreign to her. 


“In truth, I’ve always been extremely grateful to you. Meeting you filled my new, unfamiliar environment with warmth and light. To repay you, I’ve secretly always been protecting you. It’s just, you never realized it. Of course, you couldn’t possibly have realized it.”


“I had originally planned to leave sooner, but to tell the truth….. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t bear to part from you. Furthermore, I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen to the Chosen Son of Heaven, so I stayed by your side this whole time. You perhaps don’t know, but constantly pretending to be a small child is truly exhausting. To prevent you from getting suspicious, I always acted like a fool. But what I’m really trying to say is, I am really, truly grateful to you.” 


“Stop talking.” Xiao Yumei reached out to silence her. She could no longer bear to hear any more of this. Chi Tian’s every sentence overturned her past. She couldn’t accept it. She didn’t want to accept it. 


Suddenly, her legs turned to jelly. Chang’e reached out to hold her up. Seeing this, Chi Tian wanted to rush forward and help her up, but in the end, managed to restrain herself. 


“Chi Tian, right?” After a long while, Xiao Yumei finally let out a long sigh. 


Her eyes were red and swollen as she continued, "you said that pretending to be a child was exhausting. You’re revealing your identity now because you don’t want to pretend any longer, right?”


“Actually, I…..”


“No need to say anymore,” interrupted Xiao Yumei with a smile. “Since that’s the case, you… you should leave.”


No one could possibly understand how much saying that last sentence had hurt her. 


Just now, Chi Tian had said that Xiao Yumei’s arrival had brought warmth and light into her strange new environment. 


But wasn’t it the same for Xiao Yumei? 


In the darkest times of her life, Tiantian had been by her side. At her lowest moments, Chi Tian’s presence had supported her and helped her carry on. 


She had treated Tiantian like her own flesh and blood, but now….


The Goddess of War? 


Chi Tian?


She wanted to believe all of this was just a dream, and that when she woke up, Tiantian would be lying sweetly by her side, her mouth whispering the word “mama.” 


Suddenly, she couldn’t take it anymore and burst into tears. 


“Yumei.” Chang’e called out nervously. She didn’t know why, but she felt pain from deep within her heart. 


It was as if she were experiencing it herself!


Chang’e was obviously not Xiao Yumei, but she could sense her grief and misery.


Who knew that, despite her cold expression, Chi Tian’s petite body shook as well? She was one of the thirty-six true gods born as the God Realm first formed, but she… had emotions too. 


They’d been together for two years. 


Of course, for Chi Tian, two years was nothing at all. 


Yet, these two years were deeply meaningful to her. 


As she watched Xiao Yumei sob into Chang’e’s shoulder, Chi Tian felt as though her heart was being torn into pieces. 


She had always told herself that, as the Goddess of War, one of the Thirty-Six True Gods, she always had to maintain her cool. 


But nevertheless, her heart ached. 


After a long while, she regained control of her emotions and said, “before I leave, there’s something I must do.”


With that, she stepped into the sky, hands forming countless seals, and two key-shaped beams of light flew into Chang’e and Xiao Yumei’s foreheads. 


Instantly, they were enveloped in light. 


Chi Tian’s expression brimmed with dejection as she turned to Xiao Yumei and bowed deeply.


“Then…. I’m leaving, mama!”

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