Chapter 832 - Living Sacrifices

Members of the demon race naturally emitted demonic energy. Gu Li had taken over their original home and forced them into a sub-dimension, but as time passed, their new home transformed into a second Demon Realm


A sacrificial altar stood in the sub-dimensions center, carved to resemble the demon race’s ancestors. 


The demonic figure held a mace. Its wide-open mouth revealed two sharp fangs, and bat-like wings sprouted from its back.


There was a deep pit of fire before the altar, which released an unending stream of demonic energy into the air. As a result, the surrounding area had a much higher concentration of demonic energy than the rest of the sub-dimension.






A continuous stream of demons leaped into the deep pit. As they fell, the sacrificial altar grew darker and darker. 


A sacrifice. 


They were using living demons to perform a sacrifice. A dense cluster of demons stood before the altar, just waiting to die. Who knew how many demons had been sacrificed by now? 


“You’re still sacrificing?”


Then, a dark-robed elder appeared before the altar. He covered his mouth and nose and frowned deeply, obviously repelled by the dense demonic energy. 


Black Dragon had been overseeing the sacrifices, but when the elder arrived, he personally went up to greet him. 


“Brother Su, what did you come for? 


“I couldn’t quite relax,” said the elder coolly, “so I came here to see how things were going.” 


Black Dragon hurriedly turned to the demon standing behind him and said, “prepare a seat for our guest.”




The demon instantly knelt to the ground, then got on all fours. 


A human chair. 


The elder didn’t mind in the slightest. He sat on the demon’s back, then turned to Black Dragon and frowned.


“It’s been two weeks since I announced the altar’s completion,” said the old man. “In the past half month, how many people have you sacrificed?”


“Three hundred thousand!” said Black Dragon gravely. “I’ve already sacrificed three hundred thousand people. Thanks to your advice, my strength has changed at a fundamental level. Now, even if a god stood before me, I think I’d at least be able to put up a fight.” 


In truth, this sacrificial altar was constructed specifically to swallow up demonic blood essence, transform it into spiritual energy, and transfer it directly into Black Dragon’s body. 


This had been the elder’s suggestion. At first, Black Dragon had some reservations, but after enduring a few rounds of taunting and enticement, he grit his teeth and agreed. 


Although he’d agreed, it left a bad taste in his mouth. These demons were all his citizens.


Using his own people as sacrifices meant casting aside duty for profit, and made him universally reviled. 


However, when he’d truly sensed his power increasing, and reminded himself of what the elder had said to him, he cast all that aside, continued the sacrifices with even greater vigor. 


Cries of discontent echoed throughout the land. 


He suppressed them!


His clansmen took up arms and revolted. 


He slaughtered them!


Now, in the eyes of others, he had long since lost his mind. However, given the allure of true power, he was more than willing to keep going, mad or not. 


“Just three hundred thousand?” 


Even that huge number was insufficient in the old man’s eyes. He shook his head somewhat contemptuously, clearly dissatisfied. 


“Black Dragon, in order to let you turn the tables, I searched high and low for this secret art, risking heaven’s wrath in the process, all to build you this sacrificial altar. Yet you’re still this indecisive?”


“Brother Su, please calm your anger,” said Black Dragon, smiling placatingly. “They’re still my people, and it’s truly difficult for me to sacrifice them. I’ll admit that, in the beginning, I was somewhat irresolute, but in the past few days I’ve already made up for it by sacrificing two hundred thousand of my clansmen. If you just give me enough time….”


“Give you enough time?” The elder snorted contemptuously. “Surely you already know how much time you have left?”


Even though Black Dragon was the demon king, this elder mocked him repeatedly.


“Black Dragon, there are only three days left. You only have three days! Right now, you’re only a half-step Earth Supreme. Don’t you realize that if you’d acted according to my plans from the start, you would have already reached the true Earth Supreme stage by now?”


“I know, I know.”


“At the time, I told you that if we hope to conquer the Three Realms, we are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Their population far exceeds ours, so we must choose the path of forging elite soldiers. This is our only hope of creating both a successful offense and a reliable defense. At this point in time, any clansmen below the human immortal level are just a waste of precious resources, and furthermore, even if they go into battle, they’ll just be throwing their lives away.” 


“Yes, I understand.”


“Great achievements require changing your mentality. This is what they mean when they say ‘mercy can’t lead an army.’ If you’re this soft-hearted, you can forget about accomplishing anything! I’ve put my all into assisting you. Are you really going to give me nothing but defeat in return?”


The elder harshly rebuked Black Dragon. To scold him in front of so many demons left him no face at all. 


But Black Dragon only smiled appeasingly in return and said self-deprecatingly, “Brother Su, you’re right. I was mistaken.”


“Hmph, hurry up and deal with those ants. Use their blood essence to nourish your strength. This can be considered their contribution to the demon race.”


“Die!” Suddenly, the demon who’d been serving as the elder’s chair lashed out explosively, hands sprouting sharp claws as he lunged at the old man’s heart.




The moment the man attacked, Black Dragon kicked him aside. At the same time, ten demons appeared nearby and broke his fall.


 “Baal, are you planning to rebel?”


This demon’s status was absolutely extraordinary. He was Baal, one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns.


“Boss, don’t let him deceive you,” called out Baal bitterly. “These are all our clansmen. How could you use them as sacrifices? I’ve suspected that person of harboring ill intentions toward our Demon Realm since the moment he arrived. He wants our demon race to go extinct! Boss, I beg you, wake up! You mustn’t go on like this!”


“Impudent! Brother Su and I are close as brothers, how could he possibly harm me?”




“Shut up,” shouted Black Dragon, expression dark. “You think I’ve been tricked? Hmph, I’ve always known you had a treacherous nature and weren’t truly loyal to me. Now, here you are, rebelling against me, just as I expected. Fine….. I’ll grant you death.”


Without any hesitation whatsoever, Black Dragon raised his fist to strike, but the elder reached out to stop him. 


“Killing him is far too wasteful. Use his as a living sacrifice! He’s one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns, after all. He’ll be far more effective than those ants.”


“That sounds quite reasonable. Come on, then…..”


“No need,” said Baal. He struggled to his feet and sent his subordinates away. “I’ll jump in myself. But Boss, I’ve been with you for a hundred thousand years, yet you still trusted this outsider over me. Heh heh… In the end, you’ll see which of us truly harbors ill intentions.”


Then he turned to look at the elder, eyes brimming with fury.  


“Su Yiyun, you’re quite capable…. I admit defeat! But don’t forget, even if I die, I have countless loyal subordinates. They shall avenge me! I’ll see you in hell! Hahaha!”

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